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A little girl gives her life for her dysfunctional family.

And hopefully, some way of preventing the utter destruction that it foretold.


Soji giggled as she played temptress in her lover's arms. Versil had come to her many cycles before when he rose to the Council of Three. He had chosen her as his special vessel, his chosen one, to commune with the goddess, to seek her counsel, to soothe the savage beast within him. But what had begun as just another of her duties had over the cycles turned into so much more. He was the only man that she had ever loved.

Love? It was such a foreign concept. As priestesses they were the physical embodiment of love and sex, available to all who had need of their comfort, use of their bodies. From the time that they reached their full powers to the day that the goddess called them to her, they were her whores. It was a word that Soji hated, but one that she knew other women whispered, lesser women, women not born with their gifts, not marked from birth as she and her sisters had been. But those gifts, being chosen came at a high price, one that Soji felt to her soul. While the priestess gave abundantly of the goddess's love to all who had need, it remained forbidden to them.

"What is it, my love?" Versil whispered as he nibbled at her shoulder and drew her back against him. She could feel the hard ridge of his erection pressed against the soft roundness of her bottom. Usually that would ignite fires that she had never felt with another inside the special fountain of her goddess. But this morning, her mind was somewhere else, disturbed and unsettled.

She shook her head as she tried to put her finger upon the source of the unrest. It eluded her and that alone made the fear rise higher in her spirit. She was rock, solid ground. She always held the answers. She was there to hold back Rata's dangerous waters when they rose too high, protecting all from her rage and trouble. And when sweet Mya's winds blew at gale force, she was there to buffer them too. To take the full brunt of their fury.

Was it wrong to ask something in return? Some little piece of the goddess's greatest blessing. The love between a man and woman that was deeper than just the flesh of which she and the other priestesses gave so fully. She knew that Rata would disapprove of her stolen moments with Versil, in the guise of communing with the goddess, they had found something that was as close to love as Soji had ever come, or ever would.

If some part of her, was jealous of the woman that was his wife, the woman, who had the right to his heart, then she pushed that aside. The woman could never give Versil what she could, the blessing of the goddess, real communion. But then again Soji could never give him what his wife did...children.

She swallowed past the painful knot in her throat. As surly as her dark red hair that she grew long as befitting her station her as a priestess, it marked her as barren. Her womb closed from birth to the most precious of her goddess's itself. A tear slipped silently down her cheek as she closed her eyes against the pain of that revelation.

She tried to remind herself of all the wonderful gifts that came with her station, comforts that most would ever know, adoration of many. But all she could think of was the hallow look in Lano's eyes, when she looked upon the two scared little girls. The woman, who was High Priestess of air, had taken them into her charge, seeing that they received the best of care and offering them as much of a mother's love as she could. But her mentor had died alone in her sleep.

Just as Soji knew she would one day. And there would be no one to mourn her passing. Oh sure, there would be fanfare for the death of the High Priestess of the Rock. Tens of thousands would come with offerings to mark her passing. But just as quickly as new High Priestess would be selected by tribunal. And she would be forgotten.

No one would mourn the passing of her as a person.

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