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Torment in reality; Torment in dreams.

I pulled my 4x4 into the dirt parking lot and went up to knock on the door. Before my knuckles could hit the metal, the door swung open. A sultry redhead in a loose-fitting jumpsuit greeted me. "Cal? I'm Sondra. Won't you come in?" I followed her into a forlorn office space, and sat down on an old wooden chair while she perched on the edge of the desk.

"What are you looking for," she inquired. Well, I wasn't totally sure but I found myself telling her about my business and the problems I was having. "So you see, the word you used to describe those chairs -- motivation -- sounded like it might be helpful. Although I must say $325 sounds a little on the high side."

She looked me over for a few minutes, and finally commented, "For some people it would be high. For the right customers, though, it's cheap at the price. Let's go see a demonstration."

She got up and headed through the back door into the warehouse as I wondered how you "demonstrate" a chair.


The warehouse was dim and echoed with the sounds of ancient air compressors dying in the southern heat. She moved quickly around several areas where I noticed woodworking equipment, a plastic extruder and some unfamiliar machine tools. Quiet women working industriously occupied most of these areas. We stopped at a desk with a "Bookkeeping" nameplate. The woman there had her fingers flying over the keys of an adding machine. Sondra interrupted her. "Janice, I have a customer here -- would you please take a break?" A strange look -- of pleading? -- passed over the bookkeeper's face, and she mumbled something like "yes, ma'am" while she totaled her tape and set down her pencil.

The woman pushed her chair back and stood up, straightening her skirt, then walked to one side of the desk. "Check it out," Sondra invited me. I walked around the desk and looked at the chair. To all appearances it was a fairly standard issue office chair, casters, adjustable seat. The seat cushion was of some unfamiliar material, and didn't have the stiff feel I normally associate with office furniture. I sat down in the chair and rolled it up to the desk.

Now I began to see some difference. Without having to make any adjustments, I found myself at an optimum height for working. The back of the chair seemed to find the small of my back automatically. When I leaned back away from the desk, the chair supported me in a comfortable position, but not one where I'd easily fall asleep. I looked at Sondra, who had an enigmatic smile on her face. "I can see where you might go $200 for this," I remarked, "whatever you have here is better than anything else I've seen in the market. But I can't see $325."

Sondra smiled openly now. "There are some features that aren't immediately obvious," she responded. "Janice!" The bookkeeper approached. "Please take your place in the chair so Mr. Porlock can see how it works." Janice had that odd look on her face again, but merely replied, "Yes, mum" and moved behind the desk as I rose from the chair.

Janice stood in front of the chair, and to my shock pulled her skirt up to her waist! She had neither panties nor hose, and I noticed that her pubic area seemed swollen. Holding her skirt, she sat down on the chair, legs parted. As she did so, an opening appeared in the seat between her legs and something moved upward between her bare thighs. It looked like the knob of an English saddle with a thinner stub projecting from it. As I watched, fascinated, the thinner probe made its way into Janice until the saddle was nestled firmly against her mound. Her eyes lidded over briefly, then she shook her head and let her skirt down covering her decorously.

"There's a matching probe in the back.

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