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Julie meets Dave for an afternoon of rough fun.

I giggled at the idea as I stripped naked and got into the shower.

Warm water flowing down on my face felt good and instantly relaxed my tense shoulders. I squeezed some shampoo in the palm of my palm and spread it through my wet hair. My finger tips slowly rubbed my scalp and I closed my eyes at the feeling of my personal head massage. A soft moan escaped my lips as I imagined what Brent__s fingers had to feel like. His big hands would surely be much firmer than mine. Still I envisioned his fingers to be gentle enough to send shivers down my spine.

After rinsing my soapy hair I took the shower gel and started spreading some __secret seduction__ on my skin. As soon as the scent reached my nostrils it made me smile. A somewhat heavy musky smell mixed with fresh flowers filled the space around me. At the same time the steaming shower fogged up the mirror and windows. Unlike most women I had never been into spa-days or beauty treatments but for some reason I enjoyed this little bit of me-time.

I closed my eyes as my fingertips massaged the soap all over my wet skin. Soaping up my body I imagined what it would be like to have Brent share a shower with me. What his big strong hands would feel like as he lathered up my back. Our bodies pressed together and the shower gel making us slippery as we hugged and caressed each other. I couldn't help but get carried away as I washed myself. My hands stimulated my own imagination as I squeezed my breasts. Sure, I'd kissed guys before and even did some outdoors fondling, but the idea of Brent's fingers touching my bare chest made me bite my lip. My nipples were hard and sensitive as I brushed my hand over them. I rolled one of the stiff buds between my thumb and finger drawing a sharp intake of breath from me.

Fantasizing about Brent's touch was making me go crazy. I wanted and needed to feel his fingers exploring my body. His hands would be sliding down my figure and following my curvy hips. I leaned back my head as my own hands travelled over my body and enjoyed the feeling of the warm shower pouring down on me. My want and desire grew stronger with every second and butterflies fluttered up in the lower part of my stomach. I couldn't stop thinking about Brent's perfect chest pushed up to my back as his strong arms pulled me tightly against him. Imagining his hands roaming my wet skin gave me goose bumps all over.

Without any hesitation I turned around and grabbed the shower head. I needed release and I needed it right now. Leaning back against the wall I started manipulating my body with the water. The powerful massage setting made me gasp again as the impact on my skin was almost too much to bear. The water made my nipples tingle in pleasure as I slowly moved further south. By the time the water rays reached my most sensitive parts I was a moaning and panting mess, almost stumbling over as I gyrated my hips against the shower head. The water crashing into my throbbing clit was a delicious torture that carried me close to orgasm. I started begging in a breathless voice, "Please Brent...please..."

Standing on my tippy toes I leaned my full weight against the wall for support. My legs were starting to tremble as I could feel the build up inside me. I started gasping and panting, my breathing shallow and fast as I squirmed under the stream. All I could think of was Brent__s eyes staring at me and his warm voice urging me to let go.

"Cum for me, Lori...You know you want to."

Holding the shower head close to my clit I couldn't fight the upcoming climax any longer. With a loud moan my hands started shaking. My entire body tensed up as I came hard. The intense orgasm ripped through me like a powerful wave of pleasure. I closed my eyes, trying to catch my breath as I slowly rode out the ecstatic sensation.

The orgasm had hit out of nowhere but the snap back to reality came just as quick.

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