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A pack of condoms and a twenty dollar bill.

He hands her a glass which she takes in one hand while her other deftly pulls his cock out from his zip. Watching this the tingling between your legs that had temporarily subsided was escalating again.

"Let's not forget E" said your new visitor and walked across to the bed to pass you a flute of champagne. You sit up to take it and the bed cover you had pulled up falls away showing you still in your black dress.

"Going to bed fully dressed?" he asks looking you up and down but then noticing your knickers on the floor raises an eye brow "hmmm maybe not fully dressed" and turns back to H. They are both standing by the side of the bed right above you.

Hannah is now kissing him and gently wanking him off just a step away from you. You don't know quite what to do apart from watch and then as Hannah drops to her knees and starts sucking him off you can't help but allow your own hand to wander down between your legs and play with your wetness while you watch the show.

Hannah is making slurping sounds on his cock and he is now rock hard, they can both see you pleasuring yourself and know you're enjoying watching. Hannah stops sucking him, licking his shaft and balls for a minute, sometimes looking at you with a filthy smile before rising up and leaning across you, still standing on the floor.

"Fuck me" she says and he places his flute on the bedside table before turning to face the invitation and you can tell by the look in H's eyes and then by her breathing that he is inside her, fucking her, right above you.

Her tits are bouncing around as her face moves across to yours, she tries to kiss you in between panting. Being face to face with a girl being fucked is very exciting and the hand she isn't using to support herself joins yours between your legs and she manages to finger you while being fucked.

After a good pounding he pulls out and Hannah flops down on her back at the foot of the bed. She looks up the bed, her view of your open legs and champagne flute in one hand, pulling your pussy apart with the other.

After another sip himself he removes his trousers and climbs on top of her. You have a great view as you see him enter her slowly and start pumping her again.

He does have nice big cock you think as watch him inch it into her and you feel their movement on the bed as it begin to rock then bounce, them often bashing into your feet. Both of them frequently looking up at the view between your open legs.

You watch them fuck to climax - think he is cumming, Hannah definitely is - and he then climbs off, big wet cock gleaming in the light of the hotel room, right near your face as he retrieves his flute from your bedside table.

"Enjoy watching that Ellie?" he asks. You don't say anything but smile.

Hannah answers for you "I think it's her turn now, don't you?"

"I don't think I should" you say "it's cheating on Jamie. Going with you was one thing but having sex with him... No...."

"Call Jamie and ask him then!" suggests Hannah "go on I want to see you get fucked now, you've watched me..."

"No" you repeat but while you do your male admirer is touching himself right next to you, getting erect again.

"I'll call him for you then" says Hannah and grabs your phone.

Meanwhile I'm at home on my own feeling pretty horny as the last text you sent me said you and Hannah were sharing a bed - clearly to tease me. My imagination is running wild, perhaps my hand is too, when the phone rings.

"Hi Jamie it's Hannah. So here's the thing. Ellie and I just had an ... erm ... 'thing' in bed and she is going to tell you all about it tomorrow. It was very nice" she adds.

"Now we've been joined by this charmer hunk who bought us champagne up to the room in a very shallow attempt to get into our knickers" she continued.

"And the thing is when he got here we weren't wearing any knickers and

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