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She had no other choice.

My growing cock was pushing the heavy towel away from my drying groin, and was soon pointing to the ceiling.

She walked toward me, "Did you mean what you said about me being 'hot'?" she asked. I simply nodded and looked down to my obvious, growing lust.

She smiled, "Did you mean what you said about touching my body?"

I nodded again as she grabbed the knot holding her towel up. The defeated cloth dropped down her silky legs and I saw that she was indeed shaved clean below the waist. I could not investigate her lower area much as I was being distracted by a view of the roundest tits I had ever seen in real life. Each breast was the size of a grapefruit, and as round and firm. She took my hands and raised them to her lips. She kissed them gently and then sucked each finger in her warm mouth. She then placed my saliva-wet hands below her boobs allowing me to feel their fullness. I began to move my hands around her tits, gently pinching her nipples.

She raised her lips to mine to moan inside my mouth. As her tongue touched mine, my rod pulsated under the towel, making us both moan. She never stopped tonguing me as she grabbed my towel and let it drop. Still kissing my lips, she wrapped her long fingers around the base of my cock. If I had been a few years younger, I would have sprayed her with cum right then.

"I have to confess something to you before we go much further," she said, still not releasing me. I almost went soft in her hands as my mind chalked up all the confession possibilities; "I have lusted after your firm ass for a while now. That's why I always run next to your treadmill. I see you staring at these," she looked down to her creamy globes in his hands, "but you never see me checking out your hard buns, do you?"

I admitted I did not, but I decided that was the perfect time to drop my mouth to the tits I had imagined sucking every night for weeks. Renee's nipples were dark and long and I let my teeth run up and down their length. She screamed and grabbed my cock harder. As I licked around her tits, she began to move her hand up and down. Her other hand was rubbing my exposed head right across the pee-slit. It was driving me mad and I began to groan into her breasts. I opened my mouth wide and took one of her weighty boobs into my mouth, covering the entire globe with my lips. Inside my mouth, I let my tongue run rapid circles around her rock-hard nipple. She wanked me harder and faster and I knew I would come within a minute if I did not stop her.

Luckily she was experience enough to sense that from my sounds and she let me go, bringing my head up to hers to kiss his lips.

"Come with me, I would rather fuck you on my own bed than my son's," which seemed reasonable enough. We walked naked across the hallway to her room. She led me by my erection and I stared at her heart-shaped ass as she walked in front of me, squeezing my dripping cock. Each cheek of her butt formed a perfect half, but they were firm enough that I could get a glimpse of her pussy lips between her legs as she walked.

She had lit votive candles scenting the room with lavender and orange. She led me to the foot of her bed, pulled back the duvet and sprawled her body on the dark blue satin sheets. Her fair skin in the candlelight contrasted erotically against the bed sheet. She spread her legs and let me look for the first time at the treasure between her legs. I crawled onto the bed and kissed my way up the inside of her legs, stopping when I caught the sweet aroma of aroused pussy. It blended perfectly with the scented candles. She was holding her lips open for me, and I could see that right above her pink folds, she had a hooded, but erect, clit for me to suck on.

I reached my hand out and lifted her hands away from her pussy.

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