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A summer night of fingering, licking and fucking!

So she and her friend, Amanda, I believe we're trying to figure out where to sit Frankie, the guy with them. I motioned for Frankie to sit on my lap and my sister and Amanda cheered him on.

"Come on sit on the bunny's lap," my sister said.

"No, come on." he sat next to me, "there are two beautiful ladies bunny, let them sit on your lap."

A moment later my sister and Amanda plopped down on my lap, and I didn't notice until now, but my sisters ass was probably the firmest and plumpest I've ever felt. We took a few photos and then the helpers asked someone to come and take a look at the photos to make sure they were good, so Amanda got up to take a look, but my sister just stayed put. To my surprise, she started grinding her ass against me! Who knew that my sister was such a tease! It's obvious that I had a tent, but my sister was the only one to notice. She saw it, then looked right into the bunny mask and smiled.

"Whoops! Sorry about that mister bunny, guess I just get excited sometimes."

Amanda gave the thumbs up that the photos were good, and my sister hopped off my lap to leave. As she stepped away, I grabbed her hand and she turned around, there was just a moment of silence as she looked at the bunny mask and I looked at her. She leaned in and quietly said "What time do you get off?"

For the first time, I spoke, in almost a whisper, I said "Now. I'll be leaving through the silver doors down the hall."

My sister winked, then headed off with her friends. What the fuck was I thinking? I was acting like I was gonna fuck my sister, let alone like she was gonna fuck me. She was probably only being a tease and nothing more. I felt a little bit ashamed. Someone put the break room keys in my hand and I started off. On my way to the break room I saw the other bunny emerge from the silver doors and I gave a little wave.

The silver doors led to a hallway, where at the end of the hallway you emerge on the outside of the mall, then you walk outside and then come across several more doors, some loading docks and some boiler rooms, then finally you come across the break room. So it's a bit of a walk.

I opened the silver doors and started down the hallway when my sister jumped out from behind a large crate with some boxes secured on it.


I was surprised, I still had on my bunny mask, but if I didn't, she would've seen the look on my face.

"I almost thought you were that other bunny that walked by but I figured there was no way you could've made it down here and come in from the other end of the hallway before I could."

I tried to make my voice sound deeper "Where are your friends?"

"I told them I had to do something and they left."

She came over to me and begin to lift off my helmet.



"It's sexy." I said unsure of myself.

"Ahh. I guess I could fuck you with that on."


"That is what we are gonna do here. Right? I assumed that erection was for me? Unless it was for my guy friend Frankie?"

"No! No, it was for you. Just... we can't do it here." I said, slightly unsure if I could do it all. My head said no, but my dick was saying something else.

"Well where?"

I started toward the break room. We went outside and I saw some kids heading into the mall from the parking lot. They waved at me but I completely ignored them thinking about what may happen in a few moments. I got to the break room and took off my glove so that I could unlock the door.

I led my sister in and she took a look around.

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