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Finale - The Wedding.

"Jethro," she cried out, burying her face into his shoulder to keep from screaming out and waking Kelsey.

She felt him shift, move over her. "Debbie, my fucking boxers. Use those vicious nails of yours for something useful, baby. I need to be inside of you. Now," he commanded.

Her mind argued with her body. This was insanity. Was she really about to have unprotected sex with this man? But it seemed her body had by-passed her conflicted mind as she realized her hands were moving, complying with his demands. But they were not just his, her body wanted this, needed this just as badly. Just like he had said.

Her head arched back against the pillow as he filled her. Her body that was still recovering from that first orgasm was suddenly flying out of control as another claimed her. And another as he moved deeper still. She clung to him as the roller coaster ride pushed her higher and higher, leaving her hanging, then plunging her down, faster and harder than anything she had ever felt. Ever imagined.

"Jethro," she cried out as his lips claimed hers. Drinking in her screams. Swallowing each moaning plea as he drove her higher and harder. She did not think she could handle even one more staggering orgasm as she whimpered and clung to him. She pleaded with him, but she was not sure what it was she wanted. Or needed. "Jethro," she whispered reverently as she felt her body tightening and pulling at his hard shaft inside her.

"Yes, baby. Yes, I'm right with you, sweetheart. Let go. God, let go, baby girl," he whispered against the side of her face and he lunged so deeply inside of her that she swore they would actually fuse together, entwined for all time, interlocked for eternity. The tsunami crested over her already satisfied and exhausted body, wiping away everything she thought she knew. Everything that was solid and secure in her world tilted and was torn away as she drifted back to this strange new world in his arms.

They were both still clothed. Her nightgown bunched about her thighs. His boxers pushed down just enough to free his cock. But never had she felt more naked. More vulnerable. As the enormity of their actions floated into her sex soaked mind.

"Oh my god," she breathed.

"I prefer Master, but I'll take god as long as you look as satisfied as you do right now," he teased against her neck.

She pushed at him, trying to dislodged his weight that her own body found surprisingly reassuring. "Be serious. This is no time for teasing, Jethro."

He rose up above her, just enough to stare down into her eyes. She sucked in a deep breath as the movement caused his still hard cock to press even deeper inside of her. His own eyes clouded over as the after tremors betrayed her words.

"I'm dead serious, Debs."

Anger welled up inside of her at the confidence he wore like a second skin. How could he be so fucking calm about everything when her mind was reeling with the ramifications of what had just happened between them? She used that burst of anger, transferring its energy as she shoved at his bad shoulder this time. It was just enough to catch him off balance, enough for her to slip from beneath him, running for the door as his laughter trailed after her.


She had been hiding from him all day. First she had fussed and fiddled with getting Kelsey ready for school. Then she had spent the rest of the day hiding in her work, painting in the solarium. He was getting more than a bit curious about what was on that canvas that she kept hidden beneath the cloth when she was not working on it. He knew that whatever it was, she found satisfying and relaxing.

She had been an art major before dropping out of college to marry the asshole, as he still thought of the dead man.

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