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My limits are tested as I am made to whore for my Master.

Brian went in after me and I sat on the spare bed where Brian had been sitting. Both guys were on the couch.

It wasn't long after Brian came out before they started to undress.

I just enjoyed the show and played it cool as did Brian while they got down to their bras and panties. They were playful with one another and it was fun watching them, trying to get a peek under Sandra's bra or a quick peek around one of their thongs. All four of us guys had raging erections in our pants.

The fun really began when they began eating one another's pussies. First Sandra went down on Tammy then they traded. Rob then suggested they do 69. The two husbands got up for a closer look at things then Brian and I joined them. They were hot. And the room was perfect. It was like a honeymooner suite or something with a big mirror all along the wall behind the headboards.

The fun went on for long enough for them each to get off at the other's tongue at least once or twice. They got up, still wearing their bras, and turned their attention to Brian and I, completely ignoring the other guys, much to our surprise.

They came over to us on the second bed and began kissing on us. They meant business too as Sandra unfastened my belt, and opened up my pants looking for treasure inside. She found it all right. I looked over and Tammy had Brian's cock out sucking on it just as Sandra was working on mine. The two guys across the room took their clothes off while they watched the girls suck on our cocks.

The girls must have heard about my golden rule, "Always leave them wanting more," because after just a few minutes, when both our cocks were rock hard and about ready to squirt, they abruptly stopped their sucking and stood up.

"You boys just sit here like good boys while we play with our husbands and we'll be back to relieve your..." Sandra thought for a second, and finished with, "... your tension."

Oh well. I took the break as an opportunity to take my pants and shirt off and grab another beer. I grabbed one for Brian too. I felt kind of silly walking around with a boner but when in Rome I suppose.

The girls went over to each other's husbands and began to suck their erections. It was like watching a live porn movie as they sucked those cocks then did some 69. They wasted no time getting to the fucking as I hadn't even finished half of my beer before Rob was pumping furiously into Sandra from behind. I guess he liked that round little ass too.

Just as he was about to bust his nut, she had him dismount. They slowed things down and took a breather and got a drink.

Sandra directed Rob to lay down on his back and she straddled his hips and rubbed herself against his hard-on, moaning with delight, then reached between her legs to help guide Rob's dick into her. They both gasped and moaned as she eased him in. I had a perfect view right behind her of his cock going into her. Her firm ass cheeks looked great and she rode him like gently at first then picked up the pace, taking him all the way in and grinding her buns on his scrotum.

I didn't know the rules for this so I stayed on the bed, but I really would have liked watching her from the front.

Tammy was now mounting up Ron next to them and Tammy was facing me. She had nice tits and a full beaver, although it was trimmed fairly close. She didn't spend much time looking at me but we did make eye contact a few times and she smiled at me watching her naked form fucking Sandra's husband.

I heard grunting from Rob as Sandra was riding him. He was shooting his load in her. It seemed a little premature to me, but whatever. Sandra continued riding him and his white semen began to run out around his cock. She wasn't quitting though. She kept rocking those hips until she reached her orgasm and when she came, his cock fell out, along with a big puddle of milky spunk.

Tammy was riding Ron and they were kissing a lot and he had his hands all over her sexy body, just as I would have if I were in his place.

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