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A Naturists Couple's first sex on the beach.

"It's pretty big, you sure you can handle it?" Susan asked as she ran the silicone pole up between Connie's fat tits.

Connie nervously looked around too see if anyone was watching. She caught the eye of one of the two men in the shop. He looked to be about fifty years old, maybe 5'- 9" and around 200lbs not a terribly good looking man just average. Yet when Connie caught him looking, he didn't flinch or look away like most men would. Instead he stared at her defiantly with a knowing grin. Meanwhile Susan reached out for one of Connie's hard nipples and gave it sharp tug extending it outwards.

Connie was panting heavily and felt a moistening between her legs. She felt so powerless around her younger sister. So willing to submit and hand over control. It was the same way with her son Brian yesterday when she was begging him to let her have his fat cock...his beautiful fat cock!

"Nnggaahh I'm cumming!"

"Well that was quick! I must be getting good at pressing your buttons." Susan said as she held Connie from collapsing on to the floor

The sisters went to the counter to pay for the two items. As the girl behind the counter rang up their purchase, the gentleman that was watching Connie get off approached and offered, "Ladies it would please me so much if you would allow me to pay for these items for you."

Susan eyed him up and down and when he held her stare and gave a slight smile Susan became intrigued and asked, "Do you make a habit out off paying for people's purchases in sex shops?"

"Only when they are two beautiful women that just put on the sexiest display I have seen in all my 54 years. How rude of me my name is William." He said as he handed the cashier his credit card and then extended his hand out to Susan first, as she was obviously the dominant one of the two.

"Hello, I'm Susan and this is my slut Connie. Connie thank the nice man for paying for our toys!" Susan said excepting his offered hand.

"Thank you sir." Connie said without looking up and making eye contact.

Susan continued "I feel like we somehow owe you. And I think I know just how to pay you back and help me in the training of my new slut at the same time."

Turning to the cashier Susan asked, "Miss does this place have video viewing booths?"

The twenty something year old girl having seen it all working here didn't bat an eye, handed Susan the bag and pointed at a beaded curtain.

Susan led the way to the booths as Connie and William followed. The hallway behind the curtain was darker then the shop itself and once their eyesight adjusted they continued down the hall, which was all but deserted. Susan made a bee line for a vacant booth with vacancies on both sides.

"Connie and I will take this one and you go in the next one this way you won't know which mouth or pussy is pleasuring you."

Slightly disappointed he wouldn't be in the same booth but not wanting to ruin the moment, William agreed and went next door. Susan quickly closed her door and locked it. As she was putting money in the arcade, Connie questioned the situation.

"I'm not sure I can do this Susan, he's a stranger. Can't we just go home and try out the new toys?"

"You mean the new toys William paid for? Besides aren't you tired of getting off by yourself? What you need is new dick. But first you owe me!" she said as she lifted her dress hem and pulled down her panties. Connie hesitated so Susan grabbed a handful of her hair and push Connie's face into her moist muff.

After a few hesitant licks Connie began eating with gusto. It was as she was sucking on her clit that Susan noticed a very long and impossibly thick, uncut veiny cock squeeze through the four inch hole in the booth's wall.

"Holy mother of God. Connie turn around and look what you was about to turn down."

Connie reluctantly stopped licking and looked to see what her sister was talking about.

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