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Audrey discovers the history of the house.

She pulled out a pair of brown -- sorry, chocolate suede boots. Alice tried them on and was ecstatic, strutting across the store. But her smile then faded, she asked how much.

"$650," Elena replied.

"Fuck no!" I involuntarily shouted.

"Dude, these are nine hundred fucking dollars in the real world!" Elena screamed, "I'm giving you a...err I guess thirty percent discount."

Alice put the boots back in the box, carefully cover it with the tissue paper and placing the lid back on. She then turned to me and whispered, "I've only got $300 saved."

She looked so sad, it was making my heart break. I know this would be spoiling her, I mean how many high school seniors go around in shoes that cost a dime. But I did fuck her, so I could make a deal with Elena. I could see the former prostitute from Monterrey want something more than money. I then told Alice to leave the store, she's seen enough criminally activity, it's best to give her some plausible deniability for whatever Elena wants me to do.

"So, how much really?" I asked as soon as the door slammed shut.

"You can walk away with them without costing you a cent," Elena said, reading my mind. "I just need your time."

"My time is worthless," I replied back, this isn't good. "I'm going back to rehab tomorrow. I'm definitely going back and I'm getting clean."

"That's okay," Elena smiled, "I'm not the one asking, Alejandro is. He's got three months left at Noble and wants a big party. You're going to be there and you are going to introduce him to some guys

"How can you trust me to be here in three months?" I asked.

"I guess because we're similar type of people. I'm letting you leave with $650 in merchandise for free because I want to help out my brother, while you're getting your sister a present as an apology for some kind of fuck up."

I narrowed my eyes.

"You two lookalike," Elena said with a big smug grin, "So what did you do?"

"I'll be around," I replied, taking the box, "When your brother gets out, he can find me in Cleveland."

I found Alice nervously pacing near the car. I saw a brief smile on her cute face when I handed her the box. Shit, I really need to stop thinking that way about my sister. She checked the boots, which is a good thing because Elena could easily still be pissed about those missing gold chains in Flint Park. But at least she's happy, that's something I guess. Still, I feel I need to do something more.

"We worked out an arrangement," I anxiously grinned. I then looked at her and blurted out, "About Halloween, I'm sorry."

Alice's face dropped and she just sighed, while my mouth went dry and I felt like twitching. I paused, trying to collect my thoughts. I don't know why I said that; I knew that Alice would never want to talk about that night ever again. But fuck, we're going have to discuss it sooner or later. Especially after whatever Elena and Alejandro are going to drag me into, I'll probably never see her again. So I guess she should know how sorry I am.

"I really am. It was wrong and messed up. I know you hate me, you have every right, I kinda hate myself a lot right now. If you want to tell anyone, you can. I'll accept it. And if me being here is a problem for you, don't worry about it. After tomorrow, I'm gone." I said, walking away.

Alice stayed quiet, staring at her new shoes.

"Also, don't tell Mom that I brought you here and hide those shoes for a while. Just in case," I nervously smiled. "And if you ever see Laura, don't tell her that you just saw Elena wearing her earrings, she still thinks that she lost them in the house."


We drove back home, again in complete silence.

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