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A mob boss, his wife & her lover(s).

When it came to a conversation, Julain was so eloquent and intelligent; he's much more than a pretty face. Kristy and I were so amazed by him. After a 30 minute break, we went back to the shoot. Kristy and I had reloaded our cameras and were ready for the next session.

We were snappping photos as Julian was slowly unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. I was getting more aroused by the minute. He was now in his underwear which was a pair of tightie whitie briefs. He did this pose where he lets the bed sheet partially cover his underwear-clad body. I thought to myself, Oh what a tease!

"Could you lay on your back and softly touch yourself?" Kristy suggested to Julian.

Julian laid on his back on the edge of the bed as he softly touched his body wth his hands. His left hand stroked his chest while his right hand stroked his abs. Kristy and I have have gotten plenty of shots of Julian. He playfully teased us as he almost pulled down his briefs.

He smiled and said, "Ladies, you don't mind if I got myself naked, do you?"

"Oh we don't mind that at all." Kristy said excitedly.

Julian grinned as Kristy and I took pictures. He carefully took off his undies as we snapped pics of him in his naked glory. All I thought of was how sexy his body looked, glowing in the sunlight on th large bed with crisp, white sheets. Kristy and I snapped another shot where he laid on his stomach, giving a perfect view of his backside. After a few more shots, we wrapped for the day. Julian was so thrilled to work with us, he really looked forward to tomorrow. We couldn't wait either.

Kristy and I went to our hotel room to look at the photos we took of Julian today. While looking at the photos, we chatted with Tessa, the magazine's editor-in-chief, and showed her the photos. After chatting with Tessa, we went to Uno Chicago Girll on Huntington Avenue where we met with Robyn Sanderson who is the magazine's travel writer. She too was in Boston checking out the bed and breakfasts all around New England as part of an assignment of the most romantic bed and breakfasts all over the country. She's also staying at a B&B.

"This is gonna be the mag's best issue, next to the Men in Uniform issue. I have to applaud you two for having such good eyes for photography." the naturally red-headed, blue-eyed Robyn said.

"Thanks." Kristy and I said in unison.

After dishing work and girl talk over Chicago-style pizza, we called it a night and went to our hotel room so we can be well-rested for tomorrow.

The next morning, Kristy and I met up with Julian at the same room at the same morning time. He got himself naked again. We took a few more shots of him lying in and on the bed. As he posed, he smiled and said to us "It's really great to work with two beautiful ladies such as yourselves on this photo shoot."

I blushed as I said to him, "That's so sweet. Flattery will get you anywhere."

"Would you like to join me?" Julian asked me.

The thought of being in bed with fine-as-hell man such as Julian sounded so hot yet so tempting. It has been a fantasy of mine and I finally get to live that fantasy.

"I accept your invitation, Julian." I said.

I walked up to him as he slowly sat himself up on the bed. His fingertips lightly touched the small of my back, sending chills up and down my spine. I ran my fingers through his dark brown locks while looking into his brown eyes. I felt his sweet, soft, succulent lips kissing mine. Kristy was already taking the pictures while Julian and I were locking lips. One of his hands ran through my slightly wavy strawberry-blond hair. Carefully, he took off my white lace top, giving him a glimpse of my body. His hands continued to touch me with his slow, manly caresses as he took off my white skinny jeans. He pulled me close to his body as we fell onto the bed.

Julian made sure I was comfortable by putting a pillow under my head.

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