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Two lesbians find one another.

Steph ran up the stairs and sat down on the toilet in her bathroom. She immediately began playing with herself, cumming again quickly as she heard the front door open. "Babe you here?" Steph struggled breathing as she called down to Matt.

"I'm up here. Hurry."

Steph sat and waited a few moments as Matt walked into her room and towards the bathroom. "What did you want to sh..." His voice trailed off as he took in the site before him. Steph walked up to him and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him towards her as she sat back down on the toilet. She quickly undid his pants and slid them to the floor, seeing that he was already hard at the site of her nude body. Steph grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around it, sliding down slowly at first, bobbing her head back and forth. Matt put his hands in her hair as she sucked him, running her tongue expertly up and down his shaft. Without warning, the sound of water trickling filled the air as Matt realized that Steph was peeing. She could feel his cock jump as she pissed hard into the toilet, still sucking, still stroking. " I'm gonna cum."

Steph pulled off and leaned back on the seat. She spread her lips wide, giving a clear view of her hot piss streaming into the toilet. Matt came hard, shooting his load across Steph's neck, on her tits. She grabbed his cock at the last second and directed some of his cum right onto her pussy, stroking her clit with the other hand. Steph came again, panting and moaning loudly as she finished her piss. "What the hell was that all about?"

Steph giggled as she looked up at him, cum glistening on her flushed skin. "I honestly don't know. Just thought you might like that." She stood up and kissed him. "OK now back to work for you. I've gotta get ready to go meet my mom." Steph kissed him again and toweled herself off. As she shut the door behind Matt, Steph couldn't help but smile. Yeah something is definitely different. Something has changed in me, I think I like it.

The sky was navy, occasionally punctuated with distant flashes of lightning. Sammy smiled as she picked out her outfit. She was excited. All day long, no matter how many times she came, she still was aching for this moment. Sammy slowly slid the black lace garter belt up her legs, feeling it slide into place around her waist. Next, she put on matching black lace panties, satin bikini cut. Sammy sat on the edge of her bed, pulling her black thigh-high stockings, attaching them to the garter belt. She put on a black bra that pushed up her breasts slightly, admiring herself briefly in the mirror before sliding on a sky blue blouse. She buttoned it up, leaving the top two undone to expose a bit of cleavage. Sammy then put on her light gray business slacks, followed by the matching jacket.

Steph yawned as she put down her book, looking at the clock. Only 9:00, but I'm already tired. She moved her legs off of the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor. Standing up, she suddenly felt a movement in her stomach. Like a slowly spreading fire, Steph could feel warmth creep through her body. She could hear herself speaking..."You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did..." Steph shook her head and walked to the bathroom, pulling down her light green pajama pants. She looked in the mirror and ran her hands on her stomach, standing sideways, admiring her curves. Steph felt another cramp hit her. "You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did..." No I can't do that. I can't. No way.

Sammy clasped the thin gold necklace around her neck, letting it drape seductively above her cleavage.

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