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Jeremy has a fun day with Amy, and quite a memorable night.

"We can't find the grills down there."

"They're in the back of the basement next to the leftover Christmas decorations," I replied, repeating what I had told him five minutes before.

"We don't see 'em," came the reply, with the other clerk shaking his head behind him in agreement. "Can we go for something to eat? We're starved."

"Go ahead," I sighed, in response. "Come on, Paloma, let's go find those grills."

"So he finally finds a room with two girls in it that let him stay there. They won't let him get any sleep..."

We went down the steps and headed to the back of the basement.

"... because they're constantly trying to play with his dick. I mean he can't get a moments peace."

I had been scrounging around in the semi lit area and was brought up short with that revelation. "What?"

"Yeah, they always want to see him shoot a load. He has such dark rings under his eyes and he says his dick's raw," she said, standing there holding her hands in front of her and twisting from side to side with a big grin on her face.

"Okay," I said, as I went back to looking for the wayward grilles.

"Your daughter says that you are going to start dating again," she said.

"Maybe," I replied, moving boxes around. I never even gave it a thought that Paloma might know my daughter at school. I should have guessed that, since Angie knew my kid before she even started working for me.

"She says that you haven't dated anyone since her mother died. She says that she's caught you jerking off and you don't even know it... and she really feels bad for you and..."

"Let's just look for the grilles, huh?" I replied, trying to change the subject.

She came over to my right, moving boxes around. "She says that you're kind of shy, and man I can see that."

"Here they are!" I said, after moving several rows of boxes blocking them in.

"Great," she said, grabbing hold of my arm and turning me to face her.

She was standing within an inch of me. She put a hand on my chest and pushed me back into the boxes of Christmas carryover.

"So, I've decided to help break the ice," she said, as her hands went to my belt, and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

I couldn't say anything. I was in a state of shock. She pulled down my boxers and pushed me down on an unopened box of multi-colored light sets.

She dropped to her knees and placed a hand on my shriveled and shocked mini-me. "Now I promise to be nice. Not like the girls that torture my brother. They just yank the shit out of him."

She gently rolled me in her hand as the other caressed my balls. I started to get up, once the initial shock wore off.

"Where are you going? Sit down!" she commanded.

I set myself back down and tried to grasp what was happening in this totally unbelievable situation.

"You know I was on a trip to Six Flags with my brother and his friends from college. We walked around a bit until we found a ride where you get in a floating car and go into some kind of 'Tunnel of Love' and we girls all had a bet as to who could make their dates cream their pants before they finished the ride..."

Her hand was beginning to have an effect on me. She continued talking, but with a bit less intensity than before, almost as if to calm me.

"Jen said that she rubbed Henry too hard through his jeans and he had to use Neosporin on his dick for a week afterward. That'll teach him not wear underwear. But he didn't cum during the ride..."

She was using her fingers to trace the length of my growing member. They were slim and cool and sent a wonderful shiver up my spine in delight.

"Tina says that Jack blew a load in a minute, but we didn't see any wet spots on his pants when they got off the ride. So we knew she was full of shit..."

She was looking at my cock intently as she tickled the head and continued to caress my balls. Now and then, between sentences, she would get close enough to it, that I could feel her warm breath on the head. That coupled with her cool fingers made for an incredible sensation.

"Now, Mary was with this big dork, Tim I think was his name.

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