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A dark awakening.

The beautiful one slipped the object in his pants, and then returned to his smoking.

"We have good, hard working guys here. Of course, no one is fond of losing his head. The blond there? He decided he wanted the attention, so anyone who wants to have him, comes here during breaks."

"What did the man give him?" Dion asked, not knowing why that aspect mattered.

"A lighter, most probably. He is fond of his smoking and he collects lighters. Others just give him money."

More men appeared as the foreman spoke. The blond just dropped his pants and turned to face the wall. The guys waited in line, patiently, while each took turns at the blond's ass. The blond only turned a little, each time one man finished, to get his gift or pay and slide them in his pockets.

Dion felt disgusted to watch. The foreman looked bored. He shifted from one foot to another. The older man shook his head.

"Are you really afraid I'm going to jump your bones, kid? Now, go back to your chair, and think. What's going to be? This or that?"

Dion sat gingerly on the chair. "What if I don't want either?" he eventually asked.

The foreman ran his hands through his receding hair. "Then you'll give me a lot of work. If you're too much trouble, I may have to ask for you to be moved."

"Moved where?"

The man shrugged. "There are places. Since you don't want to be touched, you may as well just show the goods."

Dion's eyes were big as saucers. "Will I be forced into prostitution?"

"You're misinterpreting, again. Strip clubs, that's what they are. You'll work the night shift, and dance on tables. If anyone touches you, well, that's up to the bouncer to protect you. Anyway, you won't be my trouble anymore. For some reason, though, all the guys sent there, true, the prettier ones, start selling their ass, too. I guess it's no fun just to let guys drool over you."

Dion could only guess what the foreman didn't care to tell him.

"How much time do I have?" he murmured.

"The sooner you decide, the better. Now out of my office. You've taken enough of my time."

~A Good Servant~

Dion felt his chest constricting. What he was going to do? It was not like Antoine had said, but worse, in a way. He would have to give his consent to let some guy or more pawing him. It was a new type of desperation he was experiencing. Choosing one guy seemed like the right option. Yet, what if the man was going to prove abusive? What if he was going to get someone as bad as Antoine? Men were punished for raping a guy, but what happened with those so called partnerships? And how was he supposed to know he would pick right?

The other thing was out of the question. Dion was not going to live through that again. Being sent away was even worse. What was he going to do?

He was walking a long hallway, his head down, not noticing the group of men approaching.

"Hey, cutie," one voice called and his head snapped up.

Soon enough, he was almost surrounded by five men. His helmet was removed gently from his head, but he felt the need to take a step back.

"Don't be afraid," the man cooed, but he was feeling his heart beating fast, threatening to burst out of his chest.

"Nice hair," one man caught a strand of Dion's red hair and smelled it.

"Stop scaring him," another pushed the man touching Dion's hair. "Look, baby, we just want to know if you've made your choice yet. If not, we have money. We'd really like a go at you. What do you like? We can bring it to you," the third man tried to sound friendly.

A cold chill was running down Dion's spine. He was supposed to have a little more time. His eyes were running like a scared deer's from one man to another.

"Fucking beautiful," another man commented. "Do you think he's a mute?" he asked the others.

"I'm not mute," he eventually managed.

"Good. So what do you say?" the first man got a bit closer, invading his personal space.

Dion heard someone approaching.

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