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A English virgin travels to Reykjavik for a one night stand.

I blacked out. I have no idea how long for, but the dildo was still going in and out when I woke up. My pussy ached. I had more orgasms then passed out again.

When I woke up the machine had stopped but the dildo was still inside me, deep inside me. I looked round the room; Kailene was motionless on her bed.

Angie looked down to me. "You did well; you lasted nearly 90 minutes before passing out."

I turned my head towards Kailene.

"She's okay, Luke's just switched her machine off; she lasted a couple of minutes longer than you," Angie said, "We'll leave you to rest for a while."

After a couple of minutes, Kailene's head turned towards me. We couldn't speak, but when I nodded, Kailene nodded back. I drifted off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up that damn machine was at it again; and I felt like I had just had yet another orgasm.

Angie let us have one more orgasm, with Luke and Ashley filming; before switching the machines off and un-tying us. She led us outside; it was dark by then; and we relaxed in the pool before going inside for some food and drinks.

Luke explained that he wanted a naught schoolgirl scene where the girls got their bare backsides spanked. I was all for it, but Kailene wasn't so keen. Luke thought for a minute then said that I could do the spanking scene and that Kailene could hang around, watch and get pleasured at the same time. Kailene was so pleased that her backside wasn't going to get tanned that she forgot to ask exactly what Luke meant.

Luke told us that we'd start filming again in the morning, and told us where to get some sleep.

Next morning; well, middle of, we emerged and Luke told us that everything was set-up. He told us that it was probably best if we got the next scenes out of the way before breakfast.

Luke took me outside to where there was a table near the pool. On the table was a schoolgirl's uniform which he told me to put on. As I was doing that I saw Kailene walking with the others, round the side of the villa.

There were 3 cameras set-up pointing towards the table.

Luke took some footage of me standing there in the uniform, saying that he'd edit a teacher's role into it later. I then had to pretend to be shocked and slowly take the uniform off.

Next I had to stand in front of the table and bend over it before Luke started swatting my bare backside with a table tennis bat. I didn't have to count them but there were something like 50 and my backside was hurting, and my pussy was wet.

Next, Luke removed his trousers belt and gave me something like 50 hard swats with the belt. It hurt like hell. Tears were running from my eyes, but at the same time I was thinking about the ache in my pussy.

Luke stopped and asked me if I was okay. I said, "Yes, more please." I'm not sure why I said that; I must have been mad. My pussy must have taken control of me.

Ten swats later, I couldn't feel any more pain; but I certainly could feel the orgasm that was about to hit me. And it did. It was just as intense as the others that I'd had there.

When it subsided Luke told me to put the school uniform on again. Putting those goddamn knickers on hurt. Fortunately I didn't have to keep them on for long and Luke told me that I could strip and cool my backside in the pool.

When my backside felt better I got out and walked towards where I had seen Kailene go. When I turned the corner, there was Kailene; she was hanging upside down by her spread ankles, with her beautiful, silky black hair hanging below her. Her wrists were tied behind her back. She was high enough for her to have Ashley's dick in her mouth. The really interesting part was that there was one of these Hitachi Magic Wand things hanging between her legs so that the ball end of it was resting on her clit. She was having a different type of orgasm torture.

I watched as Kailene had more orgasms, and Ashley teased her mouth with his dick. After a few minutes, and a few moans from Kailene, Ashley pulled out and shot his load all over Kailene's face. Kailene licked her lips.

Luke replaced Ashley and after ano

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