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My one night out, I got DP'd by hot studs.

I knew when I came with him, eventually, it would be even better - but since it was all one big fucking, what did it matter which man was inside me? The orgasm belonged to all of them, came from all of them. A team orgasm, I thought, and chuckled to myself at the thought.

"Havin' fun?" Jim asked.

I smiled and then gave a deep sigh of contentment. "I feel glorious!" I told him. "I was just thinking that this is the first fucking I've had that was really a team effort." I looked across the room to where Ken and Ted were watching intently. "Three men," I told them all, "and one big, continuous orgasm! It's incredible!" I laughed, then wrapped my legs around Jim's butt and tried to urge him on. "Come on, come on, do me! I feel like I could fly!"

But instead of speeding up, Jim's humping slowed to a stop. I opened my mouth to protest, but hesitated when I noticed the look on Jim's face. He was looking at me quizzically, like he wad something on his mind but wasn't sure whether to say it or not.

"What?" I asked as I squeezed his cock with my cunny muscles. "Whatever it is, it'd better be good to stop you from moving in me!" I added some humping motions for emphasis.

Jim's look turned to a sheepish grin. "It's what y'all said about a team effort," he said with a chuckle. "Reminded me a' somethin' I heard of about two guys doin' a gal at once. I wondered if maybe you'd like to try it."

I smiled up at Jim, then was forced to gasp as he started pumping his cock in me again, ooooh, so slowly. "I've tried it," I told him after a moment. "One in my cunt and one in my ass, right? I love it, but...." I trailed off as I saw him shaking his head.


"Naw, not a back-door bangin'," he drawled, and then gazed into my eyes. "I mean two guys in your pussy at the same time."

My jaw would have dropped if my mouth hadn't already been open from to let me pant. I was speechless. Two the same time?

I looked over at Ken. His face bore a look of surprise mixed with anticipation; I could tell he was intrigued. And as Jim continued to pump his delicious cock in and out of my cunt, keeping it simmering nicely, I could feel excitement building in me, too.

"Now, I guess maybe it might hurt...." Jim began, but I cut him off.

"Doesn't...matter!" I panted, shaking my head. "Right now my pussy' stretched's ever been." I looked over and caught Ken's eyes. "Let's do it!"

Ken's lust-filled smile seconded my decision. I saw him lick his lips and nod.

"Ken?" Jim asked, looking at my husband. "You and me?"

Ken shook his head. "I'd rather watch, if Ted's up to it."

The grin on Ted's face answered the question, and he quickly moved over to the couch to join Jim and me. "How do we work this?" he asked.

Jim looked down at me apologetically. "I'm 'fraid we gotta switch you to the top, Kathi," he said, and slowly pulled his cock out of me when I nodded. As he stood up I took a deep breath, then hoisted myself off the couch as well. My pussy was crying at me to be stuffed again, but when I considered what was coming, I found I could ignore its pleas!

As I watched, Jim mooched the pillows around to make a kind of ramp to one couch arm. Then he settled himself with his ass raised up the ramp and on the couch arm, presenting me a cock tower to climb onto. "Makes the angle better for the second guy," Jim told us.

"I guess," I said, then quickly climbed on top and sank down, sighing with pleasure as Jim's hard dong filled me once more. Jim reached up then and supported me as I leaned forward and down, presenting Jim's and my joined crotches for Ted to approach.

Jim raised his head up and kissed me as I felt Ted's hands on my rump and the first tentative probe of his cock at my pussy. I could feel my hips wiggling in excitement as the probing cock pushed past my outer folds and bumped against the cock already resident there.

Jim gently ended the kiss and let his head fal

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