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It was weird. They had more time, more money and were too tired to make the effort to do the things that they had promised each other 'when the house was theirs again'. Top of that list was sex.

'Maybe tonight, heheheh, maybe for desert!' Lisa thought with a grin.

It was only when she was done with everything else that she got the dogs to go outside. Then she saw the snow. At least six inches of white stuff.

'Shit. Now I'll probably be late.'

Opening the door, the dogs rushed to get out, the youngest rolling and biting at the snow, ready for playtime. The two older dogs did their business and were ready to get back into the warm house. She let them in and hit the automatic car starter - the BEST Christmas present she had ever gotten - and then threw the ball for the playful mutt they had adopted a year ago.

'A few minutes to let the car warm up won't kill me and the puppy needs the exercise.'

Lisa glanced at her watch, 5 minutes and she would have to get going. The big mutt was running and rolling and playing as if it was a balmy day on the beach instead of dark, freezing cold and windy. Whistling to the dog, she held the door open and a snow covered blur ran past her, into the house and over the other two waiting for their cookies.

'Stupid dog - can't watch where she's going.'

After handing out cookies, grabbing her purse, the tools of her trade - stethoscope, penlight and half a dozen clicker pens - she went to her now warm car. Backing out of the driveway she tried to get her mind off sex and into work mode. The drive was twenty minutes in good weather, forty in bad. Hopefully the snow plows had cleared the roads. She double checked that she had her cell - just in case - and put it on the dash. Tuning the radio to an oldies station, she drove out into the dark, singing "California Dreamin'" with the Mamas and Papas.


She had made it to work with six minutes to spare. Coffee in hand, she had sat through the usual morning whining from the night shift, gotten report on her two patients in the CCU, checked orders and meds, answered the usual inane questions from the residents about patients she hadn't even seen yet, and put her day in order. Both of her patients were very ill and would take all her skills. It was going to be a long twelve hours.


Thirteen hours later, reports given, questions answered, and after one last 'can you help me turn Charlie?', she had taken a quick shower in the locker room. She changed into her jeans and old college sweat shirt and her clunky boots. She was zipping up her coat, grabbing her belongings and heading for the door. She heard her name just before she hit the automatic door opener. Sighing heavily, she turned back to see the unit clerk waving at her and pointing to a man.

"Come back, Lisa, this guy needs to talk with you!"

'Great! I am never going to escape the place.' Lisa turned back with a feeling of instant weariness. 'Probably another family member with more questions I can't answer. I left my crystal ball at home!'

Lisa composed her face to hide her thoughts, and tried to smile. Her feet and back hurt, she had a headache and in general, wanted to get the hell out of Dodge.

The stranger turned towards her with a smile. She noticed he was wearing some sort of uniform, with hat, gloves and matching coat. All in black. He was about fifty-five years old - too old to be a son of either patient, too young to be a sibling. He also bore no family resemblance. Her puzzlement must have shown on her face. He smiled and removed his hat, revealing thick black hair, streaked with silver, blue eyes that reflected his smile, and dark skin that looked evenly tanned.

"Lisa? My name is Jonathan. I have been sent to pick you up, by Jeff, and take you to your destination."

Lisa looked at him as if he had just spoken in Greek.

"Your husband sends his love and told me to tell you that his parents have the dogs, and your bag is in my car.

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