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It would be horrible and humiliating but compared to the long trek back home, it seemed like mercy.


Crouching down and trying to stay low and out of sight, Nina waited.

She'd left the bandstand, she was hiding in the undergrowth. It wasn't nice here -- the brambles and shrubs scratched her bare skin and she was already nursing nettle stings --but what awaited her was worse. A foot or two in front of her was the open space of the park.

Her stomach churned and she hugged herself with nervousness. She was waiting for the right moment, the moment when there would be nobody in her direct line of sight, when she could burst from the bushes and run, naked, across the green grass and towards her next place of safety and cover.

There! A young woman with a child in a pushchair had just walked up the path, headed towards the kids playground, but there was no sign of anyone else. The woman might see her if she looked back but, Nina reassured herself, it was doubtful. With a deep breath, she willed her legs into movement, stood in a half-crouch, one hand covering her breasts and the other concealing what was between her legs, and dashed from her cover.

Nothing could have prepared her for the experience of being naked in the open. She felt like a prey animal crossing a space where, at any moment, an eagle might swoop down and carry her off. She didn't need to see anyone watching her -- in her mind, there were eyes everywhere, all over her nakedness, judging her.

She felt delirious. The distance she ran was only short but her mind whirled and her vision blurred. Where was she going? Somehow, in the madness of this, she had forgotten...

The way out of the park! That was the only place she could go. And now she was moving, she had to keep going...

She'd re-joined the path that wound its way through the whole park. The risk of being seen increased with every step -- it was a pleasant day, anybody could have been walking in the park, and the first she would know of them would be if she turned a corner and bumped into them.

She was almost hysterical now, still running. Then, suddenly, up ahead, people!

Had they seen her? If not, they soon would. Desperately, she looked around for cover, but there was none. All she could do was keep going, take the hit, accept them seeing her, and hope they didn't give chase.

She fixed her vision straight ahead. She couldn't look at them, didn't even know if they were male or female, old or young. She knew they could see her nakedness, see from her body language she was frightened and humiliated. She wondered if she could stop and plead for help but the thought of speaking to these people, even if it would end in her perhaps being given a jacket or something to cover herself by a kindly soul, was too much to bear. So, she just kept running, eyes on the path ahead, on the park gates, so close now, yet somehow a million miles away.

Then, it was done. She was past them. She daren't look back, to see if they were following. Her ears were deaf to any shouts they may have given, deaf to all but the sound of her own blood pounding. Her heart was racing. Adrenaline was fuelling her now.

She burst from the park and into the street with barely a break in stride, turning left, continuing to run. There was no stopping now. The street offered even less cover than the park had, and although she saw no pedestrians ahead, cars whooshed past. A row of parked vehicles between her and the open road offered some small amount of cover, and she kept herself low, hoping to remain hidden by them, but it wasn't exactly reassuring.

She had to keep moving, had to find some cover and take a moment to hide and stop and work out where to go from here, before someone saw her. She was too exposed now, so conscious of her own nudity, conscious too that her hands did little to cover her, and simply made her body more enticing to the eyes of strangers.

What direction was Michelle's house in? Here, a left, she thought, leaving the main road and entering a str

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