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Returning home.

We each pulled up a chair around a table and ordered another round of drinks. "Well we sure didn't expect to see the two of you here tonight, we were just here to bitch a little." I explained. "Well I guess we can all get drunk and bitch a lot" Jenny answered.

Barry was being his normal self, cutting jokes and making himself out to be the fool. As usual Amanda and Jenny were laughing and going along. I often thought that they both would jump his bones if he really gave it a shot. There was not one of us, neither John, Dan, Mike or myself that had half the balls Barry did considering all of us, except Barry were married.

As the night went on the more the drinks flowed and the dirtier the conversation became. Amanda was making jokes about sucking cock and Jenny was going right along with her. I had drunk just enough alcohol that I was now beginning to get a little bolder myself. "Would you like to dance Amanda?" I asked. "Sure honey, anything for a cutie like you." She responded. We were on the dance floor swaying to a slow dance and I began to rub her back. I worked my way to her beautiful round ass that for so long I had fantasized about. To my surprise Amanda didn't offer any resistance.

The music ended and we went back to the table. It was obvious that Jenny had quite a bit to drink because when I took my seat I could see Barry had slid his hand under her dress and was rubbing her pussy. She was making little whimpering sounds and rolling her head back. Amanda just looked at her and said, "girl what is wrong with you?" When she didn't get a response she decided to see for herself. Amanda crawled under the table to see Barry's hand rubbing her pussy with tender ministrations. "Oh you little slut!" she exclaimed. "I can't believe you didn't share." This was what Dan had hoped to hear. He was getting more than excited watching the show. He moved closer to Amanda and began rubbing her pussy. "That's a good boy." Amanda said. "This is what I have needed all day." "Well if you think this is good, what do you say we all go to my apartment and get really comfortable?" Barry asked. "Sounds like a great idea to me." Amanda said. Jenny agreed without hesitation.

I was not sure about this since it was getting so late and I was after all married. I belted down two shots and mustered up enough courage to join my friends. We paid the tab and headed off for Barry's apartment.

When we got there the women seemed to turn into wild animals. They began taking off their clothes and demanding that we remove ours as well. This was the first time any off us had ever seen these gorgeous women naked and it was everything that we had ever imagined. Amanda and Jenny both went over to the bed and lay down. "What would you boys like to see?" asked Amanda. "From the looks of those hard dicks, I think they might like to see us lick each others pussies." Injected Jenny. She crawled over to Amanda like a cat and began to lick her pussy gently. This was one of the hottest sights I had ever seen. This went on for about five minutes making all of us guys so horny we couldn't wait any longer.

Barry was the first to join them on the bed. He got next to Amanda and began sucking her breasts. John was the next to jump in the fun as he started to lick Jenny's pussy. After a few minutes Barry had both women get on all fours. Dan had just been sitting back watching the action all night, so when he got his chance, he moved in behind Jenny. He stuck his dick in her pussy with such force she gasped and let out a scream. I got in front of her and put my cock in her mouth as I watched Dan fuck her with a fury. Dan's dick was quite large. Just by looking, I would guess it had to be about 8 inches. I looked over to see Amanda getting hammered by John as she sucked Barry's dick like it was a sweet piece of candy.

After a few minutes I heard Dan yell "I'm going to cum.

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