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Lovers observed & blackmailed into public performance.

"What the hell are you doi..." she started to say as his hands grabbed her shoulders and he pushed her down until she was leaning across the flat surface of the piece of furniture she was against.

In a voice she knew only too well he said, "I told you that I knew the time and place slut and here you are." He forced her legs apart and lifted her dress up to her waist. He ran his hands over her ass and she heard him chuckle and then say in his disguised voice, "Looky here, no panties. The slut planned on getting some dick tonight."

She felt his cock probing, searching for her hole and then he found it and pushed. His cock slid by her pussy lips and he chuckled again.

"You are wet slut; wet and ready for a hard cock."

And she was. She was wet and ready. She had been since she left the house and anticipated making love with Rick when they got home. But she was also honest enough to admit that the sound of his voice and the way he was treating her was making her wetter. But even so she knew she had to stop it from happening - she had promised that it would only be Rick from now on. She tried to squirm away, but Ron kept her pinned down as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into her.

"Stop this Ron; you can't do this. Rick is your friend."

"Yes he is and because he is my friend I feel honor bound to fuck his wife. Better his friend get it than someone else. Twisted logic, but good pussy is good pussy."

He had his full length in her and he started fucking her with long, hard strokes and as much as she hated to admit it he felt good in her. She moaned as he pushed hard into her and he said:

"I was in my brother in law's office and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked across that alley and saw you naked in that hotel room. I saw you notice me looking and I watched while you deliberately put on that slutty show for me."

As he talked he continued to fuck her hard and even though she had promised herself that it would only be Rick from then on she was getting into it. Her body was humming with the onset of an orgasm and she was standing on the toes of her high heels trying to push her ass back at him.

"At first I thought you knew that it was me and that you were letting me know you were a slut and that I could have you if I wanted you. It was only later that I realized you only saw a form in the window and didn't know who it was. But I knew who you were and I knew that you were a slut and that sooner or later I was going to fuck you no matter what."

He kept pounding into her and she cried out as her first orgasm hit. She was moaning and pushing back at him as her body shook with the strength of it. He laughed.

"I knew you would like it slut" and he slammed his cock into her several more times and then he grunted and came just as she had another small climax. She felt his sperm hit her insides and then he pulled out of her, spun her around and pushed her down onto her knees. "Clean me slut" and he pulled her head toward him and she opened her mouth and took him in. He let her lick and suck on him for about thirty seconds and then he pushed her away.

"I want you back her in this room in thirty minutes. If you aren't here I will have to show Rick the camera phone picture that I have of you sucking a strange man's cock on the train on your way to work. Half an hour - be here!"

He turned and left the room leaving her on her knees with cum leaking out of her pussy. She was screwed, both literally and figuratively. She had no choice but to do what he wanted. She didn't even have to ask to see the photo; the fact that he knew told her everything. She stood up and all of a sudden she was very sorry that she hadn't worn panties. She could feel Ron's cum running down her inner thigh.

Thanks to Ron's tour she knew where the nearest bathroom was and she hurried to it and cleaned herself up as best she could.

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