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Laura's story with Matt continues. Dinner, Ice Cream, and then desert.

She looked at the window above the sink and admitted she liked what it reflected. She looked sultry, not wholesome. Her big tits with the nipples all long and hard signaled she was also horny. Never in a million years would she have pictured herself in an older man's house, standing naked at his sink, washing his dishes. Her bottom felt empty; she hoped when she was done he would put erection to good use and fuck her in the ass again. She never imagined anal sex but now that and being eaten were all she thought about. She wanted Miguel to eat her, but knew she needed to approach it carefully. He had to believe when he put his lips to her carpet his were the first.

She toweled each plate dry and put them in the dishrack. She did the same with the silverware and glasses. She put the leftovers in the refrigerator. If this were a Sunday at her house, Miguel would be the one doing this. She silently laughed at her role reversal. She felt wet between her legs. Her work done she hurried into the living room to be with her lover.

He was on the floor. He had placed on top of the cowhide he used as an area rug a quilt. He had poured each of them a glass of wine.
"Did you get the kitchen done?"

"Yes, Buck."

"Thanks. Next time you can make dinner."

"I'd love to."

"Join me."

She stretched out next to him on the floor.

They were on their sides. She was very aware of his cock poking against her abdomen as they embraced and kissed. His chest hair against her breasts felt good. She hungrily sucked at his tongue. She was ready for more sex and he was too. He broke from her mouth and she turned her neck. He kissed her neck. She moaned and ground her crotch against him. He manuevered his cock bringing its head into where her sex and thighs met.

"Jean, I want to make you feel really good."

"Buck, you always do."

"Jean, nothing would make this old cowboy happier than to be your first."

"I can't Buck."

"Why not?"

"You know why. I'm saving it for the man I'm going to marry."


"Yes, I really believe we'll end up married."

"But, what if you break up?"

"Then whoever I meet and fall in love with and marry will get to take my virginity."

"Jean, I can make you feel so good. So much better than Miguel or anyone else."

She studied his face worried and touched by his request. His desire hadn't surprised her, but it had caught her off guard. She hadn't expected it at that very moment when she was feeling so relaxed and open to suggestions. It also didn't help she had been rethinking her convictions. Her virginity was extremely important to her, but she was now thinking she didn't want to wait until marriage. She wanted to give it to Miguel because he meant so much to her. She knew it would be several years before they could even think about marrying and their paths might take them in different directions. She wanted him to do the honors. Even if they broke up it was the right decision.

She hated the pressure he was putting on her. Everything up to this point had been no strings attached pleasure. Vaginal intercourse would change the dynamic of their relationship. There was birth control and there was the chance of pregnancy. Did he really see himself being a father at fifty? Did she see him as the kind of man who would pitch in and help? The first answer only he could answer. Her gut told her the answer to her second question was no. Living on his ranch all these years had made him independent and feeling superior, not just to women but to everyone. If it needed doing he believed he could do it better. Fun in a lover but she was certain it would cause them to constantly butt heads in a real relationship.

While she was thinking Buck took his cock and owing to her aroused state wedged it between her labia.

"Lift your leg a bit Jean. I want to rub your clitty."

She did allowing him to take that firm but soft head and rub it against her hard clitoris.

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