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Or think I was stupid because my sense of humor was different than there's. A true friend.

Clearly I hadn't found one yet. If they even exist. If one did for me, it was probably Elmo. Later while I was walking with Esquivo, I realized that there is no way Elmo was real-because there would be no acquaintance part of the friendship, or whatever there was between us. Not only would he stand out because of his name alone, but his voice would register with me--that, and his kindness. I would recognize him instantly. And nobody just walks into their soul mate friend like that. At least, not that I had ever heard of.

That night, while sitting on my bed in the dark, doing an upside down braid in my auburn hair, I hoped Elmo would visit me in my dreams again. Because even though I am a loner, I craved that companionship that not any other person could fit.

When slipping into sleep, I thought I could feel someone sitting on the bed beside me. Esquivo only laid by my feet, so I know it wasn't him. Either way, I wondered.


"I miss you"

I felt his fingers near my temple as he brushed part of my bangs back. I sat with my back resting against his chest, sitting within his bent and splayed legs. His left arm rest against my left arm; which I now slid my hand over to feel his warmth.

"I miss you too, Elmo," I replied. The corners of my eyes pinched as my heart did. Elmo seemed to feel the same since he then held me closer with both arms.

Inwardly I knew I didn't have much more time with him, that we would have to go on and leave each other alone. For how long, I wondered internally while I rest my lips against the skin of his arm.

My blurry eyes focused on my cell phone's screen, the alarm's song waking me. Normally I had no qualms waking to Bryan Adams "Everything I do", but this morning happened to make the tune a dismal opening to the day.

I sat up on the bed, the empty feeling settling within my heart. I hugged my arms around my chest. "I still miss you," I whispered while my throat grated to a close. Heat settled behind my eyes. "I'll always miss you."

Part II:

Months passed. Spring break had crept up on me, and I was certainly surprised by its appearing.

The dreams had persisted off and on. I did my best to forget about Elmo entirely. It sounds crazy, I know, but for someone who wasn't even real to be stealing my attention that much-it was just mental torture for me. I knew that our fake friendship had to end when I was measuring any guy who spoke to me (in a too interested fashion) to Elmo.

Not to say I did stop doing that anyway. I didn't put myself out there to ever get hit on. One, was because I completely lacked any clue about the rules and know-how of courtship. Unless a guy walked up to me and sang a serenade or fought another guy in hand-to-hand combat for my honor-I wouldn't even know he was interested in a vague way. Blunt asking would be the only way a guy could get me to catch the drift. Two, I couldn't see myself with anyone but someone like Elmo.

I couldn't even say what Elmo physically resembled, facially. I knew he was taller than me. Clich__, I know. Honestly I thought my "soul mate" would be around my 5' 5" frame or shorter. When you are born from shorter parents, and your siblings are also on the shorter side too, you tend to lean towards the shorter crowd. Anyone tall seemed like a different species to me.

Something about Elmo screamed "masculine male". He wasn't overbearing, or aggressive. He didn't strut around in my dreams doing manly man things. I never dreamed about him in the nude either. No six-pack abs or bulging biceps. But whatever it was about him, none of the guys I had been around oozed that pheromone. The average college guys I had met just didn't turn me on at all. For a while I was concerned because men didn't arouse my flirtatious side, and neither did women. I was beginning to think there was really something wrong with me.

In all my twenty-two years only one guy had, had the drive

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