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Piggy slut used by two strangers.

They were soft and full, still unaffected by gravity, they pushed off of her chest and Carmen ran her tongue over the round pink nipples. She was massaging her body and Andy was breathing deeply. When she moved her hands to the waist band of Andy's trousers I thought she was going to fall over.

Her shoes sat on the floor by the chair, her pants now draped over the back. The dancer moved her head around her body touching her with her hair. Andy breathed deep and reached out her hands found Carmen's shoulders and she supported herself.

"Do you need to sit down?"


Carmen moved her towards me until she sat between my legs, I felt her body. My hands, I dint know where to place them. I looked down at the young woman and worried if my breath would ever come back. Carmen massaged her thighs and Andy held onto my knees. I laid my hands along her legs and felt her warm skin.

Carmen descended on her. The crown of her head now pressed to Andy's belly. I wondered what she tasted like. Andy was purring lightly and I was gripping her legs firmly. This was sex. Andy was coming. Her breathing quickened, her body was warmer and her head pushed back until her cheek was in my face.

"Oh yes. Oh, please." She whispered. I took advantage of her and moved my hands over her luscious tits and held one in each.

"Pinch." She whispered and I took her nipples between my fingers. Small sighs came out of her as the stripper worked her with her tongue. Though I know it was only a few minutes, it seemed to last forever. Finally I felt her body go tense, her neck strained against my shoulder. I released her breasts and moved my hands slowly down her body. I throbbed in my pants so close to a climax of my own I still don't know how I held back. Carmen raised and moved her head over Andy's body until she came to my face.

"She tastes so wonderful. You are lucky."

"Oh, um, she's not really. I, don't actually know." And with that she pressed her lips to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth until I did know. It was wonderful.

Andy didn't talk. She sat up and looked back at me. She leaned to me and kissed my cheek and stood up. I had another minute or two of her tall lean naked body before she dressed again. Carmen sat on my lap as she put her clothes on and I think as she moved her ass back and forth against me she was trying to get me off as well but it was no use. I wanted Andy. I wanted her badly. It was frightening. Dressed, looking back at me ignoring the naked blonde in my lap, she knew it too.

We had another drink in peace and cashed out. Back in my car as I drove her back to hers, it was quiet. I wasn't sure what to say. She was quiet for a while then started.

"Well, I have to ask you."

"You have to ask me what?"

"You know."

"Well, there are a lot of things you could ask me. I don't really know which of them is mandatory; they are all pretty good," my mouth was moving without the help of my brain.

"Really, what are the good ones?" I couldn't make out the tone of this conversation. Was she mad, embarrassed, or still horny?"

"Well, you could ask what I thought of the dance. You could ask what I think of your absolutely gorgeous body. You could ask if I want another drink, or something to eat. The list just goes on from there."

"Are you in love with me?"

"WHAT?" That really wasn't even on my list possible questions.

"I mean, I watched you, you were watching me. There were tits everywhere and you were watching me."

"What can I say, your tits are better." I was quiet again. We were close to her car.

"You don't love me. You just want me."

"I think it's safe to say at this point I want you."

She was looking at me again, her feet pulled up on the seat. "What would you do to me?"


"Yes. Seriously."

"After that? I want to lick you. I want to lick every bit of you until you beg me to stop. Then I want to lick you more."


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