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Single mom fesses up to her love of transsexuals.

lly? Sexually?

Before I know what I'm doing and can stop myself, I lean forward, tentatively and slowly, oh so slowly, I graze her lips with my own.

Her eyes fly wide open in surprise and something else? Did I actually see that? Does she want me the way I want her?

I lean in again, this time a little more purposefully, and when our lips meet it is as much her doing as my own.

My stomach flips and I get butterflies. I've heard people talk about kisses feeling like electricity, but I've always figured that was poetic licence. Never thought it was a real thing. I ease my tongue into her mouth and feel her eagerly respond. We kiss as though we have always been doing it.

I put my arm firmly round her waist and draw her in tightly, possessively. My other hand is on the back of her head, pulling her to me.

We could have been anywhere. The fact we are crammed into a tiny toilet cubicle is completely lost to me as I hungrily kiss her.

Moving my lips to her neck and exposed shoulder, I hear her moan appreciatively which elicits a small groan deep at the back of my throat, almost a growl. My fingers become entangled in her hair and I push her back hard against the wall, pushing myself against her, pinning her.

I find my hands on her hips, urging her closer to me. I want to be as close to this woman as possible.

Without breaking our now frantic kisses I move my hands to her wrists and raise her hands above her head. Using just one hand to hold them in place, I have a free hand to explore her body.

My right hand is soon inside her top and enfolds her right breast. I almost immediately feel her nipple harden and run my thumb in a circle round it, hearing her intake of breath as I do so.

I look directly into her eyes and all self-restraint and morals go out the window. This woman is hot and has been in so many of my dreams. I ache for her.

Pushing her top up, I dip my head and brush my lips against the lacy material of her bra. Cupping her ample breast in my hand, I rub my lips over her nipple before taking it in my teeth and biting down on it. I hear her gasp in an exciting mixture of pleasure and pain and feel a throb deep inside me as my body responds. Turning my attention to her other breast, I bite down hard on her nipple through her bra, this time harder wanting to test her limits. Although she draws in her breath rapidly, she arches her body towards me, pushing her perfect tits into my face.

I release her hands, and before I know it my hands are on her arse, gripping her tightly and pulling her to me, lifting her slightly onto her tip toes. We are kissing frantically and passionately and I feel her hand move to the back of my head, fingers entwining into my short hair and pulling it.

I pull back from her briefly and see a wicked, flirtatious look on her face.

Oh, so that's the way you want to play it, is it?!

I grab at her wrists again, this time in control. I know what I'm doing and I put them high above her head, once again pinning her against the cubicle wall. I reach my hand round behind her and quickly work the clasp of her bra, releasing her breasts. Without waiting for her to respond I push her bra up and take her nipple in my mouth, sucking it and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. She arches towards me and I feel her trying to pull her hands free of my grasp.

Oh no, sweetheart, that isn't happening. I grip harder and bite her nipple. She cries out and I give her a warning look. We both know how dangerous this is, and yet neither of us seems capable of stopping it.

I kiss her deeply and push her legs apart with my knee.

I unbutton her jeans and, unable to wait, I slide my hand down inside them. This time it's my turn to be shocked as I discover that she is commando. She is shaved in such a way as to leave a small amount of stubble. I give a deep guttural moan at the back of my throat as my questing finger finds her clit.

She is so wet that my finger glides over it easily as I slowly begin to circle it. She gives a small whimper of delight and her head drops forward onto my shoulder.

I let m

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