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Susan and Charlotte Ann are away, and Miri makes a discovery

She walked around the equipment and free weights, not sure what to do. She gave a couple machines a try, but felt awkward. Feeling disappointed, she decided to call it a day and head to the locker room.

"You leaving already?" She heard Darrell say.

"Well, I guess." Amy replied. Darrell had not so much as looked Amy's way so far and was surprised he was talking to her again.

"Can I help answer answer any questions for you?" Darrell said seeming genuinely concerned.

"I just don't know what I should be doing."

"Let me show you a few things." They walked around and he talked about what certain equipment was for and asked her what her fitness goals were. He gave her a couple of exercises to start with and he said he would work with her in the mornings to help her get started and hopefully join full time.

Amy was genuinely impressed with Darrell. Maybe her first impression was wrong about him. If she could gain his trust as a friend, maybe this would all be easier than she thought. And on top of that, get free training!
Amy mentioned Darrell at the gym and how he was helping. Jimmy couldn't help, but wonder if Darrell had a trick up his sleeve, but knew Amy would tell him if he did.

The next morning, Amy saw Darrell in the cardio area like the day before. He told her to get on the treadmill next to him to warm up.

Amy started the treadmill and began with a light jog. Like yesterday, she had on a baggy t-shirt, sports-bra and yoga pants. As she began to speed up slightly, she could feel her heavy breasts starting to bounce. Amy looked over at Darrell to see if he was looking, but seemed more interested in the TV monitor on his treadmill.

Darrell picked up his pace and enjoyed the view in the mirrors. If there was one thing he loved about the gym, it was mirrors at every turn. They gave such great views of all the women and made it easier for him to act like he's not looking when he is. He could see Amy's breasts bouncing under the baggy t-shirt, but thought back to the party, and remembered how luscious they looked. He convinced himself that he would not just see them, but he would know how they felt and tasted.

After the warm-up Darrell took Amy over to the squat-rack.

"This exercise here is the best all-round lower body exercise as long as you do it safely." Darrell told Amy trying to sound smart.

He had Amy stand in front of the barbell and helped her place the bar on her shoulders.

"Okay, I want you to bend your knees and lower your butt, like you are going to sit in a chair."

He let go of the bar and stood behind Amy. She slowly lowered herself and her legs were shaky and wobbly.

"Is it okay if I help?" Darrell asked as she looked unsteady.

Amy nodded yes.

Darrell stepped forward and placed his hands on her sides to steady her. As she stood back up, her shirt almost caught on her knees.

"Great job! lets do it again."

This time Darrell steadied her through the entire motion. "We want to go down to where your thighs are horizontal." He said as they got lower. Her shirt went all the way over her knees as they hit the lowest point. On the way up the shirt caught again throwing off the movement, causing Darrell to add extra support.

"Lets set the bar on the rack." He said taking it off her shoulders and racking it. "Your shirt is a little too baggy for working out. Most girls wear something more form fitting or even just their sports bra." Pointing out two other women working out in their sports bra.

It made sense to Amy especially since she almost just fell because of her shirt. Amy removed her shirt and threw it next to the rack. "Let's try it again!" she said enthusiastically.

Amy performed the next two reps perfectly and Darrell took his hands off her waist and put one of his hands out under her. "Let's come all the way down to my hand. This is how you engage your glutes."

Amy lowered herself until her ass touched his hand. "Great!" He said. And she performed a few more reps feeling good about herself.

Darrell was admiring her as

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