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The true story of a hot introduction to cuckolding.

Annie reached down and undid my shorts. She started tugging them down, one side, then the other until they were below my ass underneath me. Then she pulled my legs up, reached between them to grasp the waistband of my shorts and pulled them to my knees. My panties were now showing, my granny panties.

"Kick your feet Fiona."

In my wine-induced haze I did and my shorts slipped to my ankles, then off, sliding to the floor of the van.

"Umm, feels cooler. It's nice."

"Yes, it does, Fiona, Steve turned the air on."

"That's nice."

I was drunk enough that I still didn't have a clue.

"Further Steve?"

My husband glanced in the mirror and grinned.

"Do I really have a choice? It looks like you have her Annie."

I was lying on my back in an unclasped bra and granny panties, that's all. And Annie was grinning at the guys who were staring at me.

"What do you think guys? Should I stop?"

"No fucking way!"

"Why would you stop now?"

"Well, I'd be showing you more of her than anyone except Steve has seen. Too bad she isn't sober enough now to enjoy it."

Annie reached down and pulled my bra straps from behind my back, then she slid my arms out of the shoulder straps and left my bra just lying on my boobs. As the van hit bumps in the road my boobs jiggled and bounced, and the bra slipped little by little. I was still clueless. Steve looked in the mirror and laughed and Annie now knew for sure he wouldn't care what she did to me.

We hit more bumps and I bounced and jiggled until my bra slipped off me and fell on the floor of the van. I don't have really big boobs, but the are full and sag. I have big nipples. My boobs sagged to each side of my chest, but they jiggled nicely for the guys. Annie watched one of them adjust his pants. She smirked. The guy looked kind of embarrassed.

Now Annie started to tug on the sides of my panties, pulling them down on one side and then the other. I was showing more and more skin all the time. Some how she got me to roll up on my side so my ass was facing out and she pulled my panties down until my ass was bare. She pulled the top side of my panties down as far as she could, then started teasing my pussy hair, making me squirm.

I squirmed around and she teased until I was facing the guys. Then she pulled down the other side until my panties were halfway down my thighs. I guess eyes were bugging out by now.

Then she started teasing my thighs so I would work my legs back and forth and as I did, my panties slid down further until my top knee was through them. Some how she got me to turn over again until my back was to the guys. She started teasing my thighs again so I would work my legs back and forth. My panties slid down further and further until they were around my ankles. Finally one foot pulled out of them completely. The van bounced over bumps, I jiggled and finally my panties just fell off. I was naked, completely bare assed naked, and I didn't even know it.

Annie told one of the guys to get her bag and stuff my clothes into it, which of course he did. Stupid request, wasn't it? Anyway, now that I was naked, Annie rolled me onto my back and let me bounce and jiggle away for a while.

After she got tired of that, she pushed me up until I was sitting, half leaning against her. She put my arms on the back of the seat so I wasn't covering anything and sort of pushed my ass forward so my pussy was more visible.

If I would have known at the time that this was happening to me, I would have died of embarrassment, but I still had no clue. You all know how a really drunk person is. Well that was me.

I just sat there, eyes closed, in a daze, with my tits and pussy hanging out. The guys all thought it was great seeing me naked. They wanted to come back and touch me, but Steve said no to them. They could look but not touch.

It was about two hours later that I started to wake up with a headache from the wine.

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