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How I accidentally fucked my pop on purpose.


Together, Lucy and Holly continued to kiss while Nigel was busy pumping his cock between their large tits pressed together. It was still a struggle to do, but what a sight it was to behold. The glorious breasts of Lucy Pinder and Holly Peers smashed together. It was even greater to watch them kiss the way they did, twirling their tongues back and forth as their lips remained glued together. Eventually, Nigel came to a stop and moved his hands away from their shoulders. The two glamour models broke their lips apart, ending their kisses. Nigel reached his hand down to pull at Holly's hair, alerting her attention.

"Get up, baby."

"I hope you're gonna fuck me first after I had to watch you titty fuck her before me!"

Holly spoke to Nigel as she stood up from her knees. He gave her a sinister grin before busting out laughing.
"Am I hearing some jealousy out of you tonight, Holly? Get your fucking ass over to the bed!"

All Lucy could do was sit there on her knees, watching as Nigel pulled Holly's hair and moved her to the bed. It was the first time Lucy had witnessed his dominant side with another woman besides herself. Holly climbed up on the bed, pushing her knees down as Nigel followed behind her and sunk his own knees over the soft sheets. He turned his head to look at Lucy who was still sitting on her knees on the floor. Nigel motioned his fingers, quietly telling Lucy to get up. Pulling Holly's hair, he positioned himself ready to slide his cock into her wet clit from underneath. She gasped and called out to him.

"Come on, what are you waiting for? Fuck me, dammit!"

Pulling her right hand back, she pulled one of her ass cheeks to tease him. Nigel reared his free hand back and slapped Holly's ass hard.

"Don't start acting like a bitch, baby! I'll fuck you when I'm ready!"

Nigel turned to look at Lucy who was standing near the bed. He motioned for her to come nearer, momentarily letting go of Holly's hair to grab the ring attached at Lucy's collar and pull her towards them.

"Here, sit right here Lucy. You can watch me fuck Holly, since you're being a good girl."

Lucy smiled, but all Nigel cared about was hearing Holly sigh in frustration. He reached his left hand back up and gripped her hair once more. Using his right hand, he guided his cock finally to the folds of her sweet pink pussy. Holly gasped when she felt him slide that thick rod into her entrance.

"Mmmmm, yeah! There it is, fuck me!"

He pulled her hair tighter while he made the first thrusts into Holly's pussy. Lucy sat there like an obedient slut, just watching as Nigel pumped his cock forward and back into Holly's pussy. So far, he was pleased in Lucy obeying his words. Just like the proper filthy fuck doll he envisioned her to become for him.

"Yes, that's it! Come on, fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

Like before, Nigel tugged on Holly's hair while bucking his hips and thrusting his cock into her. Her amazing huge breasts bounced up and down as she raised her neck and moaned loudly. Since Lucy was sitting next to him doing nothing, Nigel reached his hand to try and grab at the ring of her collar. He did manage to get her attention, as she turned and spoke.


"You see how hard I'm fucking her, Lucy? This is how I'm going to enjoy my weekends fucking the shit outta you too!"

Lucy licked her lips, watching as he would buck his hips and slam his cock into Holly over and over. As for Holly, she knew exactly what he was trying to do by sweet-talking Lucy like this. So far, his attempt was not working. Holly knew very well that Lucy wouldn't be taking her place as his favorite, even if she was the other trophy whore. Over and over, Holly screamed as Nigel continued to thrust his cock into her and back. The grip of his fingers into her hair tightened a bit, while the sound of his balls slapping between her thighs could be heard each time he bucked his hips.


Just what Nigel was expecting, to hear Holly notify him of when she was close.

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