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The day after, Sam goes home, Deb comes for her photos.

Linda agreed and Kay said fine. She made a comment about how good the food was.

Dinner was then over and Linda served coffee. She sat down, without preamble, looked at Kay, and asked, "What am I going to do?" Her voice quivered.

Kay reached across the table and took Linda's hand in hers. She said, "Let's identify the problem first." Linda nodded and Kay continued. "Linda, you have been one of the luckiest women on the planet. You have always been the prettiest girl at the party since you were two years old. You found a mate that loves you beyond all else. The two of you built a life. You have been financially successful and you have reared a fine son. You are approaching middle age now and you fear age will take these gifts away from you. Other factors are contributory to your condition. One is the fact that you saved yourself for Luke through what would have normally been your sexually formative years. You didn't experiment with other partners during your adolescence as most girls do. Another is the promise that Luke made to you before you agreed to marry. He promised that he would give you a hall pass if in fact you ever felt the need to experiment sexually outside the marriage. Luke never thought that situation would arise but you took the promise as a given. All of Luke's other promises to you have always been honored. Luke initially was devastated when the situation did arise. The hurt that he felt was a blow to you. All these things and more have thrown your mind into turmoil. Suddenly you had a problem that had no resolution. You need for Luke to honor his promise but the pain it causes him is unthinkable for you."

Kay paused, looked at me and said, "May I trade this coffee for another beer?" I fetched her one. I moved my chair closer to Linda so I could touch her before I sat.

She turned her attention back to Linda and went on. "Your situation first manifested its self with your attraction to young Mike's soccer coach several years ago. You tried to ignore it and punished yourself for being a bad wife. The problem festered over the years to the point where it is now. It finally came to the surface and to Luke's attention. Thus, we are here now.

Kay paused and continued. "Now we need to name the condition and I will try to put it in a more proper perspective for you. In layman's terms, the condition is known as, Middle Age Crazy. The condition is so common in our society that it is considered normal most of the time. Your case is exaggerated by the fact it strikes directly at the moral character you have developed over the years. In addition, you perceive it to be a threat to Luke and to your relationship with him. Middle Age Crazy is generally recognized as a man thing. We accept that most men, almost all, are afflicted at one time or another in their life. The fact is women suffer from it just as often. Men handle it poorly. They often buy a sports car, start chasing skirts and thinking with their little head. Women are usually more discreet or they suffer through by never acting on their desire."

She paused, sipped her beer then went on. "Linda, you are not alone." She paused again and turned her attention to me for a second, then spoke again to Linda. "Luke is infected too. We know this to be true because he has progressed from being very devastated at the thought of either of you stepping outside the bounds of your marriage, to willingly jumping in bed with the young woman that became your threesome partner. In his mind, he has justified that by saying he only did it because you asked him to. That, of course, is classic self-deception. He wanted to nail her.

I broke in and said, "Guilty." Let's break long enough for me to fix a drink." I squeezed Linda's arm and asked if she wanted a glass of wine. In a minute, I was back with another beer for Kay, wine for Linda and my usual for me. I sat closer to Linda and rested a hand on her thigh.

Kay went on.

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