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Mature woman seduces her younger date.

ow much do I owe you?"

"12 please."

"12, that can't be right," I said. I drew a 20 from my wallet, and she pointed at it.

"20, sorry."

"Are you sure, that's not much?" I asked.

"I do extras if you want," she answered.

"What do you mean by extras, the house is sparkling clean." I said.

She smiled at me and slowly rubbed her tits. "Extras," she said and then moved towards me and rubbed my cock and kissed me on the cheek. "Extras," she whispered. "__50".

I ushered through to the clean bedroom and grabbed her curvy arse and thrust my tongue down her throat. She responded quickly, greeting my tongue with hers and rubbing my rapidly growing cock.

"Mmmm, yes please," I grunted as she rubbed more vigourouly.

My hands moved from her milf-y arse to her gorgeous tits. They were a great size and felt amazing.

Clearly this wasn't going to be a 'lovey-dovey' moment, as she unzipped me and began massaging my cock and balls. I pulled down her t-shirt dress thing and hurriedly unclasped her bra. All the time she was picking up the pace wanking my cock and rubbing my balls.

"You like??" she asked.

"Fuck, yes!!" I just about responded between gasps of joy.

I pulled down her leggings and pants, knelt down and began eating her pussy and clit. Now this was not the freshest, hell, she'd just cleaned the house, but I tucked in with gusto.

"Baby, baby," she gasped, "Let me pleasure you".

I shook my head and carried on licking her clit and pulled her down onto the edge of the bed.

"Here, have a smoke," I said, opening a packet of cigarettes and lighting one for her.

She dragged hard on it as I continued to eat her.

"Baby, baby, so good." She stammered.

I carried on, aiming to make her cum as she took her last inhale of smoke.

"Ohh, ooooh, baby, baby, close, it's close."

I slowed down a little noticing she had a lot of cigarette left.

"Don't tease, baby, don't tease."

I looked up at her and smiled.

"Finish your cigarette, and I'll get back to work," I said.

She began inhaling smoke deeply again.

"mmm, so good, so goooood, ah,... Ah...ah..."

She took another puff on her cigarette and I upped my game, sliding a finger towards her arse.

"Baby...finish me, finish me...I'"

She never completed her word, She gasped and spasmed and fell backwards, inhaling smoke and panting.

After about a minute, she leant up, "Baby, so nice, so nice. Fuck me now"

I lifted up from the bed, turned her around and parted her legs. I thrust my cock in from behind. She gasped.

"Time for another smoke." I said, lighting up two cigarettes this time, one for each of us.

As she took the cigarette to her lips, I thrust my cock in again.

"Oooohhh," she grunted, whilst exhaling.

I gathered pace.

"Ooohhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhh," Each thrust bringing a grunt of pleasure.

"Can I come in you?" I asked.

"Yes" she replied.

I began thrusting harder now, and with my non cigarette hand reached round and squeezed her tits.


I slapped her tits as she groaned and smoked.

"Yes...yes...yes..." she encouraged me on.

Faster and faster, I put my cigarette down allowing two handed access to those milfy tits. Squeezing harder and harder as she groaned and moaned louder and louder.

"I'm going to come," I whispered, "I'm going to come inside your gorgeous...milf...cunt"

As I spoke she turned to face me, panting, looking desperate as I fucked her, hanging on to her tits for leverage.

"Keep going...cum in me...cum on... fuck me..." she gasped taking a drag on her cigarette, "Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk meeeeeee..."

I hammered away 20 more strokes, feeling my spunk rising. My grip tightened more on her tits.


I leant forward and nibbled her ear and whispered into it

"Here it's your bonus...take my cum... here it!!".

She took a drag on her cigarette and at that moment my spunk flew up inside her.

I collapsed in a heap, letting go of her tits, to reveal two perfect hand prints.

"I lik

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