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A story about my stupidity and a quake.

An obviously frightened young girl sat on the couch facing the in-room counselor in her single chair. She was bent over with her head in her hands trying to hide the sobbing and fear that she was feeling. "Hello Monica," Zeke began with the only thing he could think to say. "I missed you. I was so wrong. I'm so sorry."

Monica slowly raised her head in disbelief. She thought she recognized her father's voice, but knew that was impossible. But when her eyes met his and she understood his words, she jumped off the couch and leaped in her father's arms. "I missed you too daddy!" No other words were spoken as a father and his daughter started the process of hugging away the guilt and worry from their world.

When Selina reported back, Robert dispersed the meeting and set up a time for the next reports. He took Belinda's and Katharine's leash in one hand and the other two sisters' leashes in his other hand. "Let's have a talk ladies," as he deliberately walked towards the makeup workshop. Robert wanted them to see and be seen by the small groups of residents being guided around them as they gathered their belongings to move to better quarters. When they had almost reached their shop, they passed by one resident who was walking with Thomas who was now an official member of Robert's team.

Thomas stopped and offered his hand to Robert. "Thank you sir, I won't let you down."

"I know you won't Thomas. It's good to have you on our team."

All the time that Thomas and Robert exchanged their pleasantries, Robert stared at the resident, and she stared back too. Finally, she dropped her head and stared at the floor. He couldn't shake the feeling that he recognized this girl, but he knew no girls in the Kove. Suddenly, he realized where he had seen her and stepped forward. "Ronnie?" The girl slowly looked up and with a shy smile replied, "Hello Robbie."

Robert's baby brother was born 10 years after him. To Ronald, Robert was his brother, his father, and his best friend. They were as close as any two human beings could be. When it came time for Robert to deploy overseas in the military, they didn't get to see each other except for a few weeks every couple of years. When Ronald went missing, Robert had immediately put together a team and the plan was formed to take over Karlson's Kove.

Robert handed the leashes over to Thomas and asked him to secure his prisoners in the workshop and stay with them until he got there. He then turned and stared at his brother in disbelief. With a hug, he said, "You're gorgeous Ronnie. Are you okay?"

"I'm Rebecca now Robbie. They let me choose the name as an incentive to being cooperative during my training. You can call me Becky if you want to." They started walking towards Becky's old quarters and Robert helped his sister finish his move. "I'm sorry Robbie, I guess you're ashamed of your little brother."

"Nonsense Becky, look at you. I now have a beautiful sister. As long as you're happy, I'm happy." Becky smiled, but Robert could tell she was not completely satisfied with how things had turned out. He knew that his new sister had a lot of therapy ahead and needed all the encouragement she could get, no matter how she eventually decided to live her life. Soon after they finished the move, a counselor came and asked Becky to come to the office to start the interview process. Brother and sister agreed that would connect each day and spend lots of time together. Robert gave her a parting hug and made his way back to the workshop where Thomas and the ladies were waiting.

When Robert arrived at the workshop, he noticed that the door had been repaired. He had kicked it in earlier in a show of impatience. "Thanks Thomas. I'll take care of the ladies from here. Becky is with a counselor so feel free to get some dinner."

The three sisters and Belinda were positioned exactly like he had asked Thomas to secure them.

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