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His sister encourages his cousin to tease him.

I was breathing a little harder now and if he didn't get a move on with that towel I would be doing a rant and rave.

"You know, I can't quite decide," he said. "Part of me wants to pat you dry and then carry you off to the nearest bed. The other part wants to lay you on the floor right here and now and take you while you're all wet and slippery."

I went scarlet and it suddenly dawned on me that the odd feeling I was having was arousal. This man was seriously getting to me and I had no idea why. I'd had lots of boys chase me without really impinging on my consciousness. I mean, I always just considered then to there.

So why was I so aware of Carly's dad? He was in his forties, for crying out loud. I took a deep breath and tried to ignore his comments. Well, I guess I couldn't ignore them, but I could let him know his hopes weren't going anywhere.

"I'm sorry to dash your hopes, sir," I said politely, "but I don't sleep around. I'm still a virgin and I'm staying that way."

"Don't call me sir. Call me Adam. And don't worry about your virginity. All women suffer from it but they find it's a temporary condition."

He suddenly flicked the towel out full length and let it drift to the floor.

"Wet and slippery seems a good idea to me. Lie down on the towel. It'll be warmer and softer than the tiles."

Adam had to be mad to even consider the possibility that I was going to lie down on the towel just because he told me to. Who did he think he was? God's gift to women? I was going to take another towel and just walk out the door. I'd get dressed in the kid's room. He wouldn't dare make a scene there and wake up the kids.

Even as I was planning this course of action I found myself settling down onto the towel. A little voice was screaming, idiot, get up and run, but I was just ignoring it. Don't ask me what I was doing. I didn't have the vaguest idea. For some reason it just seemed right to do what I was told in this situation.

Adam calmly stripped of his trousers and I finally had a good look at a man's erection. I had seen some before, usually sticking coyly out of some boy's trousers why he tried to explain why it would be a good idea for me to touch it in any way he cared to imagine. I had actually touched a couple. It seemed to drive boys slightly nuts.

This one, however, was the first one I'd seen where the owner seemed determined to use it on me properly. It seemed awfully large when I thought about where he wanted to put it. I just gulped and looked away.

Adam settled down next to me. I refused to look at him but then found myself watching his hands as he started stroking my breasts. His hands looked awfully dark against my white flesh, and he was gently squeezing my breasts and teasing my nipples. I was so dreadfully conscious of my breasts. They felt swollen and sensitive and Adam's touching was confusing me.

Even worse I could feel that damned thing of his poking me in the side. I tried to move away from it and I could feel him chuckling, his chest vibrating. Until then I hadn't even noticed I was leaning against his chest.

Adam took my hand and moved it, placing it upon his erection. My hand closed over it and I could feel it. I don't think my fingers even met when wrapped around it. I found myself squeezing it and it felt hard and hot. Do men get a fever in their cock when they're erect?

For that matter, I thought I was getting a fever. I was starting to feel hot, and getting hotter all the time.

My hand started running up and down Adam's cock, trying to feel just how large it really was. Then a hand touched me and I squeaked like a mouse. I knew that he'd touch me privately at some stage but it still came as a shock when his hand closed over me, cupping my mound and squeezing.

It was about that stage that I started to lose track of what was going on. Hands seemed to be on my breasts and on my mound and cupping my bottom and just touching me everywhere. An octopus couldn't have touched me in so many places, seemingly all at once.

I now knew I was definitely feeling sick.

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