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Why Black Love will never die.

That touch had made her feel dirty, ashamed, but now she seemed focused on the building heat in her left breast as the woman's nails came closer and closer to the patch of crinkled skin that surrounded the base of her now swollen nipple. The fingers circled the nipple, once, twice thrice, never actually touching it, but sending jolts of pleasure through Marike anyhow. Now the fingers began to descend the lower slope. Part of Marike wanted to reach up and grab the woman's hand, pull it back to touch, squeeze and pull the now throbbing, fire filled nub of flesh, but she was paralyzed. The nails went over her rib cage, making note of each rise and depression, and then proceeded to trace down the center of the girls belly, stopping to encircle her navel Just as she had the nipple. The fingers continued after their ring a rosy dance, and soon were finding the edge of the curled mass of copper and brown hair. As they ploughed through the dense brush, Marike became aware of a tantalizing new feeling. The index and middle finger parted, one moving to either side of the slit buried deep within that pubic thatch. The fingers slowly went down either side and Marike felt something swell between them. The fingers paused, then moved together and Marike gasped as the place she sometime felt pulse as she touched her nipple throbbed at the pressure, The fingers flexed a few more times, gently squeezing together then spreading apart, pulling the pink folds asunder. Without warning the hand moved and two of the fingers were in the center of that slit, lower, below where Marike made water, She felt them, hot press against the second opening, the one the midwives said made babies. The two fingers probed in, spreading the pink petals of flesh and finding what they sought, slick, wet moisture. They moved in a firm pressure against that nether hole, and Marike pushed her pelvis towards them, somehow wanting the fingers to explore, having a feeling of distinct and almost painful EMPTINESS. They did not enter, instead now coated with the slippery fluid that had been slowly dripping from Marike, the moved up a few inches. The thumb expertly pulled the lips aside as the third finger did the same on the other side. Then the two fingers, covered in slippery fluid touched the button of flesh directly. Marike's back arched and she sucked breath in between her clenched teeth. She had never felt anything like that in her waking hours. Sometimes in dreams such feelings would come, but they faded as she woke and pulled her clothing on. Now the thumb moved up atop that hot place, and pulled back a small hood of flesh, exposing a pink, swollen nub. The wet fingers touched this ever so gently moving in a slow rhythm that made Marike squirm. She found her hips thrusting upwards wanting the pressure to be firmer. Sometimes the other woman would comply, other times she seemed to tease, moving back, keeping the touch maddeningly light.

A pressure was building within Marike, heat, clenching, wet, pulsing, then it burst. She thrust her hips upwards suddenly mashing the other woman's fingers into her wet slit. Her body convulsed and shook, she wanted to be touched more, and yet wanted to lay still and couldn't.

As the waves of pleasure subsided her hips dropped back to the furs. She was breathing rapidly through parted lips. Her hands, still wet with her own tears had of their own volition dropped to her breasts and she now held both nipples pinched tight between fingers and thumb.

The woman with the strange eyes moved suddenly, springing up until her face hovered only inches above the panting girl.

She brought the fingers of her hand up between their faces, and Marike could smell her own wet musk, pungent yet sweet. Then slowly she placed her index finger into her own mouth and licked the slippery sheen or Marike's wetness from it. Not understanding why, this made Marike shiver and her still shaking womanhood clenched once more in an aftershock.

Then the woman slowly brought her middle finger to Marike's

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