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Why did she hate me so much?

She was so hot, and he had teased her long enough, that this was an unbelievable come! She was practically screaming as it reached its peak, with her thrashing on the bed as Billy Bob got her off. The camera caught it all, and knowing it was on just added to her climax - and it lasted!

"Oh God that was good," she breathed as she finally let go of his head and her nipple. "Really good."

"My face is soaked!" Billy Bob said, finally coming up for air. He turned to the camera and grinned. When Sissy got off like she had this time, she really gushed girl-come. This time had been no exception. Her juices were dripping off his chin.

She zoomed the camera out, then dropped the remote and held her arms out to Billy Bob. "How about coming up here and giving me a good fucking?" she asked. "I need some nice hard cock in me!"

Billy Bob was more than ready to do just that. Missionary would do just fine to start with. They would change positions a little later - assuming he didn't blow it and come too soon. He was really horny now. He moved over her as she reached between their bodies to guide his hard cock to just the right place. She raised her legs high, wrapping them around his back as he slid all the way into Sissy on the first hard thrust.

The two began moving together, slowly so as not to get each other off too quickly, and kissing. They made sure that the kissing was also very erotic and that their dueling tongues showed for the camera. Sissy's fingernails raked Billy Bob's back as he slowly pumped in and out of her hot body. It was hard going slow. Both of them wanted to really speed things up and come. But, that's now how good porm movies are made.

"I'm so hot!" Sissy groaned for the camera. "Fuck me Billy Bob, really fuck me hard!"

Billy Bob rose up off of Sissy and did speed things up for a few seconds, really pounding his hard cock into Sissy; hard enough to make her boobs shake nicely. Then, it was either stop and change positions or he was going to come. "Let's change positions," he suggested loudly. "Either that or I am going to blow this and come," he whispered to her.

"Oh God yes, take me doggie style!" she groaned loud enough for the camera's mike to pick up and started to get out from under him. "Then you can really fuck me hard and make me come. Fill me with your hot come Billy Bob!"

Her lines were getting a little cheesy, but then most porn movies worked just about as well with the sound muted. Billy Bob got up to a kneeling position, and Sissy quickly got on her knees. She watched herself in the small television as she positioned herself for the best camera shot of her ass. She had the remote control in her hand, and zoomed in just a little. She would zoom in a little more when Billy Bob's cock entered her. With a last second small adjustment, she was ready. "Now fuck me Billy Bob!" she demanded. "Give me a good hard fucking and fill me with your hot juicy come!"

Hearing Sissy talking like that really got Billy Bob excited. At this point, he just hoped he could last for a few seconds. A drawn out fuck now was out of the question. Sissy was going to get filled with his come all right; it was just a question of how soon.

Sissy, watching on the small television, slowly zoomed the camera in as Billy Bob's hard cock approached her wet waiting pussy. It was all the way in for a close up shot as the head of Billy Bob's cock disappeared inside her. Feeling him, and being able to watch it slowly slide deep into her on television, was just about enough to make her come! This was the first time she had been able to watch herself get fucked on television, and she loved it. She loved watching herself, exposing her ass to the television, and being able to feel a cock in her at the same time. She knew right then and there that this wasn't going to be the last porn movie they were going to make.

Billy Bob was so horny now that he wasn't paying much attention to th

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