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Interlude. Brothers discuss the fantasy state.

She planted her legs over his shoulders and lay back. His hands moved up and caressed her breasts and her nipples, while he continued his ministrations.

Her instinct was to use her hand, to help him out as she did with Charlie, but she didn't have to, he was doing it all for her. Then she started to worry she would come prematurely like he had earlier, and so hauled his face away, kissing him and throatily urging him to "fuck me!"

He entered her swiftly, and to the hilt. He fitted so perfectly, like a sword in its very own scabbard. She felt totally full. It felt totally right. She kissed him deeply, relishing the erotic taste of her juices on his mouth. They started slowly, fucking rhythmically, caressing each other, mouths constantly touching, breathing each other's air, flicking each other's tongues.

It was like they had been making love to each other all their lives.

He moved his hand down back to her clitoris, rubbing hard this time. That took her by surprise; it was how she did it when she wanted to make herself come. He fucked her as he rubbed her, and her orgasm built up. She submitted to his attention; kissed him, wrapped her legs round his, raking his calves with her heels; pushed her vagina against his hand, and then she came. Long and hard. The first time a man had given her one for... too long.

He slowed down the pace with long deep stokes of his penis. He knelt back onto his knees while still inside her, looking at his cock entering her slowly, she lifted herself on her elbows and joined in the voyeurism. Despite her orgasm, she became even more aroused watching the long dark cock easing into her contrastingly white body. She looked at his body - so different to what she was used to: his thrusting pelvis, trim waist, muscular chest, powerful shoulders, and then into his eyes. He was looking back, and they smiled at each other as he continued his love-making.

He then took over fully; placing his hands under her bottom, he thrust into her harder and faster, he sped up till he was pile driving into her. She could do nothing but hang on, submit to his power, pinned down by his cock, while keeping his weight off her body. He just kept going, faster and faster, harder and harder, all the while kissing her deeply, wetly. She was amazed at his stamina, and equally amazed that she could feel another, unassisted, orgasm building inside her.

The alcohol, his power, the stockings, made her astonishingly aroused, she wanted to be his whore and so she spoke like a whore:

"That's it, fuck me, keep fucking me harder, fuck my cunt, fuck it!"

And then they came together; she quietly; he with a long, loud, animalistic moan.


Scarlett looked at him, as he lay there; a dark Adonis in his post coital slumber. She had a problem, and she didn't know what to do. What do you do when you are suddenly presented with the best sex in your life by totally the wrong person?


Spring came, turned into summer, and they were still having sex. What was supposed to be a one night stand, had become a love affair. Ridden with a mixture of her guilt and exasperation with his carefree attitude to the relationship, Scarlett had called it off on an almost monthly basis.

Once she did it at their desks, using the office Instant Messenger:

Scarlett: I think we ought to call it a day.

Rick: It's only 10.30, but I am up for a quickie ;).

Scarlett: No, not that... us.

Rick: FFS. Not again.

Rick: That's a new one for me. Dumped by IM.

Rick: Out of interest... Why?

Scarlett: Your holiday with your wife last week.

Scarlett: You posted your pictures on Flickr.

Scarlett: You had your arm round her.

Scarlett: She seemed so happy.

Rick: Tends to happen on holiday.

Scarlett: I didn't realise you were so... married.

Scarlett: Can't deal with this.

Scarlett: Well... what do you think?

Rick: Good Bye Scarlett.

By mid-day they were having a blazing row in a coffee shop.

By 1pm, they were in his hotel room: fucking their brains out.


It was decided

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