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Lawrence and his Mother.

"Well, that's the thing, my dad is running for one of the offices and... well, I'll let you eat my pussy if you vote for him."

I just stared at her, trying to fully understand what she said to me... surely she did not just say, "...I'll let you eat my pussy if you vote for him." She had to have said something else.

"I mean it, you vote for my dad and I'll let you eat my pussy," she said as one hand reached down and pulled her skirt up a bit on her thigh.

"I... ah, no, I don't think so, I mean you are way too young."

"I'm eighteen, hell I just finished voting for my dad."

"No way you're eighteen and I don't want to get arrested," I replied nervously.

"Look, if I show you my voter's registration card will you believe me?"

"Show me the voter registration card and a photo ID and I might believe you."

Reaching a hand into a pocket on her blouse, she pulled out the voter registration and handed to me. I read it over while she walked over to another booth and grabbed her purse. She carried her purse over and set it in the booth adjacent to mine, pulling out her driver's license and showing it to me.

"You turned eighteen last Thursday, you are eighteen and..."

"Eighteen and two days," she replied.

"And I'm old enough to be your father."

"You actually look older," she said.

"Well thanks... just who is your father anyway?"

"Is it a deal? He's running for county constable."

I quickly pulled out my notepad and looked down the list, asking, "Is he George..."

"Trenton," she finished the name for me.

Well hell, he was the one I planned to vote for anyway, so I looked into her soft hazel eyes and said, "Okay, it's a deal."

Without hesitation, she hopped up on the voting machine, opening her legs wide and hiking her skirt up on her hips. She reached down and spun the dial until the race her father was in was highlighted. I reached down and clicked on her father's name.

"There you go," she said, leaning back and pushing her hips forward some.

Bending over, I moved my face between her legs, taking a deep breath. Thinking to myself, "This may not be virgin territory, but it is still pristine," I savored her delicate scent. Moving closer, I gently moved my tongue to her tight little slit, gently parting her lips by running it up and down a bit. I backed away a bit, looking at the way her inner lips had swollen a bit, opening her up a bit like a croissant. Hmm... wanting a taste of the sweet filling of that croissant, I moved back to her, pushing my tongue into her opening, tasting the slightly bitter taste. Moving my tongue in circles inside her, I let myself bask in her taste.

While I began fucking her with my tongue, she started moving, raising her hips and then pushing her pussy against my face. In spite of the glorious activity, I couldn't help but notice that as she moved, her ass was inadvertently turning the dial and clicking some of the selection buttons. When I moved my tongue up her slit and over her clit, she moaned and I looked up at her face.

She was glaring down on me, face flushed with excitement, with an intensity that made my cock twitch in my pants. Pumping her pussy against me, it was like she wanted to draw my head up inside her, she pushed so hard.

I quickly found myself gasping for breath, so I moved my hand up and pushed two of my fingers into her. By doing this, I could push her back off my face enough to catch a breath every now and then. Sucking her clit into my mouth, I worked my fingers inside her, eventually trying a third finger, which she greedily accepted.

Soon she moved her hand to the back of my head, and pulled, as she ground onto my face. Trying to push her back with my hand, I noticed I had pushed a fourth finger into her as she continued pumping her hips. Beginning to feel a bit dizzy, I moved my tongue, lapping her pussy faster and faster and she finally lifted her hips high up in the air and came, drenching my fingers in her wetness.

I stopped moving, letting just

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