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Pick Up.

"Aw sweet!"

"Down, boy."

"Down, boy."

Adam and Yuri said simultaneously.

"Wait, a Nudist? Is that one of those people who... Basically walk around naked for their whole lives?" Yuri asked.



Adam and Jamal said simultaneously. Adam and Yuri gave Jamal a look, before pausing.

"So," Jamal said, "Was he buggin or something? He looked kinda scared at us when we came in."

"Er, yeah, he is. Like I said before, he's not very social. He's... Well, he's really afraid of meeting people. He's had a lot of therapy about it, but he's still very shaky around new people."
"Oh, you mean, he's Anthropophobic?" Yuri asked. Adam nodded.

"Yeah, yes he is."

"What, what's dat mean?" Jamal asked. Yuri looked at him, and crossed her arms.

"The fear of meeting people, dummy."

"Well I ain't no psykaiatrist, Yuri!" Jamal replied.

"PsyCHOLOGIST, Jamal??" She said.

"OK! Back on track!" Adam said, "One more thing you should know about him. He's never really seen any other ethnicity before, so please don't be offended if he makes a comment, they're based solely on observation."

"What, really?" Yuri said, raising her eyebrows.

"Wait, so he never seen a black dude? Or a Mexican lady, or no one Asian?" Jamal asked, "What, he be surrounded by white people all his life?"

"Pretty much," Adam said, "He's kind of been a shut-in for most of his life, so could you two please be gentle with him? He's really nice, very curious about everything, and can I ask that you keep the questions to a minimum, please?" Yuri smiled and nodded.

"Sure, Adam, he'll be ok... The nudity thing may be a bit distracting though, to be honest."

"Don't bother me none," Jamal said shrugging and chuckling, "He can get nekkid all he want in here, he cute-"

"Down, boy."

"Down, boy."

"Whaaaaat?" Jamal said, laughing.

"Ok, just gimme a sec, and lemme talk him down, ok?"

"Oh, sure, go on... Oh, waitwaitwait, Adam!" Yuri said before Adam turned around, "Listen, I hate to be a prude, but can he throw on a pair of pants, please? Like I said, he might be a little distracting-"

"I- Er- Umm.. He, he didn't pack any clothes! Remember? Nudist."

"Well... What about one of your boxers then? Doesn't have to be much, I'd just be a little more comfortable if he was wearing something."

"Pssshhh, what chu talkin bout, Yuri?" Jamal said, "He fine!"

"I rest my case." She said.

"Ok, ok, I'll put something on him. I'll call you guys when he's ready." He then turned around, and reentered the house. "Aww, sweetie..." Adam said as he saw Merrick curled up at the end of the couch. The merman looked up, looking scared.

"A-Are they still there?" He asked.

"Yes, they are, babe, they live here, just like me. They're my roommates. Hang on a sec" He said as he trotted across the living room, and into his bedroom

"W-Wait!" Merrick said as he reached his hand out, whimpering as he started to tremble. Adam came back a few seconds later, with a slick shiny light blue cloth.

"Here, Yuri wants you to put these on. Swing your legs over," Adam said as he knelt down, and put Merrick's feet through the leg-holes.

"W-Wait, how come??"

"She just finds your nakedness distracting, that's all."

"Ugh, AGAIN, you humans and your clothes!" Merrick complained as Adam slipped the satin onto him. Though, Merrick had to admit, at least this cloth feels light and smooth.

"Ok there, we go!" Adam said, then he looked up, and realized Merrick is almost hyperventilating along with his eyes looking watery.

"I-I-I'm not ready for this, Adam" Merrick whimpered as he shook his head, "Please, Adam, I can't!"

"Hey, Merrick, Merrick, it's ok!" He said as he put his hands onto him, "Shhhh shhh shh, it's ok, baby," Adam said reassuringly, ""Listen to me, Merrick.

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