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Mom & Son endure tragedy and continue to love each other!

"Oh," he said looking up over his head and pulling her to him by her arm to return her kiss with his. No doubt, her excuse to kiss him and now his excuse to kiss her, he wondered why his mother put mistletoe over her bedroom door when they were the only ones in the house.

When he surprised her by pulling her to him in that way, hoping for a view of her tits, the front of her nightgown opened again and he was rewarded with another quick view of her pussy before she put a hand there to close it again. After he kissed her, not wasting time with conversation in the way that he imagined she would, she climbed in bed, the side by the wall, and he got in on the other side. Quickly moving beneath the covers, they lay there like that in silence without talking. Always having wondered what it would be like to sleep with his mother, he wondered what she was thinking. He wondered if she was thinking about him in the lustful, sexy, incestuous way that he was thinking about her. He wondered if she was just as sexually excited as he was.

"I'm tired," she said yawning again and turning to him to give him a goodnight kiss as if he was her husband of twenty-five years instead of her twenty-two-year-old son before turning off her bedside light.

"Me too," he said returning her kiss with his without touching her. "I can't wait to for you to see what I bought you for Christmas."

"I'll find out soon enough," she said. "Good night Charlie."

"Good night mom."

* * * * *

When she rolled on her side, his cue to cuddle her and spoon her, he scooted over to her. With her nightgown having so much material, his body was on her nightgown and when she rolled on her side, her nightgown remained beneath him. Peaking beneath the covers to see what he could see of her, the entire left side of his mother's body was exposed to his horny eyes. Her tit, her ass, and her pussy was there for him to ogle.

With the vision of his naked mother burnt in his head, he felt his cock growing stiffer. Not wanting to impale his mother's ass with his cock, barely touching her, he didn't know what to do with his arm and his hand. As if afraid to touch his nearly naked mother, he kept his arm to himself while allowing it to rest on his leg. Besides, afraid to touch her naked skin, not wanting her to close her nightgown, he didn't want her to know that she was so exposed.

"Charlie," she said.

"Yes Mom," he said popping up his head to see if he could see any more of his mother's body but she was already hidden beneath the covers.

"I'm not contagious. Don't be afraid to touch me and to hold me. I don't bite," she said with a nervous laugh.

With her nightgown wide open, when he put his arm around her slim waist and pulled himself closer to her by holding onto her body, his hand was now inside of her nightgown. When he held her in that way, touching her bare skin, he was surprised to feel her naked, toned stomach. As excited feeling her naked stomach as he imagined he'd be feeling her breast, her ass, or her pussy, he couldn't believe he was touching and holding his mother in such a familiar way.

With her making no move to close her nightgown, even though she, obviously now knew by the feel of his hand on her skin that her nightgown was wide open, she surprised him with her immoral immodesty. Moreover, the fact that the bottom of her breasts were mere inches above his horny hand gradually hardened his cock to full erection. So tempted, he so wanted to reach his hand up to touch her breasts, to feel her tits, and to finger her nipples. Voluntarily, so as to not hump his mother's ass, not wanting him to know that he was sexually excited enough to have an erection, he backed away from her to allow only his thighs to come in contact with her and not his hips.

"You feel different than I thought you'd feel Mom," he said.

"I do? What do you mean? How do I feel?"

As if reaching for something beneath his car seat, he slowly ran his hand down along her stomach and stopped when his fingertips touc

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