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A bored housewife meets a stranger on the beach.

Then I felt the gag being removed. I flexed my jaw several times and then I asked her who she was. I even asked if it was you, temporarily putting aside the reality that it couldn't possibly be you. But she remained silent. Then I felt her hand on my head. She took a firm grip on my hair and pulled my head forward. Unfortunately I don't have a picture to send you of my first taste of pussy. But it was wonderful. I felt a soft skirt fall over my head as she released her grip on me. But I didn't pull back. I'd dreamed so long for this moment that I wasn't going to waste it. Briefly I wondered if it was a dream and that this entire day was just a fantasy and that I was lying in bed. But the wetness on my tongue as I probed her was no hallucination."

You step-mom was right, Julie. It was no hallucination. My juices were pouring out of me and she dutifully lapped them up like she was dehydrated from being lost in the desert. We both had been dreaming about this moment. I leaned against the sink and just let her eat me out. I covered her head because I was still a little freaked out at have your mom be my first Sapphic encounter. At the same time, I wasn't about to stop until she brought me off. I could tell she didn't want to stop either. As I got closer I started to grind my pussy against her mouth and she began working her tongue harder. As disgusting as you may think we were, there was love on my side and if I had the courage to tell her who she was pleasuring, I'm pretty confident the feeling would have been reciprocated. We both needed our first encounter, even if she didn't know who it was with.

Anyway, she got me off pretty quickly. That was a good thing because I was keeping track of the vibrator tease program and I knew that in about five minutes it was going to turn on full and not turn off. I knew your mom might be able to hold out for a couple of minutes because she had gotten skilled at that, but there was no way she would last for the five minutes the program used. Unless I missed my guess, finally getting to eat pussy had amped up her arousal and I thought she was going to cum quickly. But I had one more thing to do to make sure. I knew she would love it as she later confirmed.

"Mistress I can not tell you how much I enjoyed licking the woman's pussy. It was sweet, tasty and oh so wet. I can't wait until I get to service you the same way. It was frustrating that she never said a word to me. She made pleasure sounds so I knew I was doing well, but I wished she had given me instructions or at least encouragement. Still it easy to tell when she came and I felt proud. My face was glazed when she lifted her skirt over my head. I couldn't wipe my face because of the cuffs, but if I am truthful, I didn't want to. I wondered what was next. My entire body was shaking with desire from the vibe and my first taste of pussy. I had lost track of time, a bit, but I knew the program had to be almost done. I will apologize in advance, Mistress, because I'm sure you know already that I came without permission and that is why I failed you. I gladly accept whatever punishment you decide I deserve, although I actually already got spanked. I had brought my paddle in case you wanted me to spank myself, but I had left it on the towel and my mystery woman saw it.

After she had finished varnishing my face with her cum, she helped me into a standing position and then bent me over the sink. She still didn't talk, but I knew not to move. You have taught me that much. I thought maybe she would spank me or rub me between my legs. My corset is a snap crotch so I even imagined her opening it and then fingering me or even licking me after the vibe slid out. But as I said, she must have spotted the paddle because that is what I felt next. And it was wonderful.

You know how much I love paddling myself for you, Mistress, but to have someone else paddle me was an order of magnitude more erotic.

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