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Alan gets to know his hot neighbour with a surprise.

I nuzzled up against Butch and kissed his neck, then nuzzled my nose in his beard.

"Mmm, Butch... That was nice," I whispered.

"'Nice'? Are you fucking kidding me? That was the best blowjob I ever got."

"Really?" I blushed.

"Hell, yeah."

Butch pushed me onto my back and rolled onto his side. He kissed my neck and ran his hands down my chest. His fingers slipped under the waistband of my briefs. I became nervous.

"You don't have to, Butch," I whispered.

He looked at me and furrowed his brow. "You don't think I want you to feel good, too?"

I looked into Butch's blue eyes as hand slipped into my briefs and wrapped around my hard dick and I whimpered softly.

I nuzzled my head into his neck as he squeezed me. He grabbed the waistband of my brief. "Lift up, PJ."

I raised my butt up and he lowered my underwear and tossed them onto the floor, leaving me completely exposed to his stare. My penis laid hard against my flat belly. Blond curly hair surrounded above the base of the slender 4-inch circumcised shaft. Pre-come dripped out of the head, making it slick with fluid.

"It's not very big," I whispered.

"Hush. It's perfect."

Butch leaned down and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth as his fingers slid up and down my erection. He flicked his thumb over the tip and I let out a whimper. He tightened his grip with his thumb and fingers and stroked at a slow and steady pace.

"Butch... It feels so good," I moaned as he broke the kiss.

He moved down to my left nipple and began sucking and licking. He moved down further, flicking his tongue around my belly button. He kept going and I drew in a sharp breath and held it as he buried his nose into the hair at the base of my dick. His tongue flicked up the shaft and I cried out when his mouth covered the head and slid down to the base. I watched him in amazement as his bearded lips slid up and down my shaft.

"Oh god, Butch," I whimpered and gripped at his shoulder with my left hand as my right hand grabbed a fistful of the sheets.

His sucking mouth felt hot and wet and was like nothing I ever felt before. I felt a wet finger trace around my hole and then press into me. I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Butch... I'm gonna come... Please, Butch... I can't..."

Butch didn't stop. I was panting shallowly and letting out high-pitched whimpers. My back arched and my body tensed. My legs stretched and my toes curled.

"Oh! Butch!"

I drew in a sharp breath and cried out as the first pulse shot through my body and into Butch's mouth. My body convulsed and shook as I shot wad after wad of cream. I felt Butch swallowing.

After he sucked until I was dry, he let my softening organ slip out of my mouth, the small shaft laid nestling in the soft pubic curls.

He moved up to me, straddling my thigh. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately.

He broke the kiss and laid his forehead on mine. I looked into his eyes and smiled at him. I saw the emotions in his eyes, appearing to reflect the same feelings that I felt for him.

Butch rolled onto his back, pulling me with him. I laid on his right shoulder and wrapped my arm around his hairy body. His arm moved around my shoulders, while the other rested on the arm draped over his body. His fingers lightly rubbed my arm. I felt him kiss the top of my head.

He took my hand and pushed it down towards his crotch. It brushed against his cock, which had stiffened into another big erection.

We started kissing again, and Butch rolled on top of me. He moved between my legs, pushing them apart with his beefy thighs. My hands moved down to his waist, resting on the soft love handles. I could feel the head of his big cock pushing underneath my balls, then sliding down into my crack.
"I wanna make love to you, PJ."

I wanted Butch. I had never been with anyone as big as him. My last boyfriend was not much larger than me, at five inches and average thickness. I was worried about taking a member as large as Butch's, but I wanted him. I needed him.


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