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Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique.

As she straddled me she put her right arm underneath her right tit and then grabbed her left tit. She leaned forward and presented her hard nipple to my mouth. I opened wide and engulfed her entire nipple and began suckling hard on it and running my tongue over the pronounced tip. Jean groaned in pleasure. I noticed her massaging her tit as I sucked on her nipple. I could feel the bumps on her areola with my tongue. I bit lightly down, squeezing the entirety of her big nipple between my teeth. She groaned again and pushed her tit further into my face. I began sucking again and then nibbled on just the tip.

"Oh God Dan! You are a fast learner, aren't you?" I saw no need for a response and just kept licking, sucking and nibbling. I put my hands on her ass and began massaging it while I continued to enjoy her tit and nipple. My cock was rock hard and pressed against her abdomen. I thrust my hips up and down slightly and began rubbing it against her. She immediately took the cue and began gyrating on top of me which increased the contact on my cock and pulled and tugged on her tit which I was still firmly latched on to. Then she pulled her tit away and moved her body slightly so my cock was rubbing against her bush.

"Oh Dan! You're so hard!"

She rubbed her furry crotch up and down along my cock a few times and then as she raised her body up I felt her cunt lips part and my cock was sliding back and forth through the soft wet smoothness of her cunt slit. She was slowly grinding her hips and with each backward gyration the head of my cock rubbed against her clit.

"Ohhh!" She groaned.

She did this for a minute or 2 moaning and groaning while alternately looking at me and closing her eyes and raising her head. Then she raised her hips above my cock and raised one knee and put one foot flat on the bed so her cunt was raised high. Then she grabbed my cock and pulled it straight up from my body so that it was positioned under her crotch. She lowered her body so that my cock split open her cunt lips. She groaned as she moved the head of my cock back and forth and her body twitched as she rubbed it against her clit. It was absolutely amazing watching her as she did this. Her facial expression was beautiful. She was so intense as her hips gyrated against my hard cock. Her body would occasionally twitch and her big tits were swaying and jiggling. Her thighs were quivering. Then she looked down and pushed my cock back to the entrance of her womanhood. I felt a slight resistance from her tight cunt and then my cock began to disappear as her body lowered. Jean's mouth opened and she gasped as she slowly and deliberately forced my cock deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. My mouth opened also, as much in awe than anything else as I saw this voluptuous woman impale herself on my cock. It was my cock! I couldn't believe it! With an inch to go I felt the head of my cock stop its penetration as it nestled against her cervix. She was completely full with my cock. She moved her right foot back and was on both knees above me again. She knew there was more cock left. Her face had a look of concentration on it as she looked down at our connection. I saw her grimace slightly as she pushed down further and my cock pushed her womb further into her abdomen. She raised up slightly and pushed down again with another small grimace and gasp. She did it once more and then with my cock entirely inside of her she began to gyrate her hips grinding her pussy and clit against me and massaging my cock in the tight grip of her cunt.

She was breathing heavily and moaning and looked at me with almost a blank look on her face. Her tits were jiggling above me as she ground her cunt into me. Her left tit and nipple were a little red and a little more swollen from my sucking and biting. I reached up and squeezed it and then massaged and tugged on her big stiff nipple. This brought her out of her reverie.

"Oh God Dan!"

I began pinching and tugging harder on her nipple.

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