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Woman running from tormentors is "rescued"- or is she?


He looked over at her and asked, "Did you see last year's contest?"

"Yes," Sta-ie-che answered. Then she reflexively added, "But I can dance better than that."

She wasn't sure whether or not she had seen the particular video of which he spoke, but she was pretty sure that what she said about being able to dance better than the winner was true. Sta-ie-che could dance better than almost anyone.

"If you can," he yelled back over the noise of the truck, "not only will you win a thousand bucks, the station has arranged an interview and a clip on the Today Show tomorrow morning."

"What is 'The Today Show?'" she asked.

As they pulled into a large open area with many vehicles parked around it-- some were even stacked one on top of the other-- he said, "You really aren't from around here, are you? Are you telling me that you have never heard of The Today Show?"

Sta-ie-che gnawed at her lower lip as she debated her answer. Finally she said, "I am a pleasure dancer from the planet Turillia. I was with a contact ship that was supposed to land in secret and contact your government leaders. It crashed. I'm the only survivor and I have to figure out a way to get a message back to the fleet so they don't think your government has shot us down."

She looked over at Jake with wide eyes as she waited for him to respond. She didn't know for sure what he would say, but she absolutely did not expect his laughter. "Keep it up, Stacey," he choked out between laughs. "If you can stay in character that well for the contest, our winner just might be a green Turillian pleasure dancer."

He got out of the truck and hurried over to the passenger door. "I tell you what," he said. "With that great costume and makeup, I can use you in some clips tomorrow morning on our early show. If you keep in character all night-- or at least until I leave after the dance contest ends at midnight-- I'll pay your twenty-five dollar entry fee for the dance contest."

With that he ushered her over to the table where a variety of women in various costumes stood in line. Jake dragged her to the head of the line and said to one of the two young women sitting at the table, "Let's get her registered so we can get some background shots of her here at the party." He laughed and said, "She says she's going to win." Another laugh. "Who knows? She might. And if she does, we'll have a great package for my segment that's going on network."
The woman looked up and said, "Name?"

She answered, "Sta-ie-che," but when the woman looked very confused, she repeated it as "Stacey."

"Last name?" the woman said, not looking up from the form in front of her.

"We don't have what you call last names on Turillia," Stacey answered.

Jake was barely controlling his laughter as he stood behind her. "I told her that if she stayed in character, I would pay her entry fee," he said. "Just put down Turillia as her last name."


"I don't know what you want?" Stacey answered.

"Write in the station's address," Jake said from behind her. "We can sort out the official stuff later if she actually wins."

A few minutes later, she was standing near the side of the stage with Jake. "If you don't mind," he said, "I'm going to save you for last. You got any questions?"

Stacey looked at the other contestants gathered with her and said, "I didn't realize that you have pleasure dancers on your planet."

"What do you mean?" Jake asked.

"That girl there," she said, pointing to a tall blond in a naughty nurse costume, "she is displaying her body as though seeking someone to dance with in a horizontal dance. Only a pleasure dancer would be allowed to do that on Turillia.

"And that woman who is covered in some sort of dye or paint. Except for some small pieces of tape over her nipples and some sort of cloth that barely covers her sexual opening, she is naked. Is that not the sign of a pleasure dancer?"

Jake laughed again.

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