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He wasn't what he appeared.

The night was warm and there was an occasional cooling breeze to relieve the barmy night. After 5 minutes, I removed my nickers so I could get more benefit from the breezes and folded the corner of the towel around them.

After a short time I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was hearing Scott's deep voice, 'I've got your nickers Maree. They began blowing up the beach.'

It took a few seconds for me to come to.

Once I made sense of what he said, I cleared my head rubbing my hands over my face and said, 'Are you sure they're mine?'

'The breeze must have freed them from where you folded them in the corner of your towel when you dozed off,' he said scrunching them into his shirt pocket. Why don't you join me for a swim?'

'I'd love to Scott but I don't have any bathers with me.'

'OK. Do you mind if I have a paddle in the water for a few minutes?'

'No, not at all. Take your time.'

'I don't have bathers either. Would you be offended if I take all my clothes off Maree?' he said removing his shirt. He looked to be in good shape with a fairly tight chest and not too much extra weight.

He was generous with his time and had made no complaint for the interruption to his evening, so I thought I had no real right to object to him. As well as that, he was thirty eight years older than me at 19, which would make him fifty seven years old, so I figured he would not make inappropriate advances to me, the girlfriend of his son.

I said, 'If you want to.'

Before I could draw breath, he was stepping out of his work pants and was standing naked behind his small pile of clothes. He stood staring for far too long for the naked father of my boyfriend to be and looking at me. I was mesmerized and could not look away as his penis began to grow in size and was quickly hanging down to about seven inches. But it was it's swelling girth that shocked me. I estimated it to be about six inches in circumference.

I turned my back to him and resumed my place lying on the towel fascinated but in fear of what his penis would be like at its fully aroused state. I lay on my stomach so as not to see or be seen to watch his cock swelling to an erection. He turned and swaggered his way down to the sea.

I heard him begin to walk toward the water, and turned my head to watch his vein-streaked weapon wagging from side to side. I sat up and watched fascinated as his muscles coordinated, taking his fit toned body to the water's edge and beyond. He dived into, and swam beneath the surface of the water, emerging still in the shallows. He was faintly lit by the distant street lights.

Back up on his feet, he called to me inviting me to join him again.

'The water's actually warm, Maree. I'm sure you would enjoy a quick dip on such a beautiful night.'

My thoughts were disturbing me. Dare I strip naked and frolic with this obviously aroused naked man? He hadn't actually made any advances toward me had he?

The water was smooth apart from the ripples Scott was creating with his movement. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and leave my apricot colored light summer dress on and join Scott for a paddle in the water.

I rarely wore a bra and this was no exception, though I would have been more likely to, had I known I would be seeing Clarence's father tonight. I knew I could have put my nickers on, but I thought it would be better to leave them dry to wear after I had dried myself with Scott's towel.

I called back to him, 'I think I might at that. I can paddle in this dress. It's light so it will dry quickly.'

'Good for you.'

I walked into the water feeling it on my legs up to the hem of my short dress and the water was beautiful. I dove in submerging myself, and stood up when I could make out his shape under the water.

He stood looking at me and smiling again his grin widening as he moved his focus to my nipples hardening as the breeze cooled my wet body, but I also thought there might have been a degree of arousal affecting me too.

We talked and splashed ourselves for a few min

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