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My 21st birthday begins with a new experience.

The guard smiled and said, "Welcome fledging."

I asked Deedee what that meant, but she said she would explain later.

We walked in and down a long hall. This part of the "Foxy Cheetah Club" was basically underground and separate from the other club. We walked into the main section where there were about 50 people. Dancing, drinking, having fun. The music was great, the techno beat was what I loved. The dance floor was surrounded by leather couches, and the dj booth and a small stage. There were tables behind the couches. It felt home like.

We selected a table and the waitress came over. She had on a sleeveless red shirt, tummy exposed and red panties like mine. I ordered a Labbat's Blue, I love beer, and Deedee ordered a rum and Coke.

When she returned, Deedee paid and said " Keep the change fledging."

"Why are girls in red panties called fledglings?."

"Well, Molly, it's like this. This is a private club connected to the "Foxy Cheetah."

"We only allow women. The panties identify your rank. Fledglings, or the red, signify that the girl has not yet been part of the 'raffle'."

She continued.

"After the club closes, we have a raffle of panties. You can choose to participate or not. The money goes to the animal shelter down the street. Now here it how it works. You can bid or not, if you bid though you have to participate, whether you win or loose. Let's say I make the winning bid and you bid also. If I win, I can choose to undress you on stage and take your panties or someone else that bid. It is fun, you're naked for only a few seconds, and it goes to a good cause. Oh and if you are a red panty girl or fledgling, you get promoted to brown. Ten raffles and you are black. That's the highest."

After a few songs, the music stopped an the dj came on stage.

"Hope you are all havin fun" the dj said. "I think Deedee brought a new friend. Deedee will you introduce your cute friend to us?."

Deedee took my hand and we went on stage. I was blushing to no end.

"Hey everyone. This is my high school pal Molly. Haven't seen her in five years, she still looks cute don't ya think?."

Whistles and hoot from the crowd. I was beet red.

"Now Deedee," the dj said. "You know the rules. You need two sponsors to bring a new girl here. Who is the other one?"

"I am" a voice from the back said.

A hush came over the crowd. I looked into the crowd to see who said that. It was Adelaide. I was giddy with excitement.

"Wow she never sponsors anyone" I heard someone say. "Unreal" said another.

"Well Molly, looks like you are in good hands. But first, before we can continue, the crowd has to see your panties."

I gulped. The crowd cheered. Deedee whispered to me that it was ok. I spotted Adelaide, her chin down eyes looking right at me smiling. She made me comfortable. I stared back, slowly lifting my dress exposing my thighs, then my red panties, then my belly, all the while looking into Adelaide's golden brown eyes. She smiled, I smiled, I was sexually aroused.

For the next few hours, I danced. Danced with Deedee, danced with some of the other girls, danced, drank some more danced and danced. I was having a great time. I periodically looked at Adelaide watching her take a long drag on her cigarette she always looked back smiling.

By 2:30 there were about 8 girls left. The dj came on stage and announced the bar was closed and the raffle would begin in 5 minutes.

I decided to be part of the raffle. I figured the money would go to a good cause and besides I had a lot to drink, my inhibitions were very low. If I won, I would either undress Deedee or Adelaide. If I lost, well I didn't care.

The dj took the stage.

"As you know, we hold these raffles once a week. Usually we end up donating around 50 dollars to the animal shelter, Let's try for seventy five tonight."

"I bid 10" I heard a voice from the crowd.

"15" another. I bid 20. "whoohoo the fledging is bidding " the dj screamed. "Come on girls, you can't let a fledging bid beat you can you?." Laughter from the crowd.

Deedee bid 20 another girl 25.

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