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Renovation quote is more than one husband bargained for.

She quickly pulled the underwear up, stepped into the skirt, and zipped it up. They began kissing again, one naked and the other fully clothed, but the individuals reversed. Katelyn looked back up to the screen behind her, and her mouth dropped open as now one of the giant faces staring at the girls was her own.

She looked around the room, and didn't see any cameras, but clearly they must have been somewhere. The image wasn't live, since the face was not moving as she moved now. Katelyn was embarrassed to see how flushed she looked on the screen, and how she could see a little perspiration on her upper lip. Suddenly, to her horror, she realized that the screen was showing a loop of her reaction when the one girl had pulled the other's panties down with her teeth. Katelyn was glad no one was there to watch as her giant face transitioned from merely flushed and interested, to a look of surprise, to pure lust as her mouth opened, letting out that moan over and over again.

Katelyn looked back down at the two women, and the naked one was starting to unbutton the other's blouse, just as had been done to her a few minutes ago. Part of Katelyn wanted desperately to watch the show again, to see if this girl would use her teeth to strip the other, to see if she did anything new, but knowing that her face was going to be shown on the screen, showing her arousal and any glimmer of lust that appeared on her face, was too humiliating. Katelyn figured that was why the guys had left before her, it made them uncomfortable to watch themselves as they watched the show. Katelyn reluctantly shuffled on to the next room. As she left, she saw the title of the installation. "Do You Like to Watch?"

In the next room the roped off area contained a woman who was standing behind a curtain. Well actually there was a horizontal hoop with curtains hanging in a circle around the woman from near her shoulders down to the floor. The woman's shoulders were bare, and Katelyn wondered if she were naked, but there was no way to tell standing behind the ropes. Coming out from underneath the curtains, a cable snaked out from the roped off area, and connected to some kind of exercise bike. A sign on the wall said "Art or Porn?" Katelyn was still trying to figure all of this out when the woman spoke to her.

"Hi," the woman said, "are you enjoying the show?"

"Hum... it's.... uhm... interesting," Katelyn stumbled out, still flustered from her arousal at the two girls kissing in the previous room.

"Interesting," the woman laughed, "I'll take that, I guess. I was hoping for 'mind-blowing,' or 'shocking,' or 'life-changing,' or even 'thought-provoking.' But 'interesting' will have to do."

"Oh," Katelyn was having difficulty putting it together. "Are you the artist?"

"Guilty as charged. Wouldn't be good to be a performance artist and not be part of the performance."

"Oh," smiled Katelyn, "then I'll change my answer to 'mind-blowing.' I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to 'life-changing' yet."

"Oh good!" The artist seemed genuinely pleased. "I do like to provoke. And I'm glad you said 'yet', so I still have time."

"The first piece, the pedestal, that was really clever. I mean, at first I thought, like, what the fuck, but when she put on the smock and started cleaning, that was awesome. And the look on the guys' faces," Katelyn giggled, "I don't think they liked it."

The artist laughed, and they talked about the roles of women as either sexual objects or servants.

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