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A time stopper on holiday in the sun almost gets caught.

If I touched a corn stalk it rubbed on my body, my skin, not like a caress, but a soft scrape. I'd jump when that happened and my breathing would quicken.

I walked naked for what seemed forever but I began to see more as the corn thinned out. I finally came to the end of the field and crouched down. I peered out. Shit! No car. I looked left and right, straining my eyes to see. Nothing in sight but the fence and a stretch of county road for as far as I could see.

I squatted there, naked, and thought. Left or right, which way to go? I was thinking how stupid I was. Here I was naked in the country, my friend was somewhere with her car and hopefully my clothes, but I didn't know where the car or she was.

I mentally flipped a coin and started out to the left. I tried to walk inside the first row of corn, so I could see the fence and the road, but the leaves rubbing on my skin was irritating, so I stepped out of the shelter of the stalks. I walked along, nervously looking behind me. I was in the open, barely, but if anyone was along here, they could see me. I felt scared, exhilarated and aroused. The grass and soft dirt felt good on my bare feet. The sun felt good on my skin. Every now and then I would reach up and tease a nipple, keeping them stiff. When I did, I would lose track of everything. I had just finished teasing my left nipple and my hand went down. Then I heard a car behind me. I squeaked. My head turned and I gasped. I didn't even think of the corn as a hiding place, I just dropped on my stomach in the grass. Trembling, I glanced to the right where the road was. The car passed by slowly. It wasn't Melanie's car. I stayed down, watching, as it pulled by and down the road, heading in the same direction that I was. I waited until I was sure they couldn't see me and got into a squat. I stayed that way until it was a speck on the road before I stood up. I looked down and my breasts and belly were streaked with dirt. I tried to brush it off but just smeared it on my skin.

I sighed. I was going to be a mess. I started off again. No cars sneaking up behind me, but I saw something that made me crouch down once more. I was approaching some buildings. I crept closer. Shit! A farm, barn, a garage and a house were staring back at me. Shit, I just couldn't walk through them. I had to think. I looked around. There was an open field behind the barn. Crouching I tried to keep my breathing slow. It was hard. I looked to my right. Across the road was another field of corn. If I could just get there I could creep by the farmhouse and then come back to this side. I crept closer to the fence and looked both ways. Nothing was coming. I climbed over the fence and crept through the ditch, wrinkling my nose as I stepped into water.

I stopped at the edge of the ditch, crouching down, my butt touching water. I looked both ways again and then I got up and trotted across the road, through the ditch on that side, splashing water on my legs and then over the fence that separated the corn from the road. I crouched down, just outside the cornfield and looked both ways again. I crept along slowly, watching the house. When I got to where I felt I could be seen from the house, I slipped back into the corn. Just a couple of rows, enough to hide me.

I walked slowly, one eye to the front of me and one on the house and the other buildings. I walked along until I felt that I was far enough away and stepped back out of the corn. I looked down to see my legs spattered with mud. I was becoming a mess! I looked towards the farmhouse and I could see it, but I was a long way from it in my mind. I squatted again, looking both ways once more. I took a couple of deep breaths and then crept down to the ditch. I walked through water again, getting muddier.

I crouched down and looked left and right. I took another breath and trotted across the road and down into the ditch on that side. I felt the water tickling my ass as I crouched and shivered. Then I crept to the fence and climbed over it.

"Hey Charlie, did you see whatever that was

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