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She waits for you to train her.

I had to swallow twice, both fear and shame making me feel like I was choking. Finally, I stammered, "S-S-Santa!"

"Well, you might be a peeping Tom, but you're not stupid," Santa said wryly. "So, John...are you a naughty little boy?"

It did cross my mind to deny everything, but this was Santa and I presumed he did know everything. I slowly nodded and said, "Yes, Santa. I've been naughty."

A smile crept onto the older man's face and he nodded. "Not a liar either, I see." He stood up and crossed the room and clapped me on the shoulder. "Good for you, John, good for you." His hand tightened on my shoulder almost enough to make me wince. "The question now is...what are you going to do now that you've seen your mother fucking and sucking someone who's not your father?"

I was momentarily puzzled by the question. It had never entered my mind to tell on Mommy. I mean, Dad's only response if I was to tell him that would be either smack the shit out of me or haul me off to the state asylum. I answered as honestly as I could, replying, "Um...plan on trying to peek on you and Mommy again next year?"

Santa's smile evolved into a broad grin and then my bedroom was echoing with his merry "Ho, Ho, Ho," before he gathered himself up and said, "Yes, no doubt you are your mother's son!" He patted me on the shoulder and turned and headed back towards the window. Santa turned and said, "You're certainly a naughty boy,, if old Kris Kringle could grant you anything you wanted as a reward, what would it be?"

My reply leapt into my mind, a lewd image of me fucking Mommy, making her scream just as Santa had, but before I could open my mouth, Santa grinned and said, "Just as I would've suspected." He studied me appraisingly for a moment and said, "How old are you now, John?"

I told him and he nodded. "I thought so. Well, just keep being the same naughty and discreet boy you are now, John and who knows, but that some Christmas, your greatest Christmas wish might come true." He winked at me and then as my mouth again fell open, he stepped through the window and then fell upwards. I rushed to the window just in time to see an elongated shadow flash overhead, silhouetted by the full moon and it certainly appeared to be an old Scandinavian sleigh, although the reindeer didn't appear to be tiny but rather were great beasts with huge antlers. It might have been my imagination, but I thought I heard Santa's merry laughter echoing in the night as he faded out of sight.

My sleep was steeped in erotic dreams the rest of the night with images of Santa and Mommy mixing with images of Mommy and myself, leaving me Christmas morning with the stiffest hard-on of my life. I managed to start jerking off before Mommy knocked on my door and told me to "Get downstairs, honey, Santa came last night!"

Mommy's words triggered my climax and it was with a strained voice that I replied, "I'm cumming, right down!" as semen burst from my cock. A few minutes later, I was sitting on the couch, right where Mommy had been vigorously fucked by Santa just hours before. Images of Mommy writhing with pleasure while impaled by Santa's cock combined with my own lust for my mother, conspired to create another painful erection despite just having just ejaculated a load. I took great pains to conceal my hard-on under my pajamas and robe, but I could feel Mommy's gaze on me as I tried hard to act normal. Even dressed again in her unflattering, fluffy robe, Mommy looked amazingly sexy especially with what I would come to think of as her 'just been well fucked' glow.

That was the year I got the nice laptop, which I'd been wanting since school had started. Dad, still looking bleary-eyed with sleep and maybe a little magic Santa dust, just shook his head and said, "Damn, Christina, I just can't figure out how you make our Christmas club money go so far."

Mommy beamed at me as I oohed and ahhed over my new computer and then said, "Santa and I hav

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