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Reunion with Slut Sister in a storm.

Payal stayed in his room until she called.

"Arey, have you got any manners, Hassan is here for so long, at least you can get him some tea," she barked.

"It's alright, I had it just few minutes back," he spoke looking at Payal who was coming out of her bedroom. She walked straight to the kitchen and put the water on gas to boil. As soon as she went to the kitchen, Hassan excused himself to go to the toilet. The toilet was towards the kitchen and instead of going there he slipped in the kitchen.

"What! Why you come here?"

"Payal don't be angry..... I wanted you for so long.... I wanted to grab you in my arms and want to feel that ass on me," his voice was horny.

"Don't come near to me," Payal backed off as he walked towards her, her back touched the wall.

He grabbed her, "No.... no... leave me," she whispered as she didn't want her mother in law to hear anything.

"I want you," he kissed her on lips and grabbed her round ass, "come to me, you need a man to make you a women, you are still a little girl," his voice was hoarse.

"Let me go," she panted and felt him pulling the cord of her salwar, her bottom was ready to come down.

"Mummy!" suddenly she shouted. She did not want a repeat of morning.

"Ya what happened,." her mother in law replied and Hassan stops in his tracks.

"Where is the suger," she stepped out of the kitchen trying the cord of her salwar and walked towards the room.

Hassan sighed and went to the bathroom.

"How can I tell where the sugar is, I never go to kitchen.... what a lady, don't even know where her things are," she started blabbering and Payal smiled at her small victory.

Hassan went back that day but has left a very horny Payal behind. She can tell this to no one as she didn't want any trouble for her husband. She knew Hassan is not a good man and can do any harm to Prakash.

Hassan was upset. Payal was the hottest girl he has seen and he got her into submission so easily. He cannot believe that this morning he was so close, she was under his control but Lala spoiled everything. I will set him right, he vowed to himself. Only if I can get her alone, he thought, she will be mine to fuck.

He understood that Payal can be manipulated and put to great use once he gets his cock up her pussy. Not only can he fuck the hottest meat but can also use her for his own benefit. He kept a watch on her and waited for his opportunity.

Two day passed and he could not do anything. At night he was strolling outside his house when he saw her husband Prakash going out. He waited as Prakash kick start his motorcycle and roared away. The door was still open he quickly slipped inside. The mama was inside her room and he saw Payal was climbing the stairs going to the roof. He closed the door and followed her. As she was about to step out on the roof, she saw Hassan.

"Wohh!" she jumped in surprised, "What are you doing here"

"Why are you ignoring me for last few days," he asked coming close to her.

"Why are you harassing me, please go away," she begged.

"Harassing! I love you and I want you badly," he looked into her eyes.

"No.... please," she stepped back as he came closer.

"You was so nice in the store, you allowed me to love you, why are you backing now."

"I don't want to talk about it, you forced me and you insulted me," she was red faced.

"Come to me," he stepped closer.

"Please, Hassan, my mother in law is down stairs," she felt herself weak again.

Even though she knows this is not correct, whenever she was close to Hassan, she feels a sensation weakening her. Ever since the day he caught her in the store, she was not able to concentrate on anything and the memories arouse her to no extant. What if lala had not interrupted, she had already submitted to a man of his father's age.

Hassan moved an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. "Payal I will fuck you, I will fuck you now, right here," he whispered in her ear. Words alone shook her whole body which started to vibrate.

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