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Husband wife went to Goa, found a small Europe there.

It fit her perfectly!

Yes, some of her ass was exposed and, yes, her cleavage was quite evident, and, yes, she was flaunting copious amounts of side boob. But overall, with a more petite figure and far less curves, she and the dress looked great.

It was at that moment that young Billy decided to introduce himself to all present, having managed to become invisible to everyone, but me, by voicing his opinion of the garment.

"I think it looks way better on her," pointing at Elle.

His sister then offered her opinion, "Nobody cares what you think! Go stand at the cash register you little pervert!"

Elle wasn't going to let that pass, declaring, "Well I value his opinion."

The issue was settled by both girls going back into their dressing rooms, April reappearing with the clothes she worn into the store and walking to the check-out counter, where Billy was waiting.

As April was checking out, Elle stepped out of the dressing room wearing something new, her, "I really like this," announced loudly enough that Billy decided to do some checking out of his own.

Another denim mini skirt, this one white with sequin floral designs in bright red and royal blue, all outlined with pearl colored beads. The oversized red tank top was designed with deeply cut double "V's" in the front and back, the straps on top extra long leaving both sides completely open so that her breasts were never fully covered from the front or sides.

"Very nice," I offered, standing off to the side as Elle turned left..., right and then all the way around, her smile agreeing with me.

"Yeah..., that's really nice too," Billy added, now standing five feet away from Elle, his face swelling by the minute, yellow and purple the predominant colors around his eye.

"Thank you baby...," walking over to him, both tits exposed, his good eye riveted on them.

With the platform high heels that Hue had provided she was nearly as tall as Billy, something she noticed as she pressed herself against him, giving him a kiss on the his "good" cheek. "I'd like to have you here every time I come in," her smile dazzling, "you could be my fashion critic."

It suddenly occurred to me... Providence College or not..."How old is this kid?"

That question must have been written all over my face because... when I looked to my left...

His sister, watching from across the floor, was looking at me..., shaking her head. I mouthed, "What?" She held up both of her hands, all ten fingers spread..., then five and then she closed one hand, leaving the other three fingers open.

It took me a second to grasp what she meant..., then I got it.

Eyes wide, I mouthed, "EIGHTEEN?"

Her smile was dazzling, as she nodded her head up and down.

I wiped my right hand across my forehead and said, "Yo man, I think your sister is ready to go and you should get some ice on that eye."

"She can wait," he said, looking down at Elle's chest as she took a step back.

"No, you should get some ice on that eye," as Elle seconded my opinion, acting motherly, "and both of you need some sleep."

Reluctantly he turned away, April holding open the door for him as Hue and Helen joined us saying, "Goodbye."

"They were nice!" Elle offered, as she went back into the dressing room.

I didn't want to kill her buzz by telling her that she could have..., hell we all could have gone to jail if that boy had been a year younger!

With the store to ourselves again, Elle tried on two more outfits.

Not to bore you with the details, but I must say that the third, "Dress," that Hue had selected was, by far, the most seductive garment Elle had modeled so far..., and that included EVERY dress that she'd modeled!

When I asked, "What kind of dress is that?" Hue grinned and replied, "It called sundress."

Salmon color, slightly open weave crochet, it had a bikini top that tied around her neck with spaghetti strings, and matching strings tying behind her back.

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