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Cory opens up and breaks down his walls.

"Atul today is our anniversary. I can't let you do that," I screamed as he unzipped his pant and stood with just his brief on. I could see that his bulge looked more than normal.

Atul laughed like a typical movie villain. "I want to fuck my mother on my father's bed. How nice it would be if I could do that on their anniversary?"

"Impossible," I shouted and got down from the bed and started to walk towards the door. Atul, the strong boy that he is, easily held me by my waist with his strong hands and kissed on my cheeks.

"How do I let you go, Baby?" He smirked as his left hand reached to my hair and started to pull my face towards his mouth. I somehow wanted to stop him not because I didn't like to have sex with him but I wanted to stay energetic enough to entertain my nice husband on our anniversary.

Atul started pulling my saree and as I held on to it, I was inadvertently revealing my cleavage to him. He 'wow'ed once and kept looking into the split between my breasts through the top of my blouse. He started rolling the length of the saree around his forearm and as he used all his strength to pull it towards him, I swirled a few rounds letting the entire length of my saree going free and stood with just the petticoat and blouse on. Atul pushed me on the bed again and pulled down the horizontal blinds in the window. He then leaped on to the bed and took me inside his firm arms as always. He made me lay sideways and pressed his waist hard against my butts making me feel how hard his bulge had become. His eager hands reached to their favorite destination, my breasts and I tried to get up while he was attempting to squeeze my breasts.

"Stop. Will you let me go if I suck your cock?" I asked him willing for a compromise.

"Never," Atul grinned as his hands finally got to my breasts firm enough to give them a hard squeeze. "I need nothing less than a fucking from you."

"Just spare me today," I kept pleading. "You have fucked me a dozen times and I assure you can do all your life. Please let me remain clean for your Dad today."

Atul never looked like heeding to my request as his left hand started pressing my left breast hard while his right hand stroked my stomach with the lust typical of him. His lips were moistening my back, my shoulders and the back of my neck making me shiver gently. His right hand soon reached down and started lifting my petticoat upwards until it was above my waist. His hard bulge was now pressing against my naked ass cheeks as his right hand came to the front to make its entry under my panties to feel my public hair. I was determined to stop him anyway.

"Oh Atul," I whimpered. "Please think of your poor Dad. He has always been nice to you and you can leave me today at least for that sake."

Atul's turned my face towards him as he hushed. "I don't care. I am going to fuck you now. You can fuck him in the night and tell me how it felt having two dicks on the same day tomorrow."

"You are disgusting," I couldn't speak any further as his mouth landed on mine and devoured my lips. His tongue popped out to get in between my teeth to tickle my tongue while his fingers easily strode over my clit stroking it faster and faster. I could hardly resist as I kept moaning gently. His right hand shifted to my thighs and started stroking my soft skin all over as I felt as if the entire hair on my skin was standing up.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," I couldn't contain moaning with arousal.

"I know you would love that," He made me lay straight on the bed and climbed on to me.

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