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Happiness is two fetishists finding each other.

As for her best friend Diane, the tall blonde was all dressed up in white: tight short dress revealing her bulging huge ass walking on white high heels. However, Chantal was kind of an eccentric lady. With her fluffy blonde hair wearing square glasses, she wore a tight short black dress with a purple silk blouse, and shiny purple high heels. And as for Sophie, she wore round glasses, nice soft long blonde hair, white blouse with a black vest, tight jeans showing her enormous booty, and shiny black high heels.

And in the last limo, the driver opened the door for Rolande, Cindy, and Germaine. They too were dressed up immaculately and quite sexy. For Rolande, it was her first time in getting a complete makeover after a trip to the hairdresser and to one of the most fashionable boutiques in Montreal. She had short dark hair with a tiny bit of grey, wore a red blouse with a tight black short skirt showing her huge appetizing booty, brown nylons on her huge legs, and shiny red high heels. Cindy decided that she would surprise Mrs. B. by wearing a pink blouse showing her now huge breasts, which on top of her left one got a nice tattoo, tight black skirt, and shiny pink high heels. And for Germaine, she wore the chain with the pendant that Marie-Jeanne gave her before she died. Like Diane, she was also wearing all white: a silky blouse showing her huge boobs, jacket, tight short skirt with her cellulite booty bulging, her huge calves covered in brown nylons, and white high heels. All nine gorgeous ladies took the elevator all the way up to the penthouse where they were now guided by Henri the Concierge.

As the elegant double doors opened, Mrs. B. was in the living room to greet her guests. All nine ladies walked gracefully into the penthouse, in awe at the grandeur and splendid d__cor of the place. An abundance of hugs and kisses were exchanged, and Mrs. B. was elegantly dressed herself. Her brown hair was longer with a tiny bit of grey, still wearing her trademark round glasses, she wore a tight red sweater showing her huge breasts, black pants, shiny black high heels, and wore a black scarf around her neck.

While Pierre the pianist played continuously, Mrs. B. led the ladies to the kitchen where they could each grab a champagne flute and some canapes. Before they could sit down at the table, they had to draw a number out of a hat. This was not only for the surprise decadent 5-course dinner with exceptional wines prepared on-site by the Executive Chef, but for the lesbian matching game after that dinner. Undeniably, the evening was going to be an unforgettable and an amazing one with more surprises.

All the ladies sat on white elegant chairs surrounding a big glass table with Mrs. B. at the helm. Everyone noticed that one chair was empty. Mrs. B. began her speech.

"Thank you, ladies, for attending this fantastic event. I am so pleased to see all of you here tonight. Now I have a major announcement to make. We will not start playing our lesbian matching game until after dinner with our very special guest. I want you ladies to give her a heart warming welcome. This lady is truly one of the greatest porn star the industry has ever had. She is truly one of a kind. She is incredibly sexy, vivacious, curvy, and charismatic."

As the double doors opened, an elegant long hair brunette dressed in a burgundy blouse, her huge breasts covered by a black lace bra, tight black skirt with a black leather belt, her gorgeous legs wrapped in black nylons, and walking on her shiny black high heels with little leather straps around her feet and ankles, she walked assertively with an astonishing smile. Mrs. B. continued her speech.

"Please ladies, welcome the one and the only, the vivacious Sara Jay!!"

The women were awestruck. This was truly an OMG moment!

They just could not believe their eyes when they saw Sara Jay walking into the penthouse, as Pierre still played a

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