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Rory's had a dry streak and hopes for a change in his luck.

I wrapped them around my prick and delighted in the feel of the sheer material.

Ohhh, that's more like it!

Two minutes - three minutes - four minutes went by and I was no closer to orgasm. One side of my mind knew what needed to be done while the other side fought the urge to capitulate yet again.

Another two minutes passed by and I said out loud, "Screw it!"

I fumbled with the panties in the dark until I pulled them in place then rolled onto my stomach and furiously ground my hard-on into the mattress.

How can I be so weak? This is utterly humiliating!

Those thoughts disappeared as more and more pressure built in my balls.

OH MY GOD - the sensations the panties gave my prick were indescribably delicious. I was grinding and thrusting into the mattress as though I was really fucking someone.

I thought of the night before, watching Andy rise-and-fall on my cock. His groans of pleasure filling the bedroom. The look of absolute ecstasy on his handsome face.

And suddenly I heard the words I shouted at him last night - the same words Mister X yelled at me tonight.



And I filled the panties with stream-after-stream of hot sperm and semen.

When my body finally came to rest, I briefly entertained the notion of taking off the soaked panties, but, as usual, fell asleep on my stomach just as the hot jism turned icy cold.

So I received a call from Tommy, the owner of the fitness centers. He said a woman he knows is convinced her husband is gay, and either refuses to admit it, or doesn't really understand his true sexuality.

"Okay, what is it you want from me?" I asked him.

"The woman, her name is Miriam - the husband's name is Charles, well, Miriam would like to meet with you to discuss a plan she has to 'help' her husband come out of the closet, and John, since you are the absolute best I have when it comes to role-playing, I described you to her, and she would like to meet with you," said Tommy.

"How old are these people?" I asked Tommy.

"Charles is forty-two and Miriam is forty - neither one looks that old, in fact, they're both very attractive," said Tommy.

"Does she know how young I am?" I asked.

"Oh yes, that's one of the reasons she's interested in you...I told her you're very sharp, and definitely uninhibited...and I said you keep yourself in excellent shape, and, ha-ha-ha, that you're cute as a bug...oh, and by the way, I told her you're saving for college and would welcome any kind of donation she could make to your college fund," said Tommy.

He suddenly added: "John, she's loaded - I think any donation she'd make would be quite substantial...would you do me a personal favor and at least meet with her and hear what she has to say?"

Since he put it like that I replied, "Certainly Tommy - you sure have done a lot for me, I guess it's my turn to do something for you."

He chuckled and said, "Johnny, I think you might have a lot of fun with this assignment."

"Thomas tells me you're one of the best towel boys he has, not only enjoy your work, but excel at it, as well," she said with a smile on her pretty face.

I returned her smile and said, "Next time I see him I'll have to thank him for the compliment."

We were eating lunch in a nice Italian restaurant. She ordered two more glasses of a red wine I'd never heard of, but was delicious. When the waiter left our table the smile disappeared from her face.

She stared directly into my eyes and said rather coldly, "So what did a girl do to you to turn you into a queer?"

I froze. I was totally unprepared for a question like that. Luckily, she didn't appear to be interested in anything I had to say. She simply continued speaking. I communicated to her with facial expressions.

"You know, Johnny, I've been married to Charles for twenty-years now - yes, we were still in college when we got married, anyway, I have suspected from the first night of our honeymoon to this very day that my husband is queer!"

"His heart has never really been

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