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A voyage into the past for Kyrhan, Dan and Kira.

At one we parked on the top deck, well away from the up ramp, so that we'd have some warning of someone heading to our level. At the other Mall we found a secluded spot on the bottom floor where we hardly ever saw another car during lunch hours.

We agreed early on that we could do anything with each other except intercourse. I had manually brought her off, and also went down on her in the car. Likewise, Jennifer had given me scores of blowjobs...several times twice in one day. On those occasions she blew me right after we met at the Mall, and then again after lunch.

"My appetizer and dessert," she joked later.

Just last week, we decided to be more adventurous. Jennifer wanted to blow me in the parking lot stairwell, and a telephone worker nearly caught us with my pants down. He bounded down the stairs and almost ran us a couple of minutes after we were safely buttoned up.

Late that night, during a computer "date", Jennifer sighed. "That was close earlier today! Good thing he didn't come down those stairs any earlier."

Little did we know at the time that the man had actually caught us in the act. He must have turned the stairs and spied us, only to shrink back and allow us to finish, getting a birds eye view of Jennifer's exquisite oral talents. At least that's what it sounded like when he called me on the telephone.

"Your girlfriend has a great mouth, doesn't she?" said the faceless man with the deep voice speaking on the telephone. "What a slut. Is she a better cocksucker than your wife?"

I silently stared at my desk, terrified of the man with the deep voice. It felt as if the silence extended for minutes, but I suspect it was only seconds. "What do you want?" I quietly asked.

Time stood still as I listened for the deep voice to continue, but he left me hanging for a while.

Finally, he spoke. "I'd say you two are in quite a predicament. Hum, let's see. You are married, she is married, but you aren't married to each other. She likes to suck the cock of someone who isn't her husband. I wonder what he'd say if he knew. And you wife, well, she is a little jealous one, now, isn't she?"

I was stunned. He was so calm, I was shaking.

"There is an out for you. I can be convinced to keep this little secret, but there is a price...I want to watch you two," he firmly said. "Nothing more, nothing less. But there will be no negotiation. Do as I ask and nobody needs to know about your little plaything, your little cocksucker."

"That's it? Nothing else?" I wondered if I could set it up where he watched and it was quickly over.

"Nope, not as simple as that. Your little slut, Jennifer, she has to know and perform for me. You will know, I will know, but nobody else has to if you do as I ask. You two seem to like the danger, and I like to watch. So it should be good for all of us. Otherwise, well, who knows who might find out about you two and your little rendezvous? I mean, the Marlton PTA has a meeting next Wednesday night and I was thinking of attending."

My wife was a regular at the meetings, so he had clearly done his homework. My goose, Jennifer's goose, was cooked. I was a little unsure about letting Jennifer in on his demands, but it didn't seem as if there would be a choice. While it wasn't a distasteful idea, the thought of being watched was a bit disconcerting.

When I discussed the situation with Jennifer, it didn't take long for her to agree that we didn't have much of a choice. On one hand, if we didn't comply, our spouses might be informed of our transgressions and we knew there would be a quick beeline to divorce court. On the other hand, we would be observed by the man with the deep voice and who knows who else in the most intimate of situations.

"You win," I told the caller several days later after Jennifer and I had discussed the alternatives.

"That's the right decision," said the man.

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