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Carin is determined to find out about her sexuality.

Deftly he wrapped his palm around his dick and began squeezing slowly working his hand up and down. As Callie nibbled and sucked on her pen lid he fought to keep his eyes open and his face a resemblance of normal, Callie glanced up and smiled at him. Could she tell what he was doing? God I hope so he admitted to himself and felt a tiny spurt of pre cum spill from his dick as he thought about her full wet lips taking it in, her little red head bobbing up and down under the table, she would swallow, he could just tell she would.

He shuddered as he climaxed and came over the underside of his desk. Quickly he put himself away and grabbing some tissues wiped the desk and his hands, just seconds before Callie put down the phone and got herself up and headed for the photocopying room. He watched her cute little ass swing its way behind that closed door and imagined grabbing it, biting it, squeezing it, fucking it. He wanted to do so many god damned dirty things to her, he knew she wanted him to, he saw her watching him, he knew what she wanted. And he wanted to give it to her. Seize the moment Alex!

He steadied himself and got up to follow her. Not the most romantic place in the world, granted. But he had to have her and he was going to have her now.

Callie swept her hand down through her hair and gave the copier a final kick.

"Piece of shit!" she shouted at it and jumped in fright as a reply came from behind her.

"Your right you know, we need a new let me..."

Callie jumped and span around, confusion and puzzlement registered on her face and then embarrassment, Alex made his way towards her. Is it just me or is he looking at me too much? She thought. He brushed past her, allowing himself to graze her hip gently, she felt her underwear immediately moisten just at the nearness of him, he fiddled with the buttons of the copier and suddenly it started firing out her paper work. He didn't move away as she thanked him, and he continued staring into her eyes.

"What?" she asked, blinking her own blue eyes up into his.

"Nothing" he smiled, half losing his nerve. This was probably harassment. He could lose his job if she ever reported him, but he couldn't help it. He wanted her mouth, her pussy, her smell, and her breasts. He wanted all of her. It was such a basic need he thought, much like a hungry man confronted with a loaf of bread and an absent shopkeeper.

"Alex, is everything ok?" Callie asked, putting a friendly hand on his arm. He shuddered and leaned down to kiss her neck. Only one-way to find out how she feels.

Her body couldn't lie. He felt her pulse quicken as he brushed his smooth lips down her neck from just below her ear to the base of her throat, she shivered when he gently licked the hollow there. And pushed herself against him, his cock immodestly hardened and he pushed her back against the photocopier, grinding himself against her. She moaned softly in eager want of what she could feel was inside his trousers as the photocopier hit the wall under the joint weight of their bodies.

Callie lifted her head so that she could reach his mouth and thrust her tongue against his and massaging it hungrily, he reciprocated her ardour just as passionately as he lifted her up onto the photocopier, her already short and tight enough skirt riding up to reveal a creamy expanse of her left thigh and her stocking.

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