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...that I exist no more.

You have to make sure he never comes back," Valerie explained.

Billy grinned.

"For a young brass you're a ballsy cunt." He took another sip of his Bitter.

"Oh I'm not a brass. I'm a student," Valerie smiled at him.

"Well I'll be fucked!" Billy grunted.

"That's the only other catch. No fiddling with the girls," Valerie looked at him deadly serious.

"So I take it the incumbent is kiddie fiddling the girls then?" Billy's face clouded over.

Valerie just nodded.

"You'll have no problems with me that way. I bat for the other team love," Billy grinned.

The kafuffle began in the gardener's shed where Deputy Headmistress Lisa Meakins had found a box of semen stained knickers and stockings. It continued on into the gardener's cottage where a perfunctory search revealed a stack of magazines with young girls posing provocatively in school uniforms and more stolen lingerie, some of which had obviously been masturbated in or on.

But the most condemning evidence was a bundle of Polaroid photos of Harry Cartwright wanking himself over Alice Corinda's plump, stocking clad thighs. The final picture, a shocking depiction of his ejaculate dripping on her stockings and knickers while Alice fondled his balls.

Harry Cartwright was summarily sacked despite his claims of innocence and of being set up.

Valerie and Emily had easily cajoled Alice Corinda to offer her services to Harry Cartwright. Emily had promised Alice that she would access the school's files and up her grades and pay for anything she wanted in the way of contraband for three months. Valerie had simply given her twenty quid.

Harry was too much of a pervert to say no when Alice offered him the use of her body for a packet of Woodbines.

Emily had taken the Polaroid pictures through the rather suspiciously recently cleaned window of the gardener's shed with the new Land camera she had received for her last birthday. She was worried that Harry would hear the camera's mechanism winding as it spat out the pictures but Harry was concentrating so hard on Alice Corinda's black stockings and pink nylon panties and the bounties they encased that he never heard a thing.

Valerie and Emily already knew about Harry's stash of 'wank fodder' knickers and stockings, they simply added the magazines and the photos to the stash in his cottage and got Alice to make the complaint.

As expected; Harry Cartwright took his severance pay down the pub that night and got rolling drunk and complained to anyone who would listen that he had been set up and wrongfully sacked. No one thought for a minute that Harry wasn't fiddling the girls at the Finishing School, they all suspected that he was a noncer.

When he started on about some transvestite schoolgirl being behind it all, the publican cut off his beer and kicked him out telling him that next thing it would be down to aliens from flying saucers.

Harry stopped for a piss in the dark alley behind the pub and he didn't see Billy 'The Bottle' until it was too late.

He woke up three days later in hospital and was told he would be in a full body cast for three months. Harry knew better than to talk to the Old Bill and as soon as he was released from hospital he moved north to Newcastle where his brother could look after him.

Billy 'The Bottle' Butler got the job as the new gardener, handyman, come porter at the Finishing School by turning up as soon as the position was advertised. He wore brand new dungarees, was showered and shaved and spoke politely but confidently to Lisa Meakins and Dean Jenkins who were panelling the job. He came with excellent references; and when he offered to take the job for half of what they had been paying Harry, the job was his.

Things were going swimmingly for Valerie now. She had Emily as her lover while she was at school and Sally during the holidays.

She was also making plenty of money which was her favourite pastime besides fucking Sally and Emily.

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