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Daughter catches son and Mommy.

The eldest is in her second year at university. Or is it her third? No, second year I think."

"You don't know much about them, do you?"

"They don't want me to know much. I'm a stranger who visits at weekends when they want to be out enjoying themselves. I don't see much of them. Even last Christmas I think I saw them together for about two hours during the whole break. My wife kept dragging me off to parties full of people I didn't know and she did. Making polite conversation to complete strangers is not a great Christmas."

"Have you ever tried to find out what you wife likes doing?"

"Yes, several times but her interests are local gossip and countryside affairs. Mine are my business, I suppose."

"You suppose? Don't you like that either?"

"Not really. I have been doing it for so long that it isn't a challenge anymore. The company is profitable and sound. I could sell up tomorrow and retire. The company would survive without me as long as they hired a competent manager to replace me."

"So you have no ambitions left, nothing to live for?"

"No, that's what Veronica said..." I stopped.

"Aha! Ralph, I sense a mystery. Veronica isn't your wife's name is it?"


"So who is she? You can tell me. I don't know your wife or family. I won't tell."

I looked at Patricia. Why shouldn't I tell her?

"OK. It's like this. Veronica is a professional lady."

"The oldest profession?"

I nodded.

"So tell me about Veronica, please."

"I visit her every Friday evening on the way from work to the country house."

"What does she do?"

"She's a dominatrix. At least she is a dominatrix for me. She plays other parts for other customers. I visit her, she orders me around and then we have sex - at least we used to until my visit Friday last week."

"What happened on that visit?"

"I brought her a present. She wasn't pleased with me."

"Why not?"

"She considered that it might change our relationship which was a commercial transaction. If she accepted a present from me it would make our interaction more personal. She didn't want that."

Patricia reached out and took my hand. She held it against her body.

"I think I can understand Veronica's concern. What happened?"

"Our relationship changed anyway because we started talking to each other as people, not as prostitute and customer. She had already been worried that she meant more to me than she should. She did. She was the only outlet for me from a boring job and an estranged family. I took the present to Veronica because my wife would not understand it even if our marriage were much better. She could not value a work of art for its own sake, only if it had a price tag on it. She couldn't tell a Turner from a Constable and wouldn't want to. I knew that Veronica would esteem the present for itself."

"Did she?"

"You are assuming that she accepted it."

"I know she did. She did, didn't she?"

"Yes, Patricia. She did."

"Did she appreciate it as a work of art?"


"So what was this mysterious present?"

"A pair of hand-embroidered red silk French Knickers."

Patricia started giggling and then broke into full-scale laughter. I started laughing as well. When we calmed down again she asked:

"And were they a work of art?"

"They were, and are. They were covered in a beautifully worked scene of an Indian festival. A procession started on one leg, wound its way round and continued on the other leg. There were sacred cows, priests and even an elephant. The faces of the crowd were distinct and individual yet it was all done in the same colour silk as the knickers."

"And now they belong to a prostitute. Did Veronica like them as a work of art?"

"Yes, Veronica, or rather the woman who works as 'Veronica' knew that they were unique. She has taken them home, not kept them at her place of work. She understood them."

"I think I'm jealous of her. I'd love to have something like that."

"But my wife wouldn't. They would be too fussy and she'd never wear them or even look at them. I suspect that 'Veronica' might mount them so that they can be seen."

"What did she give yo

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