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Lynette struggles to adjust to being a slave.

Pulling closer to her face he hissed, "I did not decide your fate your own family did that, and yes you are my property, which I have paid dearly for with my pride, and many miserable, lonely years alone."

She tried to move her head to the left again.

"Not until I say you can." He ripped the covers off her and with his fingernail he poked her at her legs. "Do you feel that Ellie eh, do you? Well if you ever want the damn use of them again it will be done my way understand."

He looked deep into her eyes again, "ANSWER ME! Do you understand?"

She nodded her head.


"YES HAPPY! Now will you please get the hell off of me?"

"Hum I see we are not finished with our tantrum are we?"

She glared right into his eyes, "Kill me then because I don't care anymore, my life, my body, now my friends, you've taken it all, I want to die so kill me." The tears soaked her face.

"Ah so you want to die do you?"

"The contract says I have that option so yes kill me I want to die, it's got to be better than this...HELL!"

"Oh you think so do you, not the death that I have planned for you."

"Yes I do, I'm the last Stanton once you kill me there won't be anymore and you will have your damn revenge, so do it kill me."

There was a knock on the door, "Enter!" Renald hissed.

The door opened, "Sir it's Denis from the France branch he says it's important."

"Dorie tell Denis I am extremely busy and that if he can not handle it without me I don't need him anymore and he will be fired, permanently." He glared up at Dorie. "If your clear on that then take note, I am going to be busy for the next couple of hours, I do not want to be disturbed for any reason at all, understand? Good, stay close to the door in case I need you, now get out and close the door."

"Yes sir."

Chapter 9 Ellie's Death Wish

He glared down at her, "Ah so here we are Ellie just you, me, death at my fingertips, are you ready Ellie for the pain, the suffering I choose to inflict, because there will be pain and suffering until my vengeance is sated that I can promise you. As far hell you don't know misery but I'll make sure to remedy that my dear. I said you can choose death but how you spend death is my choice. Now where to start hum?" he got off the bed then viciously ripped the blankets off the rest of the way throwing them in the corner of the room, he went to the bottom of the bed and pulled her feet down to end. She looked at him, her eyes wet and wide but she was terrified stiff. He grabbed the bottom of her nightgown ripping it all the way to her neck then pulling it from her he threw that in a corner of the room too. "Guess you don't need that anymore ether." He smiled at her with an evil grin as he started to run his fingernails down the inside of her legs. It felt like he was scratching her with broken glass, as he ran up and down over and over. As he watched the frightful tears leak from her eyes he got onto the bed doing the same to her arms then her stomach. At this point she was squirming and screaming for him to stop.

"Oh no Ellie I've only just begun I haven't even broken the skin yet."

Ellie could feel streaks of heat where ever he touched but, the scariest thing of all was, the tingling heat of desire it sent to her most privet places. "How could I be burning with desire by his touch after everything he has done to me it doesn't make sense," she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth trying to ignore the feelings. In a loosing battle of frustration as she shook with fright her dry lips managed to whisper out the words she was thinking, "Are you going to kill me... or play with me?"

He ginned at her, "I like to play with my food what can I say.

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