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Judge can't resist his own sexy daughter.

Let's see if we can't get you some more."

Ted had her turn over with her ass up and head down again. The photographer handed him a jar of baby oil. Ted poured some on her asshole and began to finger her ass. Suzie began to protest. Ted said to her, "Now be a good girl and take it like the other whores do."

Suzie did her best not to cry. Ted had worked two fingers into her ass with the help of the baby oil when he began to oil up his dick. As he put the tip of his dick against her asshole, Suzie grimaced.

"I'm going to take two cherries from the same girl tonight!" Ted announced. He took his time and slowly with in and out penetrations, he allowed Suzie's ass to adjust to the girth of his dick.

Ted picked up the pace and began to fuck her ass intensely as he held on to her tits. One of the camera men unzipped his pants and stuck his dick to Suzie's mouth.

"You better suck it if you know what's good for you," Ted told her.

Suzie did her best to suck the man's dick as Ted pounded her ass. Ted grabbed her hair and held her head up so she would take the camera man's dick deeper into her mouth.

"I'm about to blow!" the camera man said.

Ted stopped his thrusts into Suzie's ass as he told her, "Hold your lips tight and hold his cum in your mouth, bitch."

"Aaaah," the camera man said as he dumped his cum into Suzie's pretty warm mouth.

"Open your mouth and show us," Ted said.

Suzie held her mouth open wide as the other camera man took video and still shots of the cum in her mouth.

"Now close your mouth and swallow it," Ted told her.

Suzie balked at the thought, so Ted held her mouth closed as the camera man pinched her nose. She gulped as she swallowed his cum.

"You want some of this?" Ted asked the other camera man. Ted pulled out of Suzie's ass and took the camera as the other man dropped his pants and pushed his dick toward her mouth.

Ted slapped Suzie's ass, leaving a red hand mark. "Better suck him like I taught you," he told her as he had her get on her knees.

"You can have her cunt and her ass too, but be sure to cum in her ass. It'll make a great shot." Ted told the cameramen.

The two camera men explored her every hole as Ted filmed. When the second camera man shot his cum in Suzie's ass, Ted had her push it out as before and then had the men finger her and feed her the cum. She then cleaned the men's cocks by licking and sucking.

"Ass to mouth, that's what I like to see from my new whore," Ted announced.

"Let me go get your mother, she will be so proud," Ted said as he left.

The makeup lady came in and refreshed Suzie's makeup and hair. She gave her a warm wash wrag to wipe off with and had Suzie wear the red CFM heels her mother had bought her to wear to the photo shoot. She then had Suzie put on the black silk robe she had worn at the start of the photo shoot. The robe came almost to the bottom of Suzie's ass and had a sash tie.

Ted talked with Janice, Suzie's mother. "She did great!" he said. "Suzie is a natural. I already have an offer for her services and if she signs, she will make more money than the two of you will know what to do with."

"That's fabulous!" Janice replied. Everything had worked out so well, she could hardly believe it. She embraced Ted, she was so elated.

Ted in turn, embraced Janice and kissed her. "Sorry," he said. "I am just so happy for you."

"That's OK," Janice replied. "It was nice." Ted was a handsome man and she was flattered.

"Just one thing," Ted said. "I need both Suzie and you to sign contracts."

"Both of us?" Janice asked.

"Yes, I'm sure we can use both of you. In fact, we could do a photo shoot with you tonight," Ted responded.

"Tonight! Everything is going so fast," Janice replied.

"I really need both photo shoots and contracts tonight or the deal will fall through," Ted told her.

Janice thought for a moment. "OK, I guess it's now or never," she said with glee.

Ted had the contracts brought out and Janice couldn't wait to sign.

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