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She wanted what she had been promised, but her sister got.

This evening she was in a mood. I could tell because Mom didn't stay with the normal routine. She would clean up the game room without delay then come upstairs.

Tonight Mom immediately came upstairs. All garments were stripped off on the way to the shower. I knew she was hot-to-trot so I stripped of my sweats.

A few minutes later she came into the front room drying the long raven hair briskly. Her arms rose high in the air as the large breasts stuck out. The two fleshy mounds jiggled delightfully with every movement.

I watch my sexy mother gawking at the mature curvy, toned, and smooth body. It was still amazed this sexy female was my lover. The mom had lived up to everything I had ever fantasized about her.

She drops the towel giving me an unrestricted view of that mature body. Mom then grabs my hand. I was led to the bedroom.

We had been making love two and three times a day. The fun part was she usually initiated the action. There were times I thought I couldn't put out what was needed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I obediently follow my mother as she guides me by the hand. My stiff dick bounce proudly while watching a heart-shaped ass sway back and forth.

Mom crawl onto the bed cat-like. She actually purred while moving to the center of the bed seductively. Her every move was feminine and graceful.

I edge up next to her. We lock into a sexy, deep kiss. No words are exchange. Both knew how to compliment each other's movements.

Mom breaks the kiss. She quickly sits up and mounts my chest. A curvy leg is position on each side of my head. My face is straddle the athletic gams.

She leans forward, mashing a set of large tits against my hard stomach. I feel her hand wrap around my hard cock. She bends the head towards a set of wet lips. Soft kisses are place the head ever so gently.

"Oooooooooh!" I involuntarily moan.

I shiver at the tender contact. It was times like these that made me glad she was an experienced whore. The woman just knew what and how to make a man shudder.

My hands glide up and down my mother's sexy hips. With feathery touches my fingers move over the soft smooth flesh. My lips lightly skim the inside of the athletic thighs. I then work my way upward.

I could see that the petals of my mother's glistening pussy were wet and glistening. My tongue laps the engorged lips. I feel a set of athletic legs quiver around my head.

"Sweet God!" Mom groans around the head of my cock.

She releases it and looks over a left shoulder. A large smile appears on her face while watching me. Then a pair of soft lips presses against my budging cockhead. This is follow with a very experienced lips sliding very slowly down the length of my stiff rod.

"Sweet Jeezus!" I moan feeling the warm mouth encapsulate my cock.

She slithers up and down my hard dick. My mother gives the finest blowjobs in the world. Then she doesn't just suck my rod, she makes love to it.

I went back to work on the taboo cunt again. I soon found a stiff clit just inside the inner folds. Greedily I capture it between my lips. An anxious tongue circles it and the smooth underside.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Mom squeals.

A wet pussy was driven further into my face. A set of slender hips gyrates slowly. I could feel her body tremble from my touches.

A coating of sweat covers us. We press deeper onto the other's body. Both of us were in a fevered lust.

A set of dark hard nipples grazes against my stomach as a raven head moves back and forth slightly. A hand is brought up and gently cups and massages my balls. A hot mouth now inhales my entire cockshaft with each repetition.

Her mouth around my rigid unit had me seeing stars it feels so good. My mother's soft hands rub my balls. I blindly arch as the pleasure making mouth retracts.

I squeeze a set of rounded ass cheeks. My tongue thrusts deeper into the taboo pussy. It swivels quickly in small circles.

"My god, Brad!" Mom squeals letting go of my cock, "I've never feel this horny in my life!"

I suck and lick the protruding clit even faster.

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