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Dreams do come true when you least expect it.

After much consideration I've decided to whore the pair out.

Not wanting to mess up our Saturday routine I decided to host a Monday night football party with a select group of men. I have a great man cave in my basement and can easily host a dozen or so people but I limited the list to 8 men. To make things interesting I sold each of the 8 squares and based on scores in the game, this would decide who got to spend the lion's share of time with my little daughter whores.

The night arrived and my little angels were dressed as the sluts that they are. . . school girl uniforms with white cotton panties. White thigh high nylons, bright red lipstick, hair back in pony tails. They paraded around during the first quarter of the game and served the guests beers and snacks. Any time either team scored the girls were directed to make out. This elicited some excitement from the crowd. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 14-10. . . and the winner is: my co-worker Nick. The girls took Nick by the hand and walked him back to the bedroom for a quarter of whatever he desired.

For the next 45 minutes while quarter number two dragged on non-eventfully Nick enjoyed the bodies of two hot twenty year old schoolgirls. I would watch the tape later but left him to his own devices and imagination. Turns out that he was really into anal sex as was evident when the girls returned with him, walking a little funny.

A scoreless second quarter meant that Nick was again the winner of the nubile young women. Spent himself, he decided that the pair would spend the half time session on their knees giving the rest of the group blowjobs. High fives ensued and the girls looked at me as if to say, do we have to? One of my looks gave them to know that they had better get on their knees and start sucking.

Side by side Cassie and Gigi knelt down in front of the remaining seven men, sucking them off. By the time they were finished the third quarter had started and the girls were now topless and sans underwear as well. The men groped them like the pieces of meat they were and the girl's make up was smeared, hair sticky from cum, faces covered in jizz and knees red from carpet burn. My sluts did such a good job thought this proud perverted Papa. The pair cuddled in the chair off to the side, consoling each other with intimate caresses and hugging. They still had two more sessions to endure.

The third quarter found a new winner, Carl, a neighbor. Carl directed them back to the bedroom and took his friend Tom along for the ride(s.) Upon later review of the tape, they were into some double penetration. Amazing to watch how well the girls took both of those cocks simultaneously. When the group returned, the girls had abandoned their remaining clothes and any dignity they might have had left.

As the game ended again with no scoring in the final quarter it was agreed by Carl that everyone should have some of this fun and instructed the girls to each get on all fours on the square coffee table and the men took turns on each end. Over the next hour each man had shoved his cock into each of the girls holes. At the hosts' request they had worn condoms for the penetrations and once spent the used rubbers were hung on a hanger for later use. Including the rubbers retrieved from the bedroom there was a total of 12 that were full to different levels.

Cassie and Gigi were now a hot mess.

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