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Family threesome.

" Speak up, " she spat out.

"I'm sorry! Who is this? Can I help you with something?" he said as he regained his composure.

'It's Evilena, your last customer, and my Camaro just crapped out right in the middle of this highway construction . Get your ass out here and fix it.... NOW."

He tried not to laugh as he responded, " Oh yes ma'am, I'm SO sorry ma'am. I'll come right out there myself....personally. I'll be there in under an hour ma'am , please forgive me... I'm so sorry..." then he hung up, and smiled. " Stupid bitch. You'll be fucking me in TWO hours, when I fix your car, that I broke myself .... but I'll do it for free. Women can be SO stupid."

Evilena was seething , but regained her self control as she wandered over to a large oak tree, near the roadway, to find some shade on the hot day. Then she settled down to wait for the mechanic. Cars slowed down to help the beautiful blond, but she waved them on, not wanting any company while she waited.

Finally a large Econoline van, with "Geeks-2-Go" painted on the side, slowed down and pulled over to the side of the highway. The driver got out and walked up to Evilena. " C.. C... Can I ... I ... I ... h... help," he inquired, staring at the gorgeous blond, almost struck speechless.

" No, I waved you on. My mechanic is on the way. Just leave me alone."

" B ... But it's so hot, you'll get dehydrated....." the nerdy looking Samaritan stuttered.

"Go.... go now..." she said with a frown, as she pointed toward the roadway.

Dejected, the oddly dressed young man walked back to his Ford , with a longing gaze over his shoulder. Then, he climbed into the seat of the van and sighed as he drove off.

But, just a few minutes later, the large truck pulled up behind the disabled cherry red Camaro again and the same geek got out and and placed several big, orange traffic cones around Evilena's disabled car, the waved at her, smiled, and drove off again.

Now Evilena laughed. He obviously had stolen the cones from one of the repair jobs down the road and had come back to get another glimpse of her. This time , as he drove off, she waved at him and gave him a small smile , as his reward.

In barely another ten minutes, " Geeks-2-Go" again returned and parked his garish van behind Evilena's car, and snapped on his emergency flashers. This time he had several bottles of cold water in his hands, and walked up to her again. " Please, " he said, " take these. It's really hot and you'll need them. I drove up the shoulder of the freeway, got off at a Quick-Shop and came back, just to make sure you were OK. "

The hypnotic blond, sighed, " Oh well," she said, to herself. "I do have some time to kill, and here's a guy who is just BEGGING to be put under my control. He's so submissive now, what will he be like under hypnosis? Bet he'd just LOVE to be spanked. "

The mesmerizing maiden reached out and took one of the frosty bottles, slowly lifting it to her face and rubbed the cool, wet, container across her forehead. The nerdy stranger was immediately captivated by the erotic image.

Then, noting his already lost expression, Evilena decided, right then, to capture him.

"That's it .... just continue to look into my eyes .... they are so deep .... so compelling .... just like a lake .... look into my eyes and feel yourself drowning in their depths .... deeper .... deeper...keep looking at my face ... into my eyes .. deep green eyes ... lose yourself .. lose yourself in my eyes ... deeper ... deeper ... deeper... it's like falling into a deep green ocean ... poor boy ... now you are so deep you can't even swim to the surface... gaze deeper..."

He was paralyzed and couldn't look away from her eyes. The remaining bottles slipped from his hands and tumbled to the ground . Helplessly his arms dropped to his sides as he was held motionless by her hypnotic gaze.

"Good boy .

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