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She was brought back to reality as she felt one of the nurses pulling straps around her thighs just above each knee.

"Wha...?" she blurted in panic.

"Hush sweetie," Lori cooed, "It just the straps for the spreader bar."

"Spreader bar?" Danielle questioned as she turned to face Terry who was now leaning against the door to the room.

"They'll use straps and bars to keep you in the proper position Danielle." He explained.

And just as she heard the clips on the bar snap into the eyes on the leather straps on her legs she remembered from stories that she had read how bars were often used to hold subjects' legs apart when "things" got unpleasant.

"P-please! I'll behave!" she begged as her heart pounded in panic at the thought of losing all control "Please don't restrain me!"

"Oh but see Danielle," Terry explained calmly, "You aren't behaving. You're acting like a small child."

All the while Leeza and Lori continued their preparation. After attaching the spreader bar to Danielle's legs they then placed leather cuffs on her wrists. Before Danielle could begin to struggle they pulled her wrists to the straps on her legs and clipped them to the bar as well. The result was to push Danielle's breasts into the bed and elevate her ass so that the elevation, combined with the effect of the spreader bar, left her ass cheeks splayed apart and her anus totally exposed. Finally Leeza placed a pillow under Danielle's upper body.

"You won't e able to move much sweetie," she teased, "But at least you will be able to breathe!"

By turning her head Danielle could just barely see through a full length mirror what was going on in the room.

She gasped as she saw a tall chrome IV stand that had been set up and the foot of the bed. Hanging from the hook on the stand was a large red enema bag out of which ran a long tube which was looped over the other hook on the stand. At the end of the tube was a strange looking device consisting of what looked to be two deflated balloons and two bulbs like those on an old fashioned blood pressure cuff.

Danielle's heart began to pound as she saw Leeza pour two large containers of cloudy liquid into the enema bag. The bag now hung heavily on the IV stand as Lori picked up the tube and began to spread clear lubricant all over the device on the end.

"We're about ready Terry," Leeza stated as she patted Danielle's upturned ass.

"Danielle, look at me!" Terry commanded in a tone of voice she had not heard before.

She turned her head and gasped at the cold expression on his face.

"Danielle, any time you are punished, I will tell you what you are being punished for and what your punishment will consist of. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir" Danielle whispered as she nodded her understanding.

"In the past two hours you have gone into my personal belongings, resisted my instructions and behaved like a little brat in front of my friend Luan. For this, you will receive a punishment enema. Do you understand?

"Yes," came her whispered reply.

"Do you wish to leave now?" He inquired. "You do have that option."

"N-no s-sir," she whispered again. "I'll stay."

"Okay," he stated without inflection then turned to the two nurses, "Leeza will explain your punishment."

Danielle, heart pounding, turned to face the opposite side of the bed where Leeza stood holding the end of the enema tube which glistened with its coating of lubricant.

"Danielle, this is a twin bulb enema tip." Leexa explained quietly. "Each bulb inflates with these little pumps. We will insert the first bulb into your anus and once it is inside you we'll pump it up like this"

Using a few quick squeezes on the inflation bulb Leeza filled the bulb until it was tight and glistened with lube.

"Oh my god!" Danielle whispered in growing panic as she realized what was about to happen.

"Then," Leeza continued, "We'll pump up the bulb on the outside of your anus like this."

She quickly filled the outside bulb as well and held it so that Danielle could see that virtually no space remained between the two glistening balloons o

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