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The stewerdess makes sure he's comfortable

"Please, Sir Knight, name your second person of title."

Isabel smirked on the platform.

"I name Princess Isabel, sir," Jeffrey said clearly.

Chaos erupted in the room, with cheers and shouts and curses filling the air. The man looked stunned, as did the knights, including Sara. Even the Queen looked taken aback. The only person who seemed unsurprised was Princess Isabel, who merely grinned at Jeffrey.

Suddenly, the Queen raised her hand, and the shouting almost immediately halted. She stared at Sir Jeffrey and he could not tell if she were angry or merely intrigued.

"You claim Princess Isabel as someone to vouch for you, Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant?" she said slowly. "That is a bold claim to make."

"I do, your highness," he replied.

She turned to Isabel then. "Do you accept this man's use of your name, Isabel? Do you support his claim?"

"I do, mother," she smiled in return. A very brief murmur ran through the crowd.

"Elaborate please, Princess Isabel. Why does he deserve title?"

Isabel smirked. "He came to my aid, your highness. I was at my most desperate, and Sir Jeffrey's... vigour and talents preserved me. Never before have I encountered a man so skilled with his potent weapon."

The Queen nodded, clearly not reading the undertones of Isabel's speech, before turning back to Jeffrey.

"Then I accept your claim, Sir Knight," she said. "I therefore proclaim you, Sir Jeffrey Trailson, a full Knight of the Land."

She pressed two fingers against his forehead, and the crowd roared. Almost as loudly as they had roared for Sara, he realised with immense pride, then he stepped backwards.

The Queen raised her hand and silence fell. "I wish all of our Knights of the Land the best in defending this realm and preserving the peace. May the Gods watch over you all." With that, she strode from the room, and the ceremony was over.

Sara rushed over to Jeffrey, grasping his shoulder and hugging him. She was grinning broadly.

"We did it, Jeffrey! We are Knights of the Land!"

He beamed in response. "We are indeed, Dame Sara Illou."

She laughed, then glanced around to see if anyone was close enough to hear them. There was no one.

"Why don't we go and celebrate our new status, Sir Jeffrey? Our quarters are nearby, and ceremonies make me horny."

Jeffrey grinned. "I agree, Dame Sara. That sounds like an excellent idea."

Sara's blue eyes flashed, but just as they were about to leave a man strode up to them.

"Sir Jeffrey?" he asked and Jeffrey realised he was a royal guard. "Princess Isabel requests your presence."

Jeffrey turned, and saw Isabel smiling at him from a few feet away. Her brown hair fell down to her shoulders and Sir Jeffrey's eyes couldn't help but run over her huge tits in the expensive and very tight dress she wore. She moved towards them and the guard stepped away.

"Sir Jeffrey, well done," she said happily. "And Dame Sara Illou, congratulations, too. You have been the talk of the castle in recent days."

Sara smiled in response. "Thank you, your highness."

Isabel turned to Jeffrey then, with a glint in her green eyes. The same glint that Sara's had shown a few seconds ago, he realised.

"Perhaps you would like to... aid me again, Sir Knight? I feel that a Knight of the Land would be well-placed to provide his princess with the vigour and stamina she so requires."

He glanced over at Sara, who had clearly realised this was a proposition. She smiled at him, somewhat sadly. "You cannot disappoint your princess, Sir Jeffrey. Accept her offer. Mine will stand another time."

"You already have an offer, Sir Knight?" Isabel said, glancing between them. "Yes, I can understand that you might. I will not be a noble who simply takes what she wants, especially from Knights of the Land. Please, Dame Sara Illou, would you join us? It seems the most fair way to resolve this predicament."

Sara looked shocked a moment, before a smirk crossed her face. "I accept your kind offer, Princess Isabel."

Sir Jeffrey looked on, stunned, before Isabel turned to him with a w

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