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I Visit Emma in Vermont.

However, Gabe was a pretty private person and wasn't about to open up about all this rush of feelings to a near total stranger, especially one he was still slightly scared of.

"You seem to know an awful lot about this," he said warily, instead, "You're not or something yourself, are you?"

"Screw you!" she responded aggressively, "That's just what people like you think, isn't it? That if you show any interest or understanding, then you're just one of 'them'! You know, I am actually capable of compassion and empathy toward other people. You should try it sometime."

"OK, OK, sorry," Gabe decided it was probably best not to bring up the thought of her tone right now not seeming all that compassionate, instead he decided to change the tack of the conversation, "So, what about that thing you said before, about the symbolism of the design here, the circle and the cross and the arrow. What can you tell me about that?"

"It's a combination of the biological signs for male and female," Saphy replied, still slightly sullen, "My tattoo, as we've already established, is the female sign (see, if I was transgender, then my tattoo would have been just the same as the blood symbol). The male sign is a circle with an arrow coming from the top left."

"That seems pretty simple," Gabe said, glad to find, apart from her snarky aside, that Saphy had found a topic that would engage her in a more civil fashion.

"It's not," she said, seeming determined to contradict whatever he said, "People think that symbols are easy, like a code or an alphabet; this symbol means this, that one means that. But it's not true, the same shape of lines and circles can mean so many different things."

"How do you mean?"

"Imagine if my tattoo had this picture on it," she took a pen from where she saw it in Gabe's open laptop bag and drew a symbol on her arm, a hooked cross shape. Gabe recognised it instantly as the Nazi symbol, a swastika, "If that was my tattoo, you'd also have made some pretty quick judgements about what that tattoo said about me and my personality."

"That you're some mad, evil bitch," he responded, raising the hint of a smile on Saphy's lips for the first time.

"Exactly, but if you went back a couple of thousand years, then this same shape crops up frequently in Greek art and architecture, it's a sun symbol. Even today, it's still used as a symbol of harmony and balance in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It actually guards against the kind of evil it has come to represent here in Europe. Of course, even knowing what it means to Buddhists, I could never bring myself to have that on my body," she spat on her arm and rubbed the ink off, "To us it will always now be a symbol of hate. But, others are not so set in stone."

Gabe was beginning to see that, like the symbols she was talking about, Saphy was a much more complicated prospect than she had first seemed. He had been quick to make judgements about her just like he had been quick to see the hooked swastika cross as a sign of evil. He was just starting to see that beneath that prickly persona was somebody who had picked up all kind of esoteric knowledge that could prove much more useful in unravelling the mystery that they were caught up in than any idea of his.

"So, your female sign doesn't just mean female?" he said.

"Exactly," Saphy agreed and Gabe let out an almost audible sigh to have found something that she finally agreed with, "It's actually the astrological symbol for the planet Venus and is a reference in itself to the goddess.

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