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Woman is resurrected in a clone of her daughter.

When we had finally gotten face to face, I didn't give her a chance to say anything, and I just started to kiss her.
Whereas before we didn't get into it, there was no reason not to. Our tongues began to wrestle and enter one another's mouth. As we kissed, I slipped a hand behind Brittney's head and moved it just a little closer. Brittney responded by wrapping her arms around my back and pulling my closer, and there we kissed locked in an embrace. It wasn't a very bad positionto be in. I could feel her nipples growing harder with each passing second. Instinct and passion started taking over my actions now, my hand slipped from her head down her side and rested on her extremely nice ass, grabbing slightly. With each squeeze of my hand, Brittney exhaled strongly, giving my the impression that she liked to have her ass played with. I squeezed more, increasing the strength slightly with each one. Brittney pulled me closer, her arms almost trapping me against her, our kissing intensified immensely. She broke off the kiss and moved toward my ear, she began to whisper.

"Mm, keep that up and you might get something nice in return." She said in this completely seductive, playful manner. As a result the half-boner in my pants went all out, screaming to be released from its cotton prison. Obviously feeling my reaction against her body to her sultry chatter, she continued.

"Mm...I can't wait till I get my lips around your cock, I bet I can get it even harder than it is right now." She was right, it felt like it could break through a wall at the rate she was at, and we hadn't even done anything but kiss! Who knew that she was a sultry seductress who could melt a man with simple words. I wasn't going to let thoughts like this get in the way of the night though.

It was silent now, only the sound of our breath filled the room. Though it wasn't long before we had a change of position. Brittney took me by the wrist and nudged me to turn over, and I did. She lie ontop of me now, an incredible sight to behold. Her hands moved to her back and I saw the straps of her bra fall.

"Let's get rid of this." She peeled the straps off and removed the bra and tossed it to the floor. Her breasts were really a sight to behold. C cup sized breasts with rosy colored nipples protruding in the middle of each, almost like a cherry topped cupcake. I couldn't help but envelop each one with my hands, squeezing gently on each breast. Brittney threw her head back and exhaled quietly, responding to my fondling by grabbing my wrists and directing them to where she wanted them.

She moved my hands from cupping her breasts to holding the undersides, signaling for me to squeeze. When I did she emitted a low moan and smiled. I started to trace the perimeter of her breasts with a finger slowly. Dragging my fingers along the soft, smooth skin of her fleshy globes. Brittney shivered with pleasure, moving her hands from my wrists to just behind her, where I felt a hand wrapping around my throbbing cock. I moved my hands down from her breasts down to her ass once more, gripping and squeezing as hard as I could. The both of us encouraging one another to continue with our fondling of each other. Brittney quit jerking me off and leaned down ontop of me, my hands still grasping her ass, she dug her chest into mine and kissed me once more. This kiss was a little different, a little more forceful on her part. She started to bite me on the lip. I felt a little apprehensive at first, but learned to like it. Brittney's teeth bit down gently on my bottom lip and pulled, she released and then kissed me again, repeating the same process. Brittney finally let up from her little vampire act and leaned in toward my ear.

"I hope you like getting your cock sucked.

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