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This time they all get a turn

He tells Vanessa, "Take a break, Mistress."

Maria says "No, please sir. I'm very close." Vanessa pulls out. He whisper in Vanessa's ear. She thanks him, gives him a big kiss and walks over to the bed to lay down. She begins to cuddle up to Sue and play with her.

I hear Mistress say "God, I love your hot body, sub." Fuck, I need to get fucked good!

John bends over near Maria's ear as he rubs her outer labia, "So you are close, sub?"

She says "Yes, Master, please!"

He says "No, no, no, you are going to wait to cum. I'm going to spank you now."

She says "Please Master!!" John begins to spank her ass cheeks and she's counting. He gets to twenty and then rubs her ass for a while. He then stands and slips into her and starts to fuck her fast. She's moaning loudly. Just as she's really breathing hard and sounds like she's ready to cum, he pulls out. She says "Noooooooo, please, Master."

He says "I'm going to let you stew in your juices for awhile." He bends down and licks her pussy, sticking his tongue in her vagina. He then moves the plug around a little, lights the candle and walks over to me. Yay!! He twists the plug in my ass and I moan loudly. That was a mistake.

He smacks my ass hard and says "Shut up, bad girl. No sounds from you." He reaches around and slaps my right breast. I start to scream but I catch it making only a short sound. He grabs both nipples, pinch and twist them. Shit!! I'm dying to scream but I do good and don't make a sound.

He says "Very good, slut. I think I'll fuck you for a while as a reward." John slips into me and begins to fuck me hard. Three minutes into it, I'm starting to breath heavily he reaches around and pinches my nipples again.

I squeal and he pulls out. I say "Nooooo!" He grabs the crop and starts to beat my ass good. He gives me twenty-five swats with the crop and then feels my pussy. Pussy juice is just flowing out of me. I can feel it running down my thighs. God, now he's licking my juices out of my cunt. Then he releases me and turns me around on the cross. He pinches my clit. I scream. So he slaps my vulva hard and tells me to shut up. Oh, my God!! I really need to cum!!

Vanessa has turned Sue over and Sue is cumming again while Vanessa is fucking her. Since Sue has cum earlier, she cums fairly hard with the strap-on.

Back at Maria, John begins to finger her. He then grabs the candle and shows her. "I'm going to see how you like the hot wax, sub." He begins to drop wax on her back and ass. Maria is moaning constantly now. She's doing great though. John gives her the wax for five minutes. She got a lot of wax on her. He grabs the flogger and begins to flog the wax off of her. When he's done, he asks Maria, "Color, sub."

She says "Green, Master but please fuck me."

He says "Since you've been a good little sub, I will fuck you to orgasm. I need to cum too now."

She smiles. John begins to fuck her hard and tells her to hold off as long as she can.

She says "I'll try Master." He fucks her roughly for five minutes and she says "Master, I can't hold off any longer. Please, may I cum."

He says "Cum my wonderful sub. Cum all you want." She screams and begins to cum very hard. He continues to fuck her and she continues to cum. Four more minutes and he finally loses control and Maria screams again. It's a pretty hard cum for John too. He's breathing very hard. God, I wish that was me he was cumming in.

Vanessa is done with Sue and she rushes over to John and says "Master, I want your cum." John pulls out of Maria and Vanessa begins to eat the cum out of her after cleaning John off.

John walks back over to me and pinches my nipples again.

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