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The band plays on.

Before I describe her I will mention that she had also 'persuaded' some poor guy to push her second trolley.

She did look really smart, beige boots with nice pointed toes and obviously fine stiletto heels, a very nice pair of white jeans with a simple leather belt. And a simple white top which did indeed show off a very nicely shaped top half, two very nice tits which were obviously self supporting and from the not indecent amount on display looked fantastic.

After a lovely long hug I relieved the guy of her trolley and she said "Thank you very much they were too much for me" I bet that incident made his day

As we pushed the trolleys back to the SUV, it's a good job I did not bring a car, I said "I have really missed you it was really peculiar not having you around to talk to" she said "No comments about your Chantal's new appearance than"

I said "You know I love you more for your mind than your body, the body you brought with you from England was absolutely perfect so I am lost for words to describe you now."

"They are not overdone, they are not the visual centrepiece but make your overall appearance so much more attractive, although I would not have thought you could have become more attractive."

She said "Oh that was a lovely way to describe me, that's what I wanted after all you would not have wanted me to look like a tart would you." She than proceeded to lick my ear, she had a stud in the little hollow near the tip of her tongue. I said "That feels nice was it worth the discomfort"?

"Oh this week has been full of lots of discomfort but it was all very worthwhile, I'm extremely pleased with the result, I even had lots of retail therapy to take away the pain. It is still my off period until tomorrow but I think I will try out my tongue on you this evening"

"The doctor at the clinic said I could resume work tomorrow if I wanted to, I did tell him my profession, but the dear chap did say to be careful in future although he was referring to my bum not my boobs. By the way the welts, and the pain, have all gone as well - I am in full working order again"
When we got back to the Ranch all the girls crowded around and welcomed her back and were very complementary about her appearance. As we were walking over to the house she said no sign of Kitty or Julie so I said I expect they are still lying on my bed were I left them, they have had a busy week.

I was more shocked than Chantal when we walked into our lounge and found them both sitting around, naked, with a glass of wine in hand. Kitty gave Chantal a big cuddle and said come and get stripped off lets see them properly and compare them with ours. I was just standing there like a complete idiot - what were they up to?

Chantal quickly stripped off, her new body - as I said they did affect the overall appearance - looked absolutely outstanding. I started to say something with a obvious worried look on my face then Chantal said "You do look sorry for yourself you idiot I called Kitty and asked them to meet us here, I know you have been a good boy - they have both moaned to me about it"

I said "I think I should sack both of them and get John, or maybe even Dick, over to give you a good whipping" she said "Don't you dare sack my friends and do you really know how to contact Dick, I have had no action for over a week"

Kitty said "We will leave you two together, do you want us to bring over a meal"

"After you gave me a shock like that you expect to get around me with a few sandwiches I've told her before that I should set up a branch in some filthy alley and put her to work like a proper Street Whore I should send you two there as well"

After they left Chantal gave we a lovely cuddle and said sorry for that it is so good to be back "I do like it here."

We had a lovely evening together catching up on what we had both been doing and yes the tongue piercing did add additional pleasure to an already perfect mouth action.

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