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There's a shewolf in the closet.

"You never told me this type of stuff turned you on," he said. I cried out, surprised at his presence.

"I tried to... hint it at you," I said. I could feel my face burning with embarrassment, but I was intensely horny at the same time. I looked at him for a reaction. He had finished reading the passage over my shoulder, and I saw his pants bulging.

"Do you want me to do these things to you?" he asked, in a commanding voice I had never heard from him before.

"Y..yes," I stammered, still in shock. He told me to follow him into my bedroom, where he had my lay down on the bed. He stepped back and watched me for a few moments. I had never felt so... naked in all my life, but the effect was extremely erotic. He left the room and reappeared with several things, but I couldn't see what they were. He stepped towards the bed, ran his fingers lovingly through my hair, and tied a blindfold on me. I was already breathing huskily, making little moans. I felt him trace his hand down the angle of my jaw, across my neck, making me shiver, down my stomach, pausing to flick my belly ring, and as he moved lower, I couldn't help but rock my small hips up to meet him. He pulled his hand away.

"You are mine, do you hear me?" he said. "You will not move or do anything unless I say you can." I heard him lick his lips. "If you do anything like that again, I'll punish you."

"Yes..." I whispered.

"Yes master," he corrected harshly, pinching my nipple for effect. Its mix of pain and pleasure sent shivers throughout my entire body. I almost wanted to defy him if this was the result. He continued moving his hand towards my pussy.

"Spread your legs," he ordered, and I obeyed. A rush of cum accompanied his command, and I could sense he was pleased. I felt his finger trace along my pussy lips. He licked a finger and rubbed it lightly against my clit. The roughness of his hands against the sensitive mound was delicious. He kept going until it was nearly tortuous; I needed him inside me.

"Please...fuck me," I begged. Almost immediately, I wished I hadn't said anything. His fingers stopped.

"What did I say?" he said, angry. "Don't talk unless I tell you to." He flicked my clit hard with his nail, and I felt sorry I had ever spoken. The pain was unbelievable, but the sheets beneath me grew wetter. I felt him get off the bed. He then pulled my arms above my head and tied them to the bedpost with a length of rope, binding my spread legs to opposite ends of the bed. I felt completely helpless.

"Now, who do you obey?" he asked.

"You," I moaned, feeling his finger slip into my drenched, tight pussy.

"And to whom do you belong?" he asked, pushing a second finger inside me.

"," I answered. I needed him to fuck me. The feeling was animalian. He repositioned himself, and I heard a zipper. Then I felt the head of his cock push against my lips, a bit of pre-cum salty and inviting on my tongue.

"Suck my cock," he growled. "And do the best job you ever did, or else you'll never have anything done to you tonight." Hearing him order me around like he did turned me on even more. With his fingers still in my pussy, not yet moving, I opened my mouth and felt his cock push insistently down my throat. I gasped for air as he pumped it in and out. I swirled my tongue around its head, licking and sucking the underside of it, taking all eight inches down my throat. The harder I sucked, the more his fingers moved inside of me.

"You have to earn it," he said. I did a figure eight motion along the length of his cock with my tongue and felt his fingers begin to move slowly in and out of me. I moaned against his dick. He kept slamming it down my throat, over and over again, fucking me with his fingers, the tension growing until I felt I couldn't take it anymore.

"What do you want?" he asked, breathing hard.

"Fuck me! I need you to fuck me, please.

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