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A husband witnesses his wife's sister/brother incest.

"I expect you rather enjoyed yourself last night?" Aaron asked

Bill couldn't judge whether Aaron was pissed off or what.

"By the looks of the bulge in your pants when we left, and the way Lori attacked me in the car, you both were wound pretty tight." Aaron said

Aaron could see he was making Bill uncomfortable.

"Don't worry Bill. I'm not angry. I actually planned it that way." He explained to Bill

"You wanted all that to happen?" Bill asked astonished

"Why didn't you let me fuck her for old times sake then? "He asked

"Last night was just phase one!" Aaron explained

"Whether you know it or not Bill, I owe you big time." Aaron told him

"Lori has told me about each and every adventure you and she had. Most husbands would be furious. I on the other hand am grateful and horny as hell. Gail and Lori's sisters all turned out to be total prudes. They would rather have anything in the world instead of a good hard cock. Due to your expert tutelage, I married the hot blooded babe in the family. Now you might say I'm here to say thanks. I want our next visit to go much; much farther than it did last night. This whole plan revolves around locating an old friend of yours Lori lovingly refers to as Bigdick!"

Bill grinned broadly and retrieved the box of photos he had just put away.

Aaron was in seventh heaven looking at all those pictures of his young bride in various sexual situations. All right before his eyes in living color. When he got to bigdick's photos, he couldn't believe his eyes. Lori wasn't exaggerating. It must have been 11 or 12 inches long, and as thick as his wrist. Lori has her sweet mouth wrapped around the head in one shot.

In another he was busy trying to bury it in her pussy. Bill proceeded to give Aaron all the juicy details. It took every ounce of self control for Aaron not to jerk off much as Bill had moments before his arrival. Aaron got a huge smile on his face when Bill informed him that it would be no trouble getting Bigdick to pay Bill a visit whenever Aaron wanted. Aaron set up to pay both of them another visit at Bill's next Saturday morning. He explained that at first it was purely a meet and greet for himself only. If things worked out he would return with Lori that evening.

Saturday morning arrived soon enough. While Lori sunbathed in her backyard, Aaron mumbled some excuse about getting the car serviced. He made a beeline for Bill's house. Bill heard him come up to the door and called for him to come inside. Bill and his friend were drinking cold beers and shooting the breeze. For the life of him, Aaron failed to catch his name.

He told Aaron he understood that sweet little Lori had taken to calling him "Bigdick". Well that was fine with him too.

"I guess after driving all the way over here you at least want to see it huh?"

He asked Aaron

As Aaron fumbled for a reply Bigdick stood and hauled it out. Aaron was speechless. There it hung in all its circumcised glory. Aaron swore it seemed to hang halfway down his thigh.

"Of course some sweet little thing like your Lori gets near it and it gets all angry" he told Aaron

He held up a picture of Lori taking him doggie style, and began stroking his meat. Aaron witnessed first hand how quickly it became engorged. Bill just laughed and said, "Still works as well as it did 20 or 30 years ago."

Aaron threw down a wad of money and told them to drink the rest of the day on him. He and Lori would visit in a few hours. As he headed for the door Bigdick was stuffing himself back inside his pants.

Aaron arrived home at the same time Lori was getting there. He noticed she had a small bag from the lingerie store at the mall.

"Looks like you did more than run errands." he said to her

Lori just smiled mischievously at him.

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