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Brotherly love or lust?

It was quickly joined by two male hands that went over her shapely, rounded cheeks. She didn't object. After a prolonged hunt for the napkin, she stood tall then went to the facing sofa and continued serving. The crowd behind that sofa moved behind the other one. When she served the second couple, she again 'dropped' a napkin and bent over for another show. There was no hesitation for the ten hands to slide up her dress and over her ass so it and her wet mound were again exposed. This time someone cupped her mound; I think it was Steve. Laura agreed and slipped her hand into my slacks, saying "Meat for the goose is meat for the gander!" She wrapped her hand around my bare, stiff cock and gently rubbed it. The room was very quiet.

Sue stood and straddled the leg of the last person on the sofa. With her legs spread and her pussy 'unknowingly' exposed, Maria slid up her tensed thighs and held her pussy. Everyone seated could see up her snatch to the narrow fuzzy strip above it. The rest subtly dropped utensils or just bent brazenly for a better look. FINALLY noticing everyone looking at her groin, she smiled and said proudly, "It's about time you noticed my beautiful, custom, unique, gossamer silk panty! You see how smooth it is and so light I hardly know I'm wearing it." She pinched the bottom hem at the sides and lifted her dress to her hips so she could show off her special panty. "There, you see how they don't even hold a wrinkle? They are supposed to look like I'm nude. By the tents on the men, I guess I fooled you! HA! Though I'm sure many men are inspired and aroused by the sight of thin panties alone and the camel toes they produce. These are so loose, there is no camel toe. Sawwry guys!"

She held the dress a bit higher and walked close to one sofa then the other one to show off her custom panty. As she walked, her small pubic patch and even her navel were visible. She beamed. She looked so proud of her special purchase. When she had completed her tour of all the seating, I cheekily called out "Honey, not all of us can see them, especially from any distance since they blend so well into you. Why don't you stand on a chair, or better two, so we can all admire them? Lou, help her up." She's always up for a dare. Laura elbowed me.

Two sturdy chairs quickly appeared at the edge of the room and the coffee table was moved aside. As Lou helped her step up onto the chair, her pussy appeared and gaped open for a few of us. The sweet, sticky ooze yielded abruptly and a low 'smack' signaled the parting of her labia. Lou nudged one foot to the second chair about a foot away so her feet were more than two feet apart. With her legs spread wide, I suggested that she just take off her dress so we could all admire her new silk garment easily. "You can leave the bra on if you like, but most of us have already seen you completely naked several times." Sucking her finger like a child, she thought about it as she scanned the spectators.

"I don't know why you want to see my panty again, but if I'm raising the stakes, I want every man here to lose his pants before I lose my dress. It's only fair." Four couples left, not knowing where this would end up, or maybe because they did. "And you ladies are losing your dresses next!" Four more men were dragged out of the party. The rest of us had quick help taking our pants off. I had three women drag mine off, then the briefs followed. My stiff cock pointed straight out under my polo shirt and Maria shared it with Laura. I looked around and confirmed that all the women left had already had their fingers and mouths in Sue's pussy. In fact, so had all the men, in addition to their cocks. I think Sue would have liked one new couple to stay and play.

Sue briefly watched MY women handle and honor my straight, stiff cock.

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