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Cheating, teachers, and new friends.

Jana took in the scent of her freshly washed father and felt a hard poke in her hip. She looked down and saw a huge tent in her dad's towel.

"Oh shit, this is fucked up..." she thought to herself.

Deciding to save her dad from what would only be a huge embarrassment, she skipped out of the room, downstairs to the kitchen grabbing herself a bottle of mineral water and her keys before leaving the house entirely. She jumped in her Honda Civic and started giggling uncontrollably. Her father was hard! For her!? No it couldn't be... He had just gotten really warm after his shower and the blood was circulating good and proper... that was all.

Dominic Delvecchio was a man torn. He was inexplicably turned on. He listened as his daughter bounded out of the house and switched on the engine of her car. He waited for her to drive off, which took agonisingly longer than usual.

He let his towel fall and he flopped down on his King size bed. His penis pointed up to the ceiling uncompromisingly, a relentless reminder of how much of a bad dad he was.

He groaned, annoyed at his manhood; and it twitched back at him in response. His chest where Jana's breasts had been pressed against was on fire, the burning desire snaked its way through every channel of his body. Dom sighed and gently started rubbing his cock-head. It felt good but dry... he imagined his daughter's glistening pussy from earlier and pre-cum started dribbling out of the slit of his head. That did the trick, as Dom's cock self-lubricated, his strokes became faster, more determined.

Then a thought hit him!

He slowly got up, dick swinging with its heavy weight, grabbed a pair of lounge pants and crept out of his room, down the hall and stopped dead as he got to Jana's door. He pushed the door open, and peered inside, surveying the neat quarters where his only child slept.

The room smelt delicious, vaguely of strawberries, and as Dom walked into the room he knew that he was doing wrong. His lounge pants pointed out in front of him, showing him the way, and he followed. He went to the wash basket; disappointment rushed through him in floods, as it was empty aside from a few odd socks left at the bottom.

"That girl is so damn tidy..." he thought to himself.

He sat on her double bed and sighed. He breathed in the scent of strawberries again and decided to get in the covers and warm up.

As he pulled back the pretty embroidered duvet cover, he saw a flash of blue, and his cock jumped with joy. Hidden beneath the covers were Jana's boy shorts from that morning, he could tell that they had been from earlier as they were warm from being trapped in the covers.

He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply; his lungs filling with the sweet creamy aroma of his daughter. He untangled the panties and found the gusset, and to his surprise there was a sticky trail of juice. His cock was painfully throbbing, as he let the tip of his tongue taste his daughter's treasure.

"She tastes as good as she looks" Dominic thought as he grabbed hold of his longing dick and started pumping away at it until he finally devoured the last of the secret puddle in his daughter's underwear.

Waves of pleasure lapped at his core and he was almost ready to come.

"Dad!? It's me! I forgot my laptop charger" Jana's voice called up the stairs.

Fuck! He hadn't heard her car reversing into the drive, nor the sound of her keys jingling as she opened the front door.

He whipped the duvet back and rushed out of her bed looking around frantically. He spotted her laptop charger on her desk and he groaned inwardly, she'd be barging through that door and would see him with his unrelenting erection and it would be game over.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and saw a pathetic, horny old dad staring back at him, helplessly. Then he realised that the mirror he was lamenting in was a door to her built in wardrobe, and he suddenly didn't feel so helpless.

He silently opened the wardrobe door and squeezed himself in, under the rail of clot

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