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Jen’s Payback.

I just leaned back and enjoyed the ride. As I was quietly moaning while sitting at a stop light, my fianc__ pulled my dress down off my shoulders, and below my big breasts. I rode the rest of the way home with my dress bunched up around my waist, and my tits and pussy out for all to see.

I didn't attend the annual party again until this year. It wasn't because I was embarrassed, I was just too busy with other things, divorce, grand kids, etc. This year I decided to go, and make a statement. We didn't work together anymore, but we kept in touch. I would get to see many former coworkers, and I know they'll never forget me.

The theme this year was legends and historical figures. I was going as Lady Godiva. I bought a long blonde wig that came down to just below my butt, a dark brown stick pony with a plastic shaft about two inches wide, and a matching colored horse tail butt plug. I figured I could keep my pussy hidden with the pony between my legs, and the tail would hide my asshole. I also found some small pink pasties to cover my nipples, just in case the wig shifted, I would still be covered.

I put on a long coat for the drive to Lake Stevens. I had told my friend ahead of time I was going to wear a naughty costume, and she said that was fine, and it wouldn't be the first time someone got wild at one of her parties. I arrived and wore the coat inside. It was still early and only a few people had shown up so far. I decided to keep my coat on for a little while, at least until more people arrived.

The two guys that had seen my orgasms at the previous party showed up about an hour later. There were a few dozen people in the house by then. When one of the guys asked me what my costume was, I figured it was time to reveal it. We went into the kitchen, I slid the pony between my legs and I took off my coat.

The long hair of the wig had moved around while I had the coat on, and except for the pasties, my boobs were completely exposed. I straightened the wig so the hair mostly covered my front, leaving my ass uncovered. Both of the guys said they loved my outfit. We talked for a few minutes before I decided to mingle, and show off. I filled my wine glass and headed for the covered patio, where most of the crowd had gathered.

Everyone turned toward me as I stepped through the patio door. I could feel my nipples harden as I walked toward the group. I made my way through the crowd, feeling an occasional hand on my hip and butt. I also noticed I was getting wet from the shaft of the pony rubbing against my pussy. The two guys I had been talking to met me on the far side of the patio, both grinning from ear to ear. They both commented on enjoying seeing this side of me, more exposed than last time. I asked both of them if they would like to see more. Of course they both said yes.

I finished my glass of wine and told them to follow me to the back bathroom. By the time I got there, the shaft of the pony was getting slick. It was sliding back and forth as I walked with it between my legs. It was a pretty good size bathroom, with plenty of room for three people. Once inside, I took off my wig, and then dropped to my knees. The two guys looked down at me as I unzipped both of them. I pulled out one cock, then the other. I started licking one, as I stroked the other with one hand. I wanted to squeeze my nipples, so the pasties had to come off. I had no plans to put them back on, so I handed one to each guy.

As I started sucking one guy's cock, the other guy moved behind me. His hands came around to my bare boobs, and he took over pinching my nipples. I moved one hand down, sliding it between my legs. I dipped my fingers into my already wet pussy, and then started slowly rubbing my clit.

The guy in my mouth asked if he could feel my pussy.

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