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Best friends discover each other.

Amber continued to massage her ass, occasionally letting her fingers subtly slide along Chrissy's wet slit. Feeling conspicuous of the few remaining people who were scattered along the beach, Amber continued her path down Chrissy's long legs to complete the job. Not being able to resist, Amber ran her palms all the way up Chrissy's thighs with her thumbs stroking along the insides. She let her thumbs press into Chrissy's sopping pussy one more time before continuing up her back and down her arms.

"Done," Amber whispered. Still kneeling over her, Chrissy rolled onto her butt, raising onto her elbows, causing her 36C's to thrust into the air inches away from Amber's full lips. Resisting the urge to take them into her mouth, Amber sat back on her heels in the sand. She didn't realize that her new position gave Chrissy a full view of her pussy through the transparent dampness of the white bikini bottom.

"Mmmhh. That felt great. Let me do your back also. I would hate to see that pretty pale skin of yours get burnt."

Amber loved the idea of Chrissy rubbing her hands all over her body again, but definitely needed a few sips of her cocktail first. She was feeling overheated. A bit tipsy, and very excited, Amber rolled over to let Chrissy lotion her backside. Using Amber's SPF 30 lotion, Chrissy began at her calves.

"Open your legs a bit so I don't miss a spot."

Amber complied, giving Chrissy an incredible view from her position. The damp cloth of Amber's suit had bunched a bit between her butt checks, and had also shifted enough to expose one of Amber's pink pussy lips. Running her hands in long strokes up Amber's legs, Chrissy let her tight nipples trace an erotic trail along the same path. Amber let out a shiver at the feel of not just Chrissy's hands on her body, but also her cherry red tits. Wanting further contact, Amber let her thighs fall apart even more, causing her pussy lips to spread even farther. The aroma of Amber's arousal had reached her roommates senses, and Chrissy knew at that point that her prudish roommate was finally going to let her fuck her.

With firm strokes, Chrissy massaged Amber's buttocks and thighs, repeatedly allowing her thumbs to dip into Amber's soaking wet pussy. Amber's teeth clamped down onto her bottom lip, trying to keep her whimpers inaudible. Chrissy could hear every sound she made, and those little whimpers were driving her crazy. Amber almost lost all of her self-control when Chrissy softly asked her, "Does this feel good?" Her breath felt inches away from Amber's pussy, causing Amber's only response to be limited to an affirmative moan. Chrissy continued her way up Amber's slender back, running her breasts along Amber's sensitive ass and lower back.

"Roll over," Chrissy demanded. Draped over her, Chrissy began to untie Amber's bikini top, sliding it off of her skin. Lightly straddling Amber, Chrissy reached over to grab more lotion. Spreading it along Amber's back, Chrissy traced circles in the lotion with her stiff nipples. She ran her hands along Amber's ribs, stroking the sides of her breasts. Amber leaned up on her elbows, just enough to let Chrissy reach under her and cup her firm tits. Chrissy by now was curved to Amber's body, with one leg placed between Amber's thighs. Tugging on Amber's inch long nipples, rubbing her own tits along Amber's back, Chrissy nibbled on her neck and shoulders causing Amber to moan in pleasure. Amber rocked against Chrissy's thigh, sliding her pussy and ass up and down her roommate's oiled leg making it more and more slick from her own pussy juice.

Amber loved how it felt, but was desperate to touch Chrissy back.

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