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Jason texts and sexes a would-be employer.

She stretched out her now gloveless hand and traced a red fingernail down his arm from his wrist to his chest, causing him to shudder as she ran her finger along the inside of his forearm. He felt his cock stirring again and his face flushed in embarrassment as he wrestled with his conflicting emotions.

'Hmmmm you are a pretty slender little thing. Aren't you glad we've got rid of those horrid unflattering clothes?' Stevie tried to answer, but couldn't find his voice, and didn't know what he was going to say anyway. So he just swallowed nervously. She put her hands on his shoulders to reassure him and gently stroked his cheek. 'Let's get you all prettied up, shall we?'

The woman leaned against him making him acutely aware of her breasts against his body and couldn't help but look down her blouse and stare longingly at the black lacy bra, her pale white breasts and the darkness between them. Her hands disappeared behind his back and Stevie felt her fastening something around his waist; a kind of belt, but with thin straps dangling down around his thighs. His brain was woolly and he couldn't think of the name of it; something sexy and old fashioned.

'Give me your foot, Stevie,' the woman's voice was husky as he obediently raised his foot. It was trembling somewhat as she took it and rested it against her stomach. He felt the slippery material beneath his bare heel as she grasped it tightly. She ran her other hand up his leg, caressing it gently and Stevie was shocked to realise that he had smooth silky legs: he was further alarmed to see that he had no body hair anywhere. 'Mmmm. Your skin is beautifully smooth and soft you know.' She bent Stevie's leg up and gently kissed his knee.

Stevie saw her put something dark and soft on his toes and then she slowly and carefully unrolled a stocking up first one leg and then the other. She deftly fastened the stockings to the suspender belt, caressing the flesh framed at the top of his thighs. The delicate tug of the stockings over his legs was so delicious that he sighed out loud. He felt her cool firm hands on his hot skin and his cock, recovering its equanimity, twitched close to her face. His cock jutted out proudly and feeling his embarrassment slipping away, he gave himself up to the pleasure his body was feeling.

'You enjoying the feeling of these stockings honey?' she looked up at him, smiling and Stevie shuddered as she took hold of his cock and skillfully took it into her mouth. He felt her tongue swirl around the head and her warm wet mouth engulfing his whole cock, quickly and expertly sliding her mouth up and down. He felt the delicious double sensation of his cock being buried in the hot moist mouth and the soft lace of the woman's veil stroking it as she bobbed her head up and down. His cock was swallowed up and he felt her throat close around it; gripping the head tightly. Stevie had never felt anything so exquisite and it was only the shortest of times before he came shuddering in her mouth. The woman swallowed and demurely wiped her hand on a white lace edged hankie. 'That's better. Best to get it out of the way.' her voice sounded thick with lust and satisfaction.

Stevie struggled to get his breathing back to normal as his senses were sent reeling again as he felt her hand running the length of his leg. The sensation of her hand stroking his nylon encased thigh caused the after shocks still coursing through his body to intensify and he groaned aloud in pleasure.

'Feet!' Her commanding voice pierced his reverie and he obediently lifted one leg and then the other as she slipped some panties slowly up his long legs. The panties were tight fitting, despite his erection having been 'got out of the way' and he felt his cock nestling against the black slippery material. The panties fitted closely around his thighs and hips edged with black lace. They felt snug around his bottom too and if he moved his body from side to side he could feel his cock slide against the slippery fabric.

When he kept still however, a ve

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