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A young man experiences sex with prostitutes.

Was I getting a thing for feet? I gave a wolf whistle and said "Lady, you are hot."

"Why thank you sir. You aren't bad yourself." Then she turned around in it and when facing me again, put her hand on her hip and gave a little wiggle as she walked across the room. "Do you really think this is OK? I mean I haven't worn anything like this in a long time. You don't think he will...well think I' know?"

"Think you are one beautiful woman? I think he will or I'll have his head examined. Where is he taking you?"

"To St. Marie's. It's really a lovely place, good food, dancing."

"Maybe I better have a little talk with him about not getting fresh and having you home on time."

"Yes and maybe I'll have your head examined after I hit it with a frying pan. Don't wait up for you mom."

The next night I had late classes so it was a night off work. I had told mom I was going out also and most likely see her in the morning and we can exchange notes on our dates. But as it turned out, my girl friend had to cancel as her mom was feeling well so I just had a little phone sex with her that night. I was laying in my bed on my back, a picture of my girl at the beach with out her top, one hand moving up and down my shaft while I held the phone to my ear with the other. I was horny as hell and I could hear her moaning. It wouldn't take long for the two of us to get off when I heard the down stairs door open with a bang. I told my girl I would call her back.

Still in just my boxers, my cock semi hard I stole down the hall way to the stairs and slowly made my way down. I saw a light in the living room. I made it part way when I heard my mom's voice. At first I felt a sigh of relieve and started to call out when I realized what she was saying.

"Ohhh Jack. I've had nothing but my fingers to please my pussy with for so long. Please, I need you. Fuck me. Ram that sweet prick I've had my hands on all night into me."

"Damn Nancy, you almost sucked it right off me in the car. But I think I can take care of that moist cunt of yours. Damn you have lovely tits. Strip for me. Give me a little lap dance and be my whore for the night. I'll fuck you in every hole and you won't need your fingers anymore late at night. Hey, wait are you sure your son won't be home?"

"He's out fucking his slut girl friend tonight. So you like these boobs of mine? You make me blush."

"Yea, I can see your cute little nipples getting all red. Now come here and let me suck on those lovely tits."

I moved to the entrance of the room. One part of me wanted to toss him out, yet I couldn't. I put myself in a position where I could see them on the couch, my mom with her dress half off, her big and yes they are bit tits exposed and Jack with he mouth sucking on one like a baby whose is half starved. I couldn't see what mom was doing with her hand but I got a good idea when Jack moaned.

"Ohhh, baby, yea jack that cock. You tits taste great. I would love to cum all over them."

"Honey, you can cum on me or in me any way you wish. I loved getting a mouth full of your man juice (Man Juice? Mom!!) in the car. Now I want it up my pussy. Fuck me. Here on the floor. Take me you fucker."

Mom got up and let her dress fall to her feet. Her panties were black, french cut with lace (hey I like sexy panties on my girls). She slid her hand into her panties and there was no question as what she was doing. I watched and my cock got bigger as she played with her cunt with one hand and pulled on one of her nipples with the other. Sliding the hand out of her pussy she brings it to her lips.

"Ummm, my juices are nice and sweet. Don't you want a taste?"

Jack is up and stripping his clothes off. When naked he goes to her and gets on his knees before her. As my hand grabs my throbbing cock his face gets filled with her lovely pussy. I watch as mom puts her hands on the back of his head and tilts her head back. "Ohhh, yea. Eat me. Fuck my pussy with that tongue of yours. Ohhhh, fuck. My clit baby. Work on my clit. Make mommy cum."

When she said mommy I n

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