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She is no longer a little girl.

Fucking Zaire was amazing and he didn't know if our night of passion was a one-shot, but I knew I wanted my best friend again.

That was three weeks ago though and I hadn't seen from Zaire since that awkward morning after. And I really couldn't blame him. Sure we liked what happened, but Zee was the one in a relationship, not me. Calling him, he told me that after what we did he needed time to get himself right. Like the friend I was, I told him to take all the time he needed. But that was three weeks ago and I was truly missing my boy.

Not seeing or hearing from Zaire hurt me, but I had to keep on living. It was a warm Monday and I took my lunch break outside. As I ate, Zaire was all I could think about, so you can imagine my delight when his name came up on my caller I.D when my phone rang.

"Hello," I answered, trying not to sound overly happy.

"Hey Imani, is this a bad time to call?"

"No, I'm on my lunch break."

"Yeah, me too, but when you get off work could you come see me?"

"Yeah, I get off at five, so I'll be there around five-thirty."

"Cool, I'll see you later."


Five o' clock came quickly and as soon as a sistah was off the clock, she rushed home to shower and change. I knew Zaire probably wanted to talk about our love making and I was going to talk, but I wanted Zaire again. I wanted him inside me. He was all I thought off for the past three weeks. Shit, I damn near creamed my panties when I heard his voice on the other end of the phone. Entering his apartment building, I was rocking the hell out of a white racer-back tank top and a pair of Juicy Couture cotton booty shorts that always my ass look bigger. I was out for the dick, make no bones about it.

Knocking and ringing the bell, Zaire immediately opened the door. He stood before me in an all-black Tisa hoodie, black fitted jeans, and Jordan 4s. Just the sight of him after so long made me melt.

"Why he gotta be so damn fine?" I thought just staring a minute.

"So, you gon' come in or are you just gon' stare into space?" Zaire's voice asked, snapping me out of my trance. "What's up with you, Imani?" he said heading back into the apartment and I followed him, closing the front door behind me.

"You tell me, Zee 'cause you're the one who called."

"Well, I called you 'cause I've missed you and we need to talk about a couple of things."

"Okay. Where's your girl though?" I asked. "She's not going to bust up the convo while we're talkin' is she?"

"She's away with her family. Her grandfather's sick, so she had to go see about him."

We were standing by the living room couch and Zaire sat down, pulling me towards him. I sat next to him, ready to hear what he had to say. I was fighting my hardest not to rip his clothes off and rape him.

"Well, let me just get right into this," Zaire sighed. "I've been wanting to call you and talk to you, but I didn't know if you would be willing to talk to me after the way I treated you." I held his gaze and let him continue as he caressed my face. "I know I've been an asshole just cutting you off and I'm sorry for that. I loved what we did, Imani, but it fucked me up 'cause of I do have Lisa, but my intentions were never to push you away."

"Well, you did." I shot back, anger from not seeing him coming up.

Zee frowned, sulking. "I know and I'm sorry. I'm all fucked right now. I don't know how I feel 'cause I'm with Lisa, but I've been wanting you. I'm kind of glad Lisa's gone 'cause telling you all this is easier."

I was blown away by what was said to me. Zaire was feeling me something serious. He really wanted me and was confused. I knew I wanted Zaire, but I didn't know he wanted me.

"Mmm, I know you want to talk, but I wasn't expecting all this. So what're you going to do about it?"

With no words, Zaire pulled me into a hug.

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