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Darryl watched, he pulled down his shorts, when Kim looked over she saw Darryl's black cock.

She lifted her mouth off of Ron's cock, the whole cock was wet and shiny. Kim stood up, she pulled off her top, then her skirt. They both watched her, she looked at Ron, "how was my mouth?"

He answered, "I don't think I had a long enough sample."

Kim said, "follow me to the bedroom, we'll be more comfortable."

She led them to the bedroom.

She crawled to the middle of the bed, rolled onto her back and opened her legs. They watched her, they couldn't believe this sexy women was inviting them between her legs.

"Darryl, come here," he crawled onto the bed and laid between her legs. She pulled him down and wrapped her arms around his neck, Kim asked him for a kiss. it was a nice kiss, long and wet.

She arched her hips, she felt his hard cock between her legs, she wanted it in her.

"Fuck me Darryl," he pushed forward, his cock slide down past pussy lips and was pressing into her ass, he was bigger than her husband.

"That's the wrong hole, my pussy wants you now."

She reached down and guided the black dick to her pussy, he pushed his hips forward, the head of his dick pushed past her lips, she moaned.

She wrapped her legs around Darryl's hips and pulled him deeper, "you're dick is big," she whispered into his ear.

Darryl slowed down, "are you okay?"

She wrapped her legs him tighter, "I want it, fuck me," she pulled him deeper.

Darryl started fucking into her, her pussy felt good, it had been awhile since he had been with a girl. He enveloped her with his arms, squeezed her and fucked her.

Kim was enjoying her first black cock, she squeezed her cunt and was starting to cum.

She was noisy, Darryl fucked harder, Kim had a loud orgasm.

Darryl kept fucking her, she kept grunting, Darryl slowed down. Kim looked up, "did you cum?"

Darryl said, "not yet." Kim asked, "do you want my mouth?"

Darryl asked her if she would turn over, "of course," she said.

He rolled off of her. Kim rolled over and crawled toward the night table, she opened the drawer and pulled out the KY. She crawled back to Darryl and rolled onto her stomach, she squeezed the KY into her hand and rubbed it between her legs, she lubricated her ass.

She grabbed Darryl's cock and lubed it, she assumed he wanted her ass. She looked over her shoulder and spread her legs, "it's ready". Kim was offering her ass to him.

Darryl pressed his cock between her ass cheeks, she lifted her hips, he pushed deep into her, he fucked her pussy. Kim smiled. She liked this position, he fucked her deep and started cumming.

Kim liked to feel spurts of cum, she pushed back and grunted, Darryl fucked harder.

When Darryl finished he stood up, Ron was sitting on the edge of the bed, she turned towards him, he was hard, his black dick was beautiful.

Kim got off the bed, stood in front of him and took his hands and put them on her breast. She held them there. She put her hands on his chest, his chest felt great.

Kim wasn't sure what Ron wanted, she could tell by his hardon that he wanted her. She knelt in front of him and looked up and opened her mouth.

She knew she was in front of one of the cameras, she slid his cock into her throat. His hand went to the back of her head.

Kim wanted the camera to capture the black cock fucking her mouth and throat, she was hoping it would give her husband a huge hard on. Kim looked up at Ron, he looked like he was ready to cum.

She pulled her mouth off his cock, "you have your choice, where do want to cum?"

"Bend over," said Ron, she stood up bent over and looked over her shoulder, "is this what you want?"

Ron stepped forward, grabbed her hips and placed the tip of his dick between her cunt lips. He pushed into her pussy, she took his whole cock. Ron had a fat cock.

Kim had been teasing Ron since he arrived, Ron wanted to cum, he fucked into her hard.

His hips were pounding into her, she wasn't ready for the hard pounding, she grunted each time he pounded into her.

She felt the bed move, Darryl crawled ont

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