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A gang bang fantasy becomes reality.

"You may select your pleasures from the menus available at the lounge. Just let the stewards know what you want and you will have it."

"And if I want you?" Her blunt question was rolled like loaded dice in Jaime's general direction. That triggered a grin and a low chuckle as Jaime put a flute of Dom Perignon in the hand she'd raised along with her question. "Then I am yours until you want something or someone else. Just remember that we are here to whet your appetite for the main course, which will, of course, be served on the Isle of Lays, at the resort."

She'd looked over the menu with happy eyes and decided to get the "Sensual Waxworks and Oil Massage" treatment to prepare for the sun, sand, beach and playrooms at Odalisque resort.


Having five very handsome, extremely hunky and shirtless men skillfully rubbing her body with sweet, peach-scented oil as the hair down there was taken off took the sting out of the depilation of her woman zones and legs. That done, they took the massage to a new level.

"Look at those beautiful breasts, Jaime," one of the men said in a voice like hot chocolate. "Such lovely nipples standing straight up, pointing to the sun." Jaime nodded in agreement as he ran a hand over Charlaine's now-bare pudendum. "She has such sleek legs and a lovely little pussy, too. So demure, so shy. I'm sure we can get it to open up to us if we treat it right, eh, Tomas?" But how Charlaine's pussy began to twitch as she listened to their words. How it clenched and grew so very wet.

The very thought of lying there, naked and getting even more bare as they caressed her deep pink nipples, the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs and those sensitive spots between her toes made her shiver in the sunshine as she lay stretched over a specially-engineered massage table upholstered in white leather on the upper deck. That table was divided down half its length, with each lengthwise half designed to swing outward.

Her shoulder-length hair had been put up in a French braid and tucked under to keep it out of her face and so her neck was bare to the cool breeze, the warm sunshine and the talented hands of the Siren crew that were attending to her body.

A pair of warm, full lips brushed against her ear: "Turn over, please. We're going to do your back, Ma'am." It was Jaime, his voice thick like dark honey, his bare chest and eight-pack dominating her line of sight. She could see his nipples were hard, too.

Charlaine did as Jaime bid and warmed oil was poured in a slow line of seduction down her spine from shoulder to just above the crack of her rounded ass, along the length of each arm, in circles over each butt cheek and down the backs of her thighs and legs. Large hands began to work the oil slowly into her skin and she closed her eyes blissfully, taking in the scents of the oils and the men surrounding her.

By this time Charlaine was so wet she was sure her arousal was dripping to the table as the crewmen's hands began massaging oil over her extremities, all over her back and down the seams of her inner thighs, skimming the freshly waxed lips of her sex.

She bit back a moan as those fingers circled closer to her pulsing core and Jaime's full lips approached her ear once more. "Do you have any special requests, Ma'am?" His question sounded so inviting, so sexy, so turned on that her little moans escaped as she turned her head toward him. "Kiss me," she said, her voice trembling with want, her limbs doing the same and, unconsciously, she began to thrust her hips down against the warm leather of the massage table.

Jaime complied by cupping her chin, trailing his lips across hers once and lightly licking at the line between her upper and lower lips.

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