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She loses her man, and gains a woman.

But when I open my third eye, I perceive my essential nature, which is quite different. My skin is olive marbled with hints of green, my hair auburn, and perhaps strangest of all, amethyst eyes. That comes from my godly father. I only look that way when I express my genetic heritage. That is when I begin to do things no human can.

Soon after I had my dreams, I was taken by surprise one day. Walking across the main street I saw a food delivery van rolling from the right, and at the same time two ten year old kids stepped out from between parked cars into the lane. I knew the driver wouldn't have time to swerve. With a flash of instinctual thought, I somehow appeared right in front of the vehicle with my arms outstretched. The barreling van ran right into me, but I hardly felt it, and it was as though my feet were melded with the pavement. There was a crunching sound of the metal of the grill under my hands as the huge vehicle ground to a halt. The kids were dumbstruck, and so was I. Then I realized how I looked to them and the driver. Without any further thought, I ran away from it all. I did not want to be different. But I could not fight the fact that I was inhuman.

When I reached the outskirts of town, and the adrenalin died down I reverted back to the form I had always worn. Since that day I have walked among the humans who raised me, trying to find my place in the world as a demigod. My powers were frightening at first. I have great strength that comes not from bigger muscles but an ability to affect objects from a vantage point beyond 3D. My body cannot be harmed by impact, even a TNT blast, because the energy gets shunted into another dimension. While I can be pierced or cut, the wounds heal easily, though I suspect beheading could kill me. Something about my multi-level existence allows me to move with blinding speed without picking up any friction. But my mind is even weirder than my body; I can see things with my second sight across great distances and even get flashes of things in the future and past. Perhaps the most scary ability is telepathy, because mind reading is something I can't always control and half of what I pick up is unpleasant. In the three years since I first realized what I am, I have wandered across the world, experiencing everything going on around me, acting when my compassion drives me to use my powers. Unfortunately, the results are not always what I intend, perhaps because I am only a demigod and have not the complete understanding that a true god has. I know this because I met others like myself.

In Europe, I met an old wood god named Pan, while at Mardi Gras I encountered a chaos faerie. Neither were malicious, but they didn't have much sympathy for me as a half-breed. Then in Central Africa I found a death demon feeding off the genocide going on there, and I fought him. Obviously he lost. But there are fewer immortals and such left in the modern world; some have warred with each other, while others left this material plane altogether. It makes for a lonely existence. I never found my father, which makes me wonder if he left Earth too.

There are some perks to being a demigod though.

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