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Scottie is grumpy because he thinks Damien doesn't want him.

But Genevieve said. " Antonio, mine was not really good, so I am going to erase it."

At this Antonio said. "Hey, why don't you go put some make up on and I'll take some really nice pictures of you.?

Genevieve was thrilled. Just as she had hoped! She told him she was ready for another shot and whether he wanted one. He said maybe later and that he was fine for now. But he poured her a fresh shot and held the glass towards her.

A sly look came to her eyes. "Now, it is my turn to choose my favorite part of your body!"

Antonio laughed and said " Yes, your call."

Genevieve couldn't decide how bold she should get. She was ready to throw caution to the winds by now but something held her back. The fact that he chose her shoulders despite her obvious flirtatious invitation to choose any part of her young body made her hesitate.

So she said. "Maybe the other cheek, this time."

And he leaned forward to make it easy for her to reach his face. Although she chose his cheek, she gave him a loving licking- like the one Wiley, her puppy, normally gives her! And she liked the fact that he did not stop her until she pulled back.

She then downed her shot and giggled. "Can you believe that I did this to a girl at Baby Dolls a few months ago?"

He merely smiled and said "Yeah, I remember you telling me that! It was when you went out with Julia to that strip club, wasn't it?" Julia was her step-sister. Well, more an intimate friend than step-sister, to be accurate.

She said "Yes." and giggled some more.

She went over to her bedroom to put on some make up. She painted her lips red and applied lots of make up to her face. She tied her hair back with one of those clips you can bend to any shape and achieved a Demi Moore like look. Satisfied, she walked out to the front room.

Antonio was on the couch fiddling with the camera. He looked up and the look on his face told her that her make-up certainly had its effect on him. He stood up, made her sit on the couch and walked a few feet away and focused the camera. He took a few shots and came back and sat with her to review what he had just shot. Even Genevieve, who was not very easily satisfied with her photos seemed to like them.

She said. "Wow, Antonio you must be really good at it. Even I seem to like my photos, for a change."

He was visibly pleased. Obviously photography was his 'thing' As though the thought suddenly hit her,

Genevieve asked him. "Antonio, you seem so good with this camera. Would you do me a big favor, please?"

And he asked "Sure, what?" without stopping what he was doing with the camera. She was silent for a moment and that got his attention.

He looked up and she almost whispered to him. " Could you take some pictures of me, in the nude? Somehow, Sebastian freaks out whenever I bring it up and so I haven't been able to get some naked pictures of me taken so far."

Antonio's eyes nearly popped out! He stammered. "Sure. But would you show the photos to him?"

She sensed his obvious discomfort and replied. "Of course, I will. But I intend to tell him Julia took those shots."

He seemed somewhat relieved with that response.

He stared at her and asked. "Well, how do you wish to proceed?"

Genevieve got up from the couch and said. "I'll be right back"

With those words she went into her bedroom, closed the door behind her and pulled off her top.

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