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Wife and Husband cross a line they can't come back from.

Mila unfastened her own skirt and began to trace tiny circles on the nub of her clitoris. She worked faster and more frantically, huffing with effort as her clitoris grew. It popped out an inch, which Mila took between her fingertips and started kneading, seemingly pulling it outward. It thickened as it took on length, blood pulsing through it and expanding it with throbbing currents until Mila let out a loud cry and it exploded into full size: a ferociously thick and long cock, blessed with a blood-dark and angry head.

The demoness gripped it and went to insert it into Vicky's quivering snatch, but the height difference between the short librarian and the Amazonian goddess caused a problem with positioning. Mila's frown switched into a leering grin as she placed a hand on Vicky's butt and squeezed hard.

Through all of this, Vicky had worked diligently. Even though she wanted to face her mistress, to see what was going on, to embrace and kiss her, she continued to plumb the depths of the internet and the university archives. However, when her mistress gripped her backside and she felt an itchy tingling up her legs she couldn't resist looking down.

Vicky blinked in astonishment. Her legs, once short, pale, and a little thin, were swiftly changing. The muscles became toned and richly developed as the legs grew longer, the skin taking on a creamy cappuccino colour. The keyboard and monitor grew farther away as Vicky's height increased, inch by inch, until she stood just shy of six foot.

'Perfect,' Mila said, admiring the toned ass which had been brought closer to her and in line with her own pelvis. She positioned the cock and thrust in, striking deep into Vicky's vagina. The librarian fell forward in surprise, sending the keyboard flying. Mila continued to thrust, though with softer strokes this time, and bent over to pick up her surprised thrall. The demoness reached her hands around to Vicky's breasts and pulled her back up.

'Work,' she whispered into Vicky's ear, her thick, full lips brushing against the librarian's earlobes. A spasm rippled through Vicky's crotch as she reluctantly tapped out another search into the computer. Mila's hands continued to play with Vicky's breasts, questing for her nipples over the fabric of her work shirt, until they stopped.

Mila pulled herself back, drawing her hands over the shirt and ripping it open at the buttons. The long, sensuous fingers traced their way over the well-filled bra underneath. 'Naughty girl,' Mila chided. She dived her fingers into the bra and plucked out two 'chicken fillets'. Without the artificial padding, the librarian seemed almost flat chested. 'Do you dream of having bigger breasts?' Mila asked.

'Yes,' Vicky moaned, partly in answer to the question, partly in response to the huge shaft plunging deep into her burning core.

Mila tore away the bra and what remained of the shirt, then pinched the girl's pink nipples with her fingernails. Vicky bit her lip to suppress screaming out at the sharp pain. The demoness continued to pinch, and started pulling on them hard. Vicky's small breasts became pinched and taut as they were pulled outward. Mila adjusted the rhythm of her thrusting, taking a slower, more powerful pace. As her hips banged into Vicky's arse, sending out a meaty slapping sound through the library, a wave of pressure rode upward from Vicky's cunt toward her chest. Each thrust caused the taut breasts to round out slightly as they filled outward from chest to nipple. Mila kept pulling, pinching and thrusting, and Vicky watched as the breasts slowly expanded, increasing through the cup sizes until they blocked her view of the keyboard beneath her.

Mila let go of the sore nipples, which had now puffed up several sizes to match the vastly increased bust.

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