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A Woman takes a cum shower to excite her voyeur.


"Ai, spread your legs," Keiko commands. Ai trembles in fear and trepidation as she anticipates the next lash. Keiko rubs Ai's pussy, concentrating on her clitoris and pressing her perineum with the wet leather of the whip. Ai is becoming aroused.

"Inhale and exhale completely, girl," Keiko demands. Ai shudders and obeys. When Keiko senses that Ai's lungs are empty she strikes an obscene blow across her underpinnings, lashing her clit, vulva, and perineum. Ai spasms in pain. She struggles to speak, but is preempted by Keiko.

"Enough for now," Keiko interjects, "We have company arriving soon. We need to get you bound with cotton ropes."

"Yes, Mistress," Ai responds. She rushes to get the necessary ropes, momentarily forgetting the stinging pain in her butt.

Keiko is a Master at Japanese rope binding. She artistically binds Ai so that her arms are behind her back in a "W" position. Ai's breasts, ass, stomach, and privates are exposed, vulnerable, and available for use. Sometimes Keiko runs a rope between Ai's legs, separating her labia and rudely pressing clitoris, perineum, and anus. But today Keiko wants to entertain her friends with Ai's vagina and rectum.

"First we need to clean you, Ai," Keiko says. She fetches a disposable 100cc enema and a tube of K.Y. Jelly from the medicine cabinet. Keiko bends Ai over the bed and gently parts her glorious hemispheres, revealing her tiny, taut, tight rosette.

"I love the look of that tiny, little brown star, Ai," Keiko exclaims.

"It's yours to use as you please, Mistress," Ai responds.

Keiko removes the cap from the tip of the enema syringe and lubricates the nozzle with the water-soluble K.Y. Jelly. Quickly she inserts the nozzle and pumps in the enema solution. Ai jerks momentarily as the cold liquid cramps her bowels for a brief moment.

"Thank you, Mistress," Ai speaks.

"Now, girl, tell me about your chat with Faustus," Keiko demands. She wants Ai to hold the enema solution for a period of at least fifteen minutes and thus engages her in conversation.

"He talked of many things that a girl did not understand, Mistress," Ai answers. "Much had to do with some kind of strange attractor and Sharon Stone. A girl was so confused."

"Ah," Keiko exclaims. "Perhaps you have heard the story of Faustus the Initiate?"

"No Mistress," Ai replies.

"Faustus was once a Gorean Scribe. He lived in a Gorean city ruled by a Tatrix, a female administrator. He contributed money, time, and effort to the city. Being a Scribe and not a Warrior, he wasn't rewarded as well. But he wrote many scrolls full of prose and poetry and brought many to the city. It was the custom of the Tatrix to match city slaves with contributors to the city. Faustus never asked for a girl, which was the customary reward. One day a girl he was particularly fond of was brought to the city as a slave. He requested her but was cruelly turned down. Mortified and humiliated, he joined the priests." Keiko narrates.

"That is a sad story, Mistress," Ai utters shamefully. "May a girl refresh her bowels, Mistress?"

"Go girl," Keiko answers.

When Ai is finished, being bound, she calls out of Keiko: "I'm through, Mistress." Keiko comes and cleans up Ai. She enjoys seeing Ai helpless to take care of her own ablutions. After she finishes cleaning Ai, she works a finger deep into Ai's rectum. The girl moans with pure enjoyment and delight. Keiko leads Ai to the bed and positions her bent over on her stomach, ass and privates displayed.

The doorbell rings. Three excited girls are anxiously waiting on the front door. They are Nikki, Yuki, and Yoko. Keiko hurries to the door.

"Welcome!" Keiko squeals.

"Thank you Keiko," they reply. "What is the treat you told us about?" Yuki asks.

"Follow me girls!" Keiko answers.

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