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A summer night of fingering, licking and fucking!

You tell me to turn around and bend over the desk. I feel my pussy become even wetter when I hear you say that. I turn around and bend over your desk feeling my breasts touching the cold wood of the desk, making my nipples even harder if that was even possible. I feel you up against me knowing its just taking you everything not to fuck me. I can feel your hard cock through your slacks causing me to moan softly. You back up as I feel your hand caressing my inner thigh teasing me.

"Please, Mr. McDonald...." You ask me what I want. "I need you to fuck me...." You bend over me whispering in my ear that you will fuck me just not at the moment because you are going to teach me that I have to do my homework every night. I feel your hands run over my ass as you push up my short little skirt exposing me. Your fingers run lightly up and down the seem of my pussy over my thong just teasing me as I whimper for more, wanting you inside me. I know that this is turning you on more than anything being able to tease me like this. "I promise I'll do my homework, Mr. McDonald...." I feel you move my thong to the side as I feel your fingers on my pussy for the first time. I moan as I try to grind against your fingers, my pussy so incredibly hot and wet for you.

You take your fingers away as I feel them running lightly over my ass. I hear one of the drawers open as you get out one of the rulers that I had bought so you could spank me. I can hear your light gasp as you see everything that I bought in that drawer. You rub my ass with your hands asking me if I'm ready for my spankings. "Mmmm yes, Mr. McDonald. Spank me, I want you to spank me." I feel the ruler spank my ass several times and after each time your hand caressing my cheek. I moan loudly while you spank me feeling my pussy just become wetter and wetter. You put the ruler away, your hands going back inside my thong feeling how wet that made me. You tell me what a naughty girl I am for letting that turn me on and that apparently that wasn't enough punishment for forgetting my homework.

"I want to be your naughty girl, Mr. McDonald." I hear you open the drawer once more not sure of what you had gotten out. I feel you pull my thong down that is already totally soaked up in my juices. Your fingers just teasing and barely penetrating my pussy. I feel you rubbing my pussy from the bottom all the way to the top with what feels like one of the candles I bought. I feel it slowly penetrating my pussy as I moan holding onto the desk feeling you slowly push it inside me then take it back out. You ask me if I like it and if you should continue. I moan "Please....I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me, Mr. McDonald." I feel you pushing the candle inside me faster then you were as I come very close to cumming. You take the candle out just as I'm ready to cum telling me you're not quiet ready for me to cum.

"Mmmm....please Mr. McDonald, I need to cum so badly...." You tell me to stand up and turn around facing you. I turn around looking up into your eyes as I feel your fingers playing and caressing my breasts then pinching and circling my hard nipples. I smile as you lean down kissing me deeply, my arms going around your neck as I press my body against yours. You break the kiss telling me my punishment for being a very naughty girl is not quite over with just yet. My hand wanders down to your slacks as I unbutton them pushing them down. I look up at you as I kneel in front of you. "I want to please you, Mr. McDonald. May I?" Your cock is so hard and so swollen already. I spread my legs wanting you to be able to see my breasts and my pussy as I suck your cock.

My pussy is so wet that my juices are just dripping down my inner thighs.

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