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Payback is a major bitch. Literally!

This caused me to cough so he let me up to breathe a second.

"Oh god Tommy are you OK?" Ms. Mitcham asked with concern in her voice.

I looked over at her trying to catch my breath. Her concern apparently didn't stop her from pinching her nipple and rubbing her sloppy wet cunt. I couldn't believe this was all happening, she looked so amazing.

Turning to her I said with tears in my eyes "Yes Ma'am, I'm fine." Saying this was made a bit awkward because Roy was slapping his cock against the side of my cheek. Then he shoved it back deep into my throat and started fucking my mouth in earnest.

He had a good rhythm going and I was taking him all the way down my throat as he grunted and fucked my mouth. His grunts were building in intensity and I thought I was going to make him cum. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so badly I couldn't believe it, but he had other plans.

He pulled his cock from my mouth with a loud grunt and slapped my face with it a few more times and started laughing, but not in a mean way.

"Wholio fuck Boy," Roy exclaimed heartily, "You almost made me pop all over that pretty face of yours."

I was on my knees and he still had a fist full of my long hair. I couldn't help but look over at Ms. Mitcham who was rubbing herself into a frenzy on the couch next to me.

"Haha, Ruthie girl," Roy bellowed, "looks like this Boy wants some of that fine cunt of yours."

"Jesus Roy," Ms. Mitcham complained, "the nasty things you say."

Again her protests we given the lie as she spread her legs wider to give me view of the first pussy I had really seen up close and personal. She was a big lady, but she was shaved smooth, with big puffy lips. With his fist full of my hair he dragged me over between her thick thighs and shoved my face into her snatch.

At first I was just licking about as Ms. Mitcham gyrated her hips trying to get my tongue to go where she wanted. I had no idea how to go down on a woman, whereas sucking cock seemed pretty obvious to me, home field advantage I guess.

So I licked her juicy cunt all over which she seemed to like at first but quickly became frustrated with. Then I stuck my tongue inside her and tried to kind of fuck her with it. My tongue was way too short to get anything like that done in any serious way I could tell as soon as I tried. I wandered lost in her fat wet pussy for a bit before Roy helped me out.

"Boy, suck on that little nubbin there." Roy said chuckling as he moved my head by my hair.

"That's it Boy" he exclaimed as Ms. Mitcham moaned deeply "suck that clit good."

I had apparently hit on the right thing to do as I sucked the hard little button of her clit between my soft lips and sucked gently while rubbing my tongue across the tip of it. Ms. Mitcham started moaning and grinding her hips into my face. I was fascinated and my throbbing cock was loving how her body moved. Roy eventually let go of my hair, but Ms. Mitcham grabbed a double handful herself as she ground away against my lips and tongue.

"Oh lordy, oh God Tommy" She moaned in a deep gravelly voice, "such a good Boy, so sweet, making me feel so good."

I was pretty proud of myself pleasing her so well. My cock was aching for some attention, so I reached back and gave it a squeeze as I wondered if I would get to fuck Ms. Mitcham. Roy then decided to make his presence obvious again.

"Jeeeezuz H Christ Boy" he exclaimed, "from back here you two look like a couple a hot lesbos goin at it."

He smacked my ass hard, making me cry out, the sound muffled into Ms. Mitcham's pussy and drowned out by her moans. Then he grabbed my shorts and pulled them down over my hips, leaving my underwear clad ass exposed.

"Ohhh fucking hell Boy," he chortled slapping my ass even harder "what the fuck are you wearing? Those panties you got on there Boy?"

I wanted to cry out that no, they were most certainly were not panties; they were men's bikini briefs.

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