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A massage parlour reviewer encounters an unusual masseuse.

"That sounds like an interesting punishment," said Jeff. "But Grandma always hated changing the kids diapers, real bad smells."

"Oh I can do that for you," perked up Mandy. "And most shopping malls have automated diaper changing facilities." She is a fountain of embarrassing information.

"Movie theatres," asked Colin.

"But of course," chirped Mandy, "and sound-proof too so that you can't hear his cried as the robot spanks his naughty little bottom. You should make stipulations, the robots automatically will change and paddle the Diaper Boy or Girl is genuinely crying. Mister Jones here, well his levels of tolerance are going higher."

"Well since he is your ghost writer," laughed Jeff, "I suppose we can have him changed after the movie."

"Public or private," asked Mandy. "It humiliates him to no end when it is public."

"That sound amusing," said Colin between bites and having his fingers cleaned using my mouth.

"Well don't forget we do cater to the General Audience of the whole Free Zone," reminded Jeff pausing to sip his buttermilk. "Give the kid some of your tea." Colin poured some of his tea into the cup's saucer and handed it to me.

"Thank you Master," I said taking a sip.

"You getting any ideas," said Jeff.

"Drinking cups," I asked.

"Love that," said Jeff, "thinking all the time."

"What about drinking mugs," asked Colin who was more interested in eating.

"Well," I said, "I've noticed people still drink something while walking to work or about the city. Why not mugs with your show's logo on it."

"Has possibilities," said Jeff.

"I could design something," I added while sipping the milky sweet tea, "for a price."

"I love him," laughed Jeff pounding on the table with laugher. "We'll get him an office with a secretary."

"Will she be pretty," I had to ask.

"It doesn't matter," said Colin, "you'll be in a chastity belt. Our secretary is a free woman and efficient. So don't even think of sticking you thing into her."

"No way pal," said Jeff as he put two fingers dripping with jam into my mouth. It was good jam and I made sure I sucked every bit off his fingers. "At least he likes his food."

"Well," said Colin getting up and moving away from the table, "let's see if he can use his mouth for other things." He took off his suit jacket and tossed it aside. "Where's the bedroom."

"Mister Jones has been allocated at the lowest rung," said Mandy as she unfolded the sofa-bed. "Is this acceptable?"

"Marvellous," smiled Colin as he took off his shoes.

"We're going to have a nice three-some," grunted Jeff, pushing some toast into my mouth as he stopped and took of his shoes. I was curious, Jeff's feet were more human that what one would expect a gorilla to have.

"He looks a little worried," said Colin as he took off his trouser revealing his bright pink boxer shorts. For some reason he kept a hand over his crotch as if he wanted to hide his cock. He moved himself on the couch so that his back was resting on the back of the sofa and stretching out his legs like some weird Buddha. "Crawl to me slave." From a low angle as I crawled across the floor towards Colin his legs, stomach and body seemed more massive. I glance off a table mirror and noticed Jeff taking off his trousers; his belly was huge and covered with hair. Something in my stomach churned.

From inside Colin's boxer-shorts a monstrous cock popped out. This took me by surprise, normally Heredshe men had cocks that were smaller than mine. His shirt was open and he had A-cup breast pale and sagging with hair.

"Surprise," laughed Colin and he guided my face to his cock. "After I got here as a political refugee I asked for medical assistance. They gave me a cock the size of the average Free Skyes Man, no questions, and not cost. Now work it." There was no way I could get below his sagging beached whale of a gut to his balls. White bloated skin with a light scattering of hair.

I could feel a pair of hands grope my ass and expertly lube my asshole.

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