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An unconventional romance blossoms against all odds.

He continued their patterns of spirals, strokes and nonsensical words. I groaned out loud and heard him chuckle. As he got towards my pussy I tried to open my legs further for him, to give him more access but the chains clinked loudly, a cruel reminder of my limited movement. As he continued his decent he avoided my crotch, he knew I was ready from the musky smell of my sweet juices, he knew that I'd never been this wet for him before. I tried to move to catch his fingers as they trailed down my thighs but he quickly move them away and continued his way down, to my knees and calves.

Almost as quickly as everything started, he's not there. He's not touching me anymore. My body aches at the absence of his finger tips. I was left alone, my heart pounding, my skin tingling from his treatments, the adrenaline pounded through my system and my juices leaked from my pussy.

Just as suddenly I felt a cold breath blow over my breasts and nipples, the air was so cold. It stopped and started, so I knew it must be him, teasing me by blowing on me, but it was so cold. Then the next breath its warm, I could feel my nipples contracting, getting harder. I arched my back and gasped, I wanted him to nibble and bite but he didn't. Then his tongue glided round my nipple. When he sucked it into his mouth I felt the warmth of his tongue, the gentle laps he made, flicking the hard nub over and over. I pulled on my chains arching my back towards him wanting more of my breast in his mouth.

As he bit down on the nipple, and graze his teeth along the sensitive skin I felt the juices in my pussy starting to flow more freely. He moved onto the other nipple wanting to have both standing so perfectly. With each cold breath, lick and bite, I writhed on the bed. I longed for his attention to get lower, to see how wet his pretty little slave was for him. But I knew the rules to ask would be out of the question. So I lay and writhed, and feel my juices leak from my pussy in need of him.

I felt the bed move and a rustle, and then I felt the ice cube trail round my nipples, down my stomach and rest in my belly button. It's not there long I'm so hot, and I tried to stay still but I was breathing so fast.

Then cold breath blew over my pussy, I nearly screamed out. I pulled on my chains, hearing them clang in objection, and tried to tilt my pelvis up. He must be so close. He didn't touch me for the first few minutes, he just breathed, cold icy breath down my wet pussy.

I couldn't stand him being so close and not touching me. I needed him so much, I wanted to cum hard for him, I could feel my juices dribbling to my ass and all I wanted to do is show him how he had made me. My pulse was beating so hard in my ears and thrumming through my veins so fast. Finally I gave in; I scream and practically begged "yellow sir". He didn't reply but instead he slid his tongue up my pussy. Wrapping your mouth round my clit he chased an ice cube round it.

I bucked up against his face; I knew to ask before I lost control "please sir?"

"Yes rose, cum hard" with that he buried his face deep in my pussy sliding his tongue deep into me as he fucked me. I want to grab his head but with the chains in place all I could do is pull and hold on as my orgasm rocked me, sending wave after wave of pleasure and electricity to my pussy. As he lapped at the last of my cum, I felt him smile "good girl rose"

"Thank you sir" I wanted to say more, to ask for more, to ask for permission to return the favour but my breath is still taking its time returning to me.

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