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Could a one night stand turn into something more?

I quickly darted my tongue in between her legs. Nicole tensed with excitement.

I sat up and turned around. I held down Nicole's legs as I pulled her pants off of her. Nicole was now completely naked. I got off of Nicole and stood up. Nicole sat up and tested the knot holding her hands together.

"Here, I'll help you up," I said to Nicole as I took her under the arm. Nicole stood up and leaned in close to me. I fondled her tit as I kissed her. Nicole's tongue explored my mouth as I dropped my hand in between her legs. I inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. Nicole gasped into me as I stroked her pussy.

"Come with me, slave," I said as I began to lead Nicole into my bedroom.

"Oh boy," Nicole giggled as she followed.

I stopped at the edge of the bed and ripped the covers off. I sat Nicole down at the edge of the bed while I went to the closet to retrieve three more silk ties.

"Dale, you're going to be gentle with me, aren't you?" Nicole asked.

"Very gentle," I said as I returned with the ties. "I want to give you pure pleasure."

"I can't wait," Nicole smiled in excitement.

I leaned Nicole back on the bed. I straddled her body, turning her on her side so I could undo her bindings. When I had her free I pinned one arm under me while pulling the other to the corner of the bed. I tied her wrist to the bedpost and made sure it was secure. Nicole tugged at it and nodded her approval. I pulled out her other arm and tied it to the other side.

I slid down the bed and pulled Nicole down so she her arms were fully outstretched. I pulled her legs apart and tied her feet to the bottom corners of the bed. Nicole was completely tied up. She squirmed deliciously on my bed. I stood there admiring my work. I could do whatever I wanted to Nicole. She was helpless to stop me. Just the sight of a naked woman, tied eagle spread apart on my bed, excited me wildly.

I stood at the edge of the bed and pulled my t-shirt off. Nicole tugged at her bindings, making sure she couldn't escape. I reached over and tickled the bottom of her foot. Nicole giggled and tried to pull it away. My knots held.

"Dale, you're going to do more than just tickle me, aren't you?" Nicole teased.

"I'm going to tickle you somewhere else," I promised her.

"Hurry up," Nicole prodded as she suggestively squirmed on my bed.

"Just wait," I said. "Good things come to those who are patient."

"But I'm so horny."

"Me too," I said as I unbuckled my belt. I dropped my pans to the floor and stepped out of them. My erect cock strained against my underwear. I quickly slipped off my socks and pulled down my underwear. My cock stuck straight out, fully erect.

"Nice cock," Nicole commented.

"You like it?" I asked as I crawled up on the bed. I straddled Nicole's waist and ran my hand around her tits. "What do you want me to do with it?"

"Ride me skank," Nicole snarled.

"But, I can do that whenever I want. You're helpless," I teased as I fondled Nicole's tits. "I can do whatever I want to you. I'm just wondering what I should do first."

"I thought you were going to give me a screaming orgasm," Nicole responded.

"Is that what you want me to do?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Nicole said.

I leaned over and kissed Nicole. She opened her mouth and ours tongues met. I slid my legs out from under me and lay on top of Nicole. Her warm naked body pressed against mine. I rubbed my body against hers. She squirmed and I could feel her struggling against her bindings. She kissed me harder. She was on fire.

I dropped my kisses down to her neck. Nicole lowered her head to try to kiss me. I lowered my kisses down to her shoulders and chest. Nicole arched back as my mouth swallowed her tits. Her nipples were hard as I circled my tongue around them. I cupped her small tits with my hands and guided them into my hungry mouth. Nicole arched her back, forcing her tits deeper into my mouth. Her nipples were rock hard. I ran my tongue around the curve of her tits. Nicole moaned in approval.

I lowered my head and began kissing her heaving stomach.

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