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The only way to have Connor is to have his girlfriend too.

"Well then, for the next few hours I am going to be your daddy, Do you understand?" he asked.

Angel thought for a few seconds and then almost automatically answered, "Yes Daddy."

"Do you agree to let me punish you as I see fit?" He asked.

"Yes Daddy," she answered.

"Well now that we have that settled. I want you to go up to the bedroom and wait there until I decide how daddy is going to handle this problem," he ordered.

"Yes Daddy," she responded as she quickly left the room.

Angel walked up to the bedroom not sure what to think. Only hours before they had been in this very room sharing their bodies in acts of love and passion. Now she was being sent off to this room to await her punishment. The more she thought about it the more she concluded that she probably should be punished. If that strong handsome man cared for her and was going to be her Daddy and punish for her own good that was probably good to.

Angel sat alone for almost a half hour before there was a knock on the door. She opened it and there was a young man with a package. "This is from Mr. Benson," he said, and left.

Angel opened the package and there was a note from him.

"Dear angel: I have decided that if you are going to act like a child I will treat you like one. You are to put on the clothes in this box and meet me in my study in 30 minutes. Love Daddy."

Angel opened the box and discovered an outfit she did not like. There was a white cotton blouse, a black skirt with straps that went over the shoulder and hooked in front, a pair of white bobby socks, a pair of white cotton panties and a pair of black sandals. Angel put on the outfit and felt humiliated looking like a girl instead of a mature woman. What she did not realized was that he considered that a part of her punishment.

Angel looked at her watch nervously not wanting to be a minute late. As soon as the 30 minutes were up she left the room and went directly to his study as ordered. He waited patiently in his study for her and let his anger die down. He knew that she should be spanked not out of anger but out of caring for her and her safety. There was, however, no doubt in his mind; angel was going to be soundly spanked by him. The door to his study opened and in walked angel.

"Hello angel."

"Hello Daddy."

"Angel you know I care for you a lot, don't you?"

"Yes Daddy."

"When you do bad things I have no choice but to punish you."

"Yes Daddy, I understand."

"I'm glad you understand angel. Are you ready for your punishment?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Okay for your punishment you are going to receive a good spanking from your Daddy."

Angels eyed widened a bit and she searched his eyes frantically to see if he was serious. She could tell by the calm but determined look on his face that he was definitely serious.

"Not a spanking Daddy please, can't you punish me some other way?" she pleaded.

"No angel, what you have done is quite serious. The only punishment for that is a good sound spanking and that is what Daddy is going to give you. If I hear any more about it you will get it worse, do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy."

Angel's heart was pounding as he took her by the hand and led her out of the study, up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom. Her heart had pounded the last time he took her to the bedroom but this time it was totally different. There would be no fun or sex just a good spanking from her Daddy. Angel did not want to be spanked but she knew she deserved it and that he had the right and responsibility to spank her.

They got to the bedroom and went in as he shut the door. As angel stood there helplessly, he went to the corner and got a straight-backed chair and returned and placed it in the center of the room, right next to where angel stood. He reached over and undid the buttons on her straps that held her skirt up until the skirt landed on the floor.

Then he calmly reached up and pulled angel down over his lap and adjusted her into position.

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