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Becky gets her due.

I was so euphoric that my every nerve was alive. I was felt so aware, almost too giddy or girlish for words.

I reached over kissing him full on the mouth when he finally quit pleasuring my breast and decided to stay until the morning. I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what it was I was supposed to do in the morning because my lover had made me completely forget about everything. The feeling was glorious. Suddenly, nothing mattered to my neat little life. I was completely in a dazed state of the afterglow effect of sex and orgasmic satisfaction. I was truly lost in the moment and for the first time in my life I didn't care what my sex partner thought of me. I was willing to be his totally.

I began to slowly, ever slowly, slide down his chest letting my hair cascade down his lean body, as I kissed my way down toward his beautiful cock. I wanted to please the man because he gave me so much pleasure and I wanted to make this memorable. I licked, kissed, and sucked my way down his flat torso, rib cage, and lower pubic area until I found that beautiful semi-erect circumcised cock. I then softly, gently, licked it, and then sucked it into my hot, wet, mouth encircling my tongue around the shaft while I heard him gasp in amazement.

I was good at this because when young guys wanted more and I was trying to keep my virginity I did this for them to forget the act of deflowering me. I became quite the expert little cocksucker and didn't mind at all keeping my virginity for my wedding night which turned out to be a complete bust. Little did I know, that my wedding night would turn out the way it did, though.

I now had my newfound lover's full attention, much pun intended. I began a faster paced sucking and swirling of my tongue. I overheard him once more gasp as he gripped my head with both palms gently. I felt his hips move upwards thrusting into my open mouth hard. I accepted his thrusts with my own downward motion. I kept pace with his thrusting and then began a new sucking twist to my blowjob as I put a stronger suction to each stroke.

He now grabbed my head anew with a gripping of my hair which I thoroughly enjoyed. It wasn't rough, mind you, a mere wrapping up of my locks into his hands, so as to hold on. It was pleasantly surprising to know I still had this effect when doing this favor for my lover's. I now sensed his urgency building as he began thrusting upwards even more vigorously than before. I allowed my head to sway up and down like it was a bobble head doll on a pendulum. I felt the first squirt hit the back of my throat as my lover moaned loudly and loosened his grip, lying back, as if dead.

I watched his expression of pure satisfaction while he lay back on the pillow with his arms relaxed, outstretched. I then when my deed was completed slid up beside him snuggling up on his chest almost as if I were a kitty cat somehow without the purr. I rolled my head nicely on his shoulder then whispered, "That relaxed feeling you're feeling right now, is how I felt the entire evening with the way you made love to me." I wasn't being vulnerable just speaking plain truth to my lover. He was magnificent. I then curled up and went into a deep uncaring sleep.

It wasn't until I got up the next morning, that I was watching him wash off in the sink with a wash cloth his face and neck, that I thought of Sarah and her prayer. I began chuckling thinking maybe you are real as I looked upwards at the ceiling. I can't remember what it was Robert said but then he got me moving.

Robert said, "Oh me love, I would like to be with you another round but I be late for me meeting. I was supposed to be there an hour ago. You can leave your number with the chambermaid and I shall give ye a ring on the tele if it isn't too much a bother? I had a wonderful moment with you and do not wish it to end in this fashion, love."

I too recalled an important meeting and looked at the clock stating, "Oh gosh, is that the time? I have got to go, I'm late too.

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