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You find out what really happens in the airport.

"Sweet slut Tammy was very interested in seeing the video of you that you made for me. I told her if she could convince you to give her a copy then she could see it. It was a test for both of you. You passed. That is why you are here tonight. She failed and has been punished accordingly. So tonight, she is going to perform for us and you will make the video."

Stephanie ordered Tammy to release Rick from the bed and take his place. While she was doing that, Stephanie had James wheel in a case from the bathroom. The case contained a large selection of sex toys. Once I reset the cameras for Tammy's solo debut, Stephanie directed her to start masturbating. Tammy put on a good show slowly removing her lingerie while playing with her breasts and pussy. I don't doubt that Tammy had used all these toys before and was simply preparing for whatever her mistress would command of her.

Once Tammy was naked, except for her stockings and heels, a set of nipple clamps came flying in from off-camera. Tammy didn't hesitate before affixing the alligator clamps to her very puffy nipples. She allowed a small moan to escape her lips, but otherwise took them like a champ. Next onto the bed came a pair of handcuffs.

"In front of you," came the instructions from off camera. Tammy, smiling this time, snapped them on her wrists. Finally a small dildo bounced onto the cover. I thought I sensed an expression of disappointment on Tammy's face, but she quickly picked up the phallus and pushed in home into her waiting pussy. The disappointment on Tammy's face quickly changed to joy as she began to fuck herself. Looking over at the other three people in the room I saw great interest from James and Rick and what I would call mild amusement from Stephanie. She had all three eating out of her hand.

Tammy was continuing to put on an exciting show when I saw Stephanie reached back into the bag of tricks. I quickly turned the roving camera to face her. Stephanie pulled out a menacing looking black strap-on dildo. It was several inches longer than and almost twice as wide as the one she had previously given Tammy. James helped Stephanie secure her weapon in place and then she ordered Tammy to remove the dildo she was using. Apparently this was a special treat for Tammy too who looked absolutely overjoyed with her mistress' decision. Stephanie walked up to the bed.

"I doubt you need to lubricate this, but do it for the camera anyway."

I got plenty of good footage of Tammy blowing her mistress. It wasn't as good as the tongue lashing she gave before, but it certainly established the pecking order and Tammy's devotion. Satisfied with her slave's preparations, Stephanie ordered her onto her knees facing the camera.

"After Rick is done spanking his meat thinking of me, I want you to remind him of what he has waiting for him."

Tammy's face was pure ecstasy as Stephanie entered her from behind and began thrusting into the cunt I so badly wanted to fuck. I could have watched the pair of them all night. Looking to my right I saw Rick getting hard again and James still primed for action. Tammy was slamming her butt back against her mistress matching her thrusts and trying to maximize her penetration. Squeals of delight gave way to moaning begs to be allowed to cum. Stephanie never said a word. She just kept thrusting. Over and over Tammy begged for release. Each time Stephanie gave her a hard swat on the ass.

My cock was ready to burst from my pants.

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