Funny Wedding Porn Videos

Wayne throws a huge birthday party for Charly.

It's a stupid idea, you tell yourself, and yet you're moving forward...


You edge through the doorway. Your heart is racing... 'I'm being so dumb' you think to yourself. 'What am I doing?' And yet, you're through the door.

'Fuck it. This IS the address. He invited me over. I'm being spontaneous.'

You edge slightly further into the living room, listening for any signs of activity.


You wait for a reply, anything, to assure you that you didn't just break into a stranger's house that you're-


The voice is a low growl, coming from almost behind you, and scaring the living shit out of you. You jump back, but he's too fast for you, and if only it wasn't so dark. Your eyes didn't adjust yet, and he's already on you, behind you, his hand over your mouth before you can scream. Your shout is muffled into his palm. You try to squirm away, to fight, but he's already pushed you against a wall with his body.

You try to fight, to push away from the wall with your arms. Something cold locks around your wrist as you do, something metallic. Your arm is yanked behind you, and his other hand moves away from your mouth to grab your free arm. You go to scream, but he shoves against you hard into the wall, and the air is knocked out of you as you hear another click, another restriction of your only free arm.

His hand is already over your mouth again as you struggle to move your arms. The effort is useless; you know your hands are handcuffed together behind you. His free hand probes under your skirt, the one he told you... no, all but ordered you to wear. Your torso moves with a jerk and you feel your panties rip free. Instantly, you feel fabric being shoved into your mouth, and tape shoved over your lips. You can taste your fluids on what were your best pair of panties... were you wet? You realize your pussy is all but soaked.

"That should make you a little easier to fuck the way I want to," he whispers into your ear. His hand has moved around your neck, and your air supply cuts in half. "Be a good fuck and maybe you won't get hurt so bad."

He grabs you by your handcuffed wrists and all but throws you down the hallway, shoving you into the bedroom. A bed awaits, and you're thrown onto it without hesitation. your skirt has flipped up in the process, exposing your bare ass to your attacker. Before you can adjust, he is on top of you, sitting on your legs, and you can feel his cock grinding your ass through his pants.

You hear him unzip, and you know he is going to fuck you.

He presses the head of his cock against your pussy, and you feel it offer no resistance. 'Why am I so fucking wet?' you wonder. His hand is in your hair, and your head is pulled back, hard. At the same instant, you feel his cock penetrate you, balls deep. This is it. You're being fucked against your will.

You shudder.

This shouldn't feel so fucking good. He starts to pound your pussy, and you know he doesn't care what you want. His cock thrusts in and out of you, feeling deeper each time, rough and without care. He is violating your pussy and all you can do is squirm in vain.

You feel his thumb probe your asshole. "No! Don't! I've never had anything up there!" you shout.

Yet all that comes through the gag is a series of "mmfh!"

You feel his fingers enter your ass while he keeps fucking you. He must have had lube nearby; there is little resistance. It feels so weird, so wrong, but you get further aroused because you know he is taking what he wants, using your body as he pleases.

His cock comes out of your pussy, and his fingers are replaced by his manhood. He begins to fuck your once-virgin asshole with the same force, yanking your head back by your hair. You wish he would fuck your pussy aga-- 'Wait, why do I want him to fuck my pussy so badly? God, it was so fucking good...'

You feel him pull out of your asshole, and you slightly miss the sensation.

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