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Keli makes a new friend...

Cassie was barely able to fight the effects of the sleeping pill she had taken at this point in time, so she grabbed the sexy lingerie and the chocolate body paint and headed back up to bed. She figured that on Valentine's Day, she could at least sleep in something sexy, even if she was by herself... and who knows? The body paint might actually taste good. Damn, she should have grabbed a spoon out of the kitchen. Upstairs, changing into the see-through black lace panties with matching barely there bra, Cassie thought about him again. Would he have left this for her? Wouldn't he have called or at least made plans to use the contents of the box with her?

Slinking back to bed in her new lingerie set, Cassie was barely able to keep her eyes open, much less ponder the strange box and whoever had sent it. As she slipped into a deep sleep, Cassie couldn't help but think of that night again and pictured his hot body in her dreams...

Silently he moved through the darkness toward the bedroom at the end of the hall. He had watched as she brought the box inside and change into the lingerie. Luckily, she had forgotten to lock the door again, so he had walked right into her house. His cock throbbed in anticipation of the act he was about to commit. It seemed so long ago, the one night they had spent together. Still he could smell the scent of her hair, feel the warmth of her breasts in his mouth, and remember the way she had looked into his eyes as he had plunged deep inside of her. He couldn't wait to be with her again.

He cracked open the door and found her lying seductively on the bed, wearing only the lingerie, sleeping. He wanted to wake her immediately, but at the same time, he wanted to watch her sleep. He wanted to make her come, slowly, while she was dreaming, and bring her back to life with a raging orgasm, before he satisfied himself by burying himself deep within her again. Quickly he removed his clothes and lay down beside her, taking time to visually take all of her in. His eyes moved hungrily up and down her body, noticing her nipples through the lacy bra, the curve of her bellybutton, the slight dampness between her thighs. He had to remind himself to be gentle, so great was his impulse to tear her clothes off and ravage her. Instead he moved slowly, peeling back the bra and taking her nipple into his mouth. She gasped in her sleep, and he froze, but when she continued sleeping, he kept going. He licked and sucked and pinched and caressed her nipples until they were stiff peaks and he could feel the moisture beginning to flow between her thighs. He slid his hands all over her body, feeling alive as he touched her hair, her face, her breasts, her ass, and then...

And then he allowed himself to slide her lacy panties off and gaze at her beautiful pussy. He spread her legs and inserted a finger. She didn't resist. Even with a sleeping woman, he still had the magic touch... He began to lick and slurp down below, pinching and kneading her breasts all the while, until small but certain waves of pleasure began to roll over her body. He kept at his work until the waves grew and grew, and Cassie began moaning in her sleep. Finally the combination of her own moaning and the pleasure that was overcoming her body, Cassie woke herself up in time to experience the most mind-shattering orgasm she had ever had. It didn't matter that she still felt groggy and she didn't remember who was pleasuring her like this... Had she been drunker than she thought the night before? Had she even been drinking? She put her fingers in his thick hair while he continued to lick and suck her clitoris. It didn't matter who he was, this guy knew what he was doing. After climaxing again due to his skilled tongue, he pulled himself on top of her.

She looked into his eyes for the first time that night, and realized that it was him.

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