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"No way Scott, you are crazy. I'm not getting naked for you!" Jacey started to push back hard now at the idea.

Scott was embarrassed. "Fine then, I'll tell them what you have been doing." He rose quickly and left the room to head upstairs. Jacey sat there torn about what to do. Then she realized, she could not stand the embarrassment of this becoming a family issue, with her mom disappointed and her step-dad thinking she is a little slut.

Jacey jumped up and caught Scott by the arm as he was on the stairs. In a hushed voice, "Come on Scott, please, please don't do this," she begged.

"Well Jacey, I think I have to," he took the high road now and pulled to continue upstairs.

"Scott -- Jacey, are you still up," their mom called from the master bedroom.

"Yes Mom, I'm coming to see you, just a second," Scott yelled back.

"Okay, okay, let's talk," Jacey begged.

"No use," he pulled to go up.

"I'll do it," she hissed - almost not believing herself.

Scott turned and looked at her for a long moment, "now?" he said as more of a rhetorical question.

Jacey felt a pit in her stomach at the thought, and after a long pause, "Okay."

Now Scott turned the tables, and pulled her arm to go upstairs. Jacey nearly stumbled along behind him in reluctance. She couldn't believe this was happening.

"Mom, I'm going to be," he yelled.

"Okay, goodnight," they could hear her call back from behind the door.

Scott paused in the hallway, trying to decide where to go. He looked at Jacey's sorrowful face and decided the bathroom was appropriate as a return to the original scene. Her pulled her toward the bathroom, but she protested, knowing the bright light would be too much for her.

"Let's go into my room" she whispered and pulled him in that direction. He reluctantly conceded. He pulled the door behind them as Jacey turned to see the ominous gesture.

She stood there in front of her bed in shorts that were too big and a t-shirt that hid her small body. Her brother leaned back on the dresser looking at her nervously.

Finally Scott broke the silence, "Okay, go on, let's see you."

"Come on Scott, don't make me do this, this is lame," Jacey tried to change his mind.

Scott felt his resolve wane a bit, but then his eyes scanned Jacey's little body and settled on her pleading eyes. His cock pulsed at the situation and his lust stiffened his resolve. "I'm not kidding Jacey - I want to see you naked like in the bathroom. Go on."

Jacey just stood there, so Scott turned to the door to leave.

"Alright, alright," Jacey whispered. Her mind was spinning, but she tried to think this through. She was going to take off her t-shirt, but then realized it was big enough to almost cover her. So instead she pushed down her shorts and let them fall to the floor.

"Go on," Scott said more softly.

This was humiliating. But Jacey reached under the shirt hem and pushed down her panties and let them fall around her socked feet. Then she looked him in the eye, "Okay, here is me naked you perv," she said defiantly. And with all her courage, she pulled her big t-shirt up, covering her face, and showing him her body for about a second, then yanked the shirt back down.

Scott smirked, "No way, that doesn't count. I said like the bathroom." Emboldened, he stepped forward toward Jacey and as she backed away she ended up sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes glanced down away from his stare and for the first time caught sight of his downward pointing cock straining against his shorts. She stared a bit too long and Scott noticed.

"Yeah, I'm getting hard. Want to see mine?" Scott ventured.

"No!," Jacey said firmly.

"Okay, take the shirt off...come on, now," Scott said more firmly reaching forward to help her remove it.

Jacey pushed his hands away, "Fine." She pulled the shirt over her head slowly and immediately covered her small breasts with her arms.

"Come on, like the bathroom - lay back and put your arms down," he was more commanding now.

Despite her racing heart and trepidation, Jacey

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