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A drama on the lake melt's Lucy's cold heart.

I would soon see if she was every thing I had dreamed of.

I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant where I had made reservations. I parked the van some distance from the front door for a reason. I shut down the engine and turned the key to accessory so the radio would continue to play. There was a slow song I liked playing, a good excuse at the time for sitting just a little before going in. Much to my surprise, Ann took this as a much more intimate opportunity. She laid the seat back to the full down position. Her hands slowly, with a slight tremble, reached to her waist and untied the satin belt.

She took the belt, wrapped it around one wrist and using her teeth to assist, tied it firmly. I watched with wide eyes at this performance I only imagined in my mind. We had joked of light bondage, but reality was no joke. Once she secured the belt to her wrist, she reached into her purse and produced a necklace, so it looked. It was shiny enough to see in the dimly lit can. I couldn't quite make out just how big it was until she placed it on her neck and hooked a chain to the loop in it. With her free hand, she handed me the end of the chain, put both wrists out toward me, and said, " I am yours Master, lover, and friend. Do with me what you will."

I almost choked on my own heart as it was nearing my throat. I reached to take the chain from her petite hand. I latched the end to the mirror on the windshield, as it was the first thing to come to mind. I took the belt in my hand, pulled it over her head, wrapped it around the headrest, and tied it to her free wrist. I slowly trailed my fingers down her arm. My fingers felt the soft material of her dress. I didn't care what it cost, she was now mine and I was in control. I gripped the sleeve firmly and pulled it away from the main part of her dress. I actually heard her sigh just from the sound of ripping material. I moved my hand to her other sleeve and proceeded in tearing it from her dress. My hands moved in across her cheeks.

Her breathing was getting heavier. I touched her smooth face with the back of my hand. My fingers traced her mouth, she tried to kiss them as I did, but I moved away to prevent her from taking any initiative as of yet. I slid my fingers down her chin and under her throat to where her breasts created such an erotic cleavage. I slipped my fingers between her breasts, feeling her soft skin. Ann moaned low as my fingers touched her skin. I changed that quickly as I gripped the "V" of her dress with my right hand. I pulled it away from her body, pulling the material tight. I decided I wanted more room to work with. I released her dress, turned back to the steering wheel and started the engine. I got a quick "what are you doing?" as I pulled the gearshift into reverse.

"You just sit tight, my dear." I didn't make any other comments and she lay quietly as I drove through the parking lot and into the alley beside the restaurant. I made a turn away from the busy part of town. The road was unfamiliar to me, but seemed deserted enough. I pulled into a lot just about a quarter of a mile down the road. The building was boarded up and no other vehicles around. I pulled to a stop, shut off the engine, and exited the van. I walked to her side and opened the door.

I looked at her in the position she had led me to put in her before I grabbed a stone and forced the light switch to the dome light off.

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