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Jen ponders her condition.

The man walked over to Avery. She saw he was holding a knife in his hand. He cut her ropes and freed her from the chair.

"Remove the useless fabric from your mouth."

Avery did as she was told in fear of punishment. Her hands clumsily untied the knot an pulled the rag from her mouth. Her panties from earlier that day fell from her dry mouth. She realized that they must've removed them when she was passed out.

That's when she realized, she had been naked the whole time.

"I had the pleasure of examining your body before tying you up," The man said. "It was delightful."

Avery realized her ass was sore. Her pussy had a used feeling that she only had after a very rough fucking. He had already used her like a doll.

She felt an anger swell in her body. She was going to kill him or die trying. She threw herself at him with all of her strength and rage. He dodged her and pinned her to the ground.

His body pushed against her as his hand reached for something on the table. She heard him grab something as she struggled. Fear surged through her body. She stopped moving.

"I'm sorry!" She yelled in desperation. "Please, I'm just scared!"

"It's too late for that nonsense," He said in a grim voice.

She felt him tie her hands individually, then to rings in the ground, so her arms were spread. He pulled her hips up and secured them to the same rings so she had her ass in the air, held by the scratchy ropes.

Her mouth was then forced open by his fingers. A ring was then placed in her mouth and secured with a rope around her head. This held her mouth open. He squatted down in front of her and held her chin so she looked up into his mask.

"Never fight back again. This punishment is a warning."

He stood as he unzipped his pants. Avery heard him stroking his cock as he pulled everything out. He knelt back down and put his throbbing dick in front of her face.


She stuck her tongue out. He grabbed her hair and ran it up and down his cock. She pulled her tongue in. His hand slapped her face. Avery felt a hard sting. The blood was already rushing as she felt her cheek turn red. She stuck her tongue back out.

He swirled the tip of of his cock around the tip of her tongue. Drool was already beginning to pour from her mouth onto his balls.

"You must be hungry," He said calmly.

Avery nodded her head.

Without warning, his cock was shoved into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and forced her face down onto his dick. She felt the tip reach her throat and keep going. She gagged harder and harder with each stroke.

After moving his hands to the side of her head, he began to force her face up and down even faster. She felt herself getting lost in the rhythm. Eventually she decided to just accept what was happening and to take what was given to her.

"Look at me!" He growled.

Her sexy, pleading eyes looked up into his. The breathing coming from behind the mask became heavier and more labored. He pulled his cock from her mouth and slapped her with it. This left a large spot of drool across her face.

He stood up and walked around to behind her. His hands slowly caressed her ass. A vibrator was placed into her pussy and a small buttplug was placed into her ass.

"Normally, we would train your ass for anal, but I want this to hurt."

He untied her hands and legs. She didn't move an inch. His fingers run through her hair before roughly pulling her up. The buttplug promplty fell out of her ass onto the floor.

She looked into his eyes for some sort of answer as to what would happen. His eyes seemed to get even darker.

"You dropped my plug," he said quietly. "Your loose whore asshole couldn't even hold a simple plug. If you feel it coming out, you clench to hold it in. Understand?"

Avery nodded. That just seemed to anger him more.

"Yes sir!" he yelled.

"Yes sir!" She yelled back.

"Fuck this," he said as his hand rose to meet her throat. He shoved her face against the cold concrete wall. "If your asshole is loose enough to drop a plug, it's loose enough for me."


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