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Caught sniffing panties by mother-in-law.

town? Lord, I wonder what we'll be able to do there?"

"Man, if that Ellen's anything at all, I know something I'm gonna be doing!"

"Oh, Dave, you're so full of shit, Even if what you said about Sharon what makes you think this Ellen might be the same kid of girl? Really, you've got to get it into that thick head of yours that girls don't go around thinking about balling all the time, not the way you and your pals seem to!"

"You're probably right", he said, making a sad face. "About this Ellen cunt, I mean. I bet you she'll be five feet tall and go two hundred! Yeah, she'll be about the size of a young elephant!"

The East family was taking advantage of Ken's three week vacation to visit some friends they had not seen in a long time Chuck and Linda and their nineteen year old daughter. They were to meet at Eagle Springs a tiny crossroads hamlet with plenty of woods and campgrounds. Chuck and Linda had a cabin located in the mountains near Eagle Springs and had offered to share it with them for the vacation.

"Five foot tall and two hundred pounds!' Ann giggled, "What an imagination you've got!"

The camper continued rumbling along the highway, working across a broad, desolate plane and gradually nearing a line of steep, purple mountains. At noon, when they stopped for lunch at a roadside park, they were near enough to see that the mountains were indeed formidable.

"We'll be there in a couple of more hours," Ken said.

Ann concentrated on watching her stepmother, she was trying to determine if there was some change in the woman's outward appearance. Surely, Ann thought, her stepmother would betray some sign of stiffness or soreness from having a huge prick shoved into her cunt with freewheeling abandon. There should have been some outward mark as a result of her having fingered herself so frantically, but Ann could see no sign of wickedness. Lucy's pretty face looked exactly the same as always. Her long, brown hair framed that face and made her stepmother all the more attractive.

"Dave", Lucy said, "why don't you ride up front with your Dad when we finish lunch and us girl's will take over the back."

"Wow! That's a winner", Dave said.

Once they were started off again, Ann found herself sitting on the dinette bench across from her stepmother. The well insulated camper body cut out most of the road noise, allowing them to talk with little effort and to hear each other perfectly well.

"Something tells me that you weren't as asleep as we had thought last night," Lucy began, facing the girl and speaking with utter frankness. " I thought I heard something last night, and from the way you were acting at noon today, I can guess that I am right. Would you like to talk about it?"

Ann stammered and blushed but could find nothing to say, beyond a few inane expressions. Lucy smiled in an encouraging, understand fashion

"I know sometimes it's. . . well, upsetting to find one's parents doing things like that, she said. But, really I've got-"

"No, it isn't that!" Ann broke in to insist. "I mean, I don't mind it that you two were fucking, I mean balling. I think that's beautiful! Honest, I think it's the sort of thing people ought to do when they love each other!"

"Really? My, that's a rather mature attitude", Lucy said, looking a little surprised but also pleased. "But still, you seemed quite upset. Was it . . . well, was it the first time you'd ever seen a couple fucking?"

Ann blushed but admitted that it had been the first time ever for her. After a few more minutes of talk and some gently probing questions from Lucy, the girl finally admitted that she could not conceive of how and organ as large as she supposed her father's cock to be could fit into an opening as small as a cunt.

"Ahhh, that used to bother me too," Lucy said, smiling in a friendly, conspiratorial way. " It really bothered me, because I wanted it to happen to me and yet I was frightened to death, afraid that it would be terribly painful."

"And if his cock's really three times as big when it's hard", Ann said, taking a deep breath but plunging ahead

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