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"Grab at it. It's the first tit you've held since you were a baby," ordered Maggie although she was not usually so crude.

His grip tightened on my 'tit' until Maggie called, "Good. Again ..." so we took our positions. This time on cue Tony grabbed Cynthia's breast and started kneading it. "Keep it like that," said Maggie as she retreated to her favourite chair and told us to put on our robes against the chill and join her. 'Keep it like that' was Maggie's sign that she was happy.

"Rob, I want Tony to keep that fire built up inside. You help out here, Cynthia. Back right off him while you're telling him your side of the horse brasses saga, leave him panting. Then tease him in your lines about the cow pat. See what I mean: In, out, in, out. Play with your toy. He's yours to take any time you like. Then he'll be ready for the chase."
Maggie turned to the rest of the group and said she wouldn't need them any further tonight. Some stayed on and rehearsed their lines over in the corner but most packed up and left. Somebody made us all a coffee as Maggie expanded on how she saw the rest of the scene developing and it was a totally new departure. Were we happy making the scene very erotic with lots of close contact? She asked. Rob looked at me and nodded so I told Maggie we could do it.

When we had finished our coffee Maggie told us to start from the bedroom door and we'd run through right to the end. But of course it wasn't that easy. The convoluted plot had various members of the cast knocking on the door at critical points in the seduction to give Cynthia news of the outrageous happenings around the swimming pool -- happenings that Cynthia had deliberately set up. Maggie supplied all the interruptions but she wanted increasingly frustrated emotion from Cynthia as she had to pop her head round the bedroom door to answer them.

We worked on and on into the night until we finally ran through the full scene to Maggie's satisfaction. The whole scene had been transformed from a comic caper into a steamy, almost pornographic, seduction which made the contrast of the ridiculous interruptions even more hilarious.

Maggie called it a day and gave us a lift back to our place. She wanted to get home so she refused my offer of tea or coffee but I made a cuppa for me and Rob and we sat dunking biscuits and talking through that last scene. I complimented him on his restraint this evening. He hadn't done anything more than Maggie told him and hadn't tried to take any advantage.

"No problem, Mum. It's not Cynthia I fancy." He stood up, bent and kissed me on the lips, but chastely. "It's you!" Then he went to his room leaving me staring into my empty teacup. But I couldn't discern my future in the dregs.

The next night Maggie had us do that final scene again with the rest of the cast knocking on that door. The others had seen just the start of the scene from last night and there were several gasps from them as each erotic move was introduced and laughed at the high camp of the interruptions. When Tony and Cynthia pulled the bedclothes over their heads, the whole cast burst into spontaneous applause -- but it wasn't for us, it was for Maggie's skill as the director and she bowed in appreciation.

The week passed quickly and advanced ticket sales seemed to be better than usual. Maybe that's because we all decided we didn't want kids in the audience because of that last scene. So the tickets and posters advertised 'Adults only'. Opening night went off with few hitches and the local paper printed a brilliant review next day.

The critic wrote, ".

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