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Two co-workers are bound naked together by robbers.

When Ryan first adopted a sheepish tone one night after they'd made love, and admitted that he had always had a bit of a fetish for girls being exhibitionist with their bodies, Christy at first responded with an awkward joke, which was just what he had assumed she would do.

"Quit teasing me," he playfully scolded her. "I'm trying to be honest with you and this is pretty embarrassing. I just feel like we should be open with each other sexually about these things. Our fantasies. Even if they're just fantasies."

He knew that this whole realm of openly discussing sexual desires with someone of the opposite sex was still territory that was uncharted for Christy, but he could tell that she was trying to keep up and not reveal her previous naivety to him, which of course he already knew about.

"Ok..." she began. She kissed him on the cheek and leaned in and rested her face against his. "I'm on board so far. Tell me more. What do you like about it?"

"Oh I don't know," Ryan said. "Just the whole idea of a girl getting off to the knowledge that strangers are seeing her in this super intimate way when they shouldn't be. It's just the taboo nature of it, I guess."

"You mean like a girl going around naked under a big coat and flashing people?"

"Not really that. More like...a girl spreading her legs on the Internet for a bunch of anonymous strangers...a 'camwhore' type thing. Even if she doesn't show her face. I like the idea of a normal, nice girl who you wouldn't suspect going home at night and getting off on guys seeing her...well, seeing her pussy and stuff. The idea that that kind of sexual deviance could hide even in a respectable, cute girl."

He could tell by looking at her that she was trying to come to terms with this, that it was scaring her to an extent but that she was simultaneously trying to convince herself to be progressive about this.

"You mean a girl like me?" She attempted to bat her eyelashes suggestively at him.

"Ha, yeah, well, in my dreams certainly. These are just fantasies though, I'm not wanting you to do it or anything," he lied. "Maybe I shouldn't have even mentioned it."

She laid there for a long few seconds, and then squeezed his arm lovingly. She leaned over and kissed him again. "I'm glad I know now."

And that was how it began. He knew that, despite his insistence that it was a mere fantasy, that this idea would grow in her mind until she felt the need to act on it, perhaps from fear of losing him if she didn't. Over the next two weeks he carefully reinforced this feeling in her by subtly acting detached from her in certain moments, but never being too obvious about it. He could almost hear her thoughts out loud, so obvious was it to him what she was thinking. He had an HD webcam in his room (he had already owned it, luckily), and he made sure to leave it out where she could see it when he knew she would be home alone. Within three days of placing it where she would notice it, she had taken the bait.

"I want to show you something," she whispered to him one evening after he came home from work. They had been sitting in the living room with Caleb, and Ryan nonchalantly stood up and followed her upstairs to the room they now shared. When she sat on the bed and pulled open his laptop, he already knew what to expect.

"Are you ready?" she asked him.

He nodded.

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