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Wife shows her gossamer panty to a house party; men erupt!

But finally I got drunk, got her drunk, and sat her down to spill my guts. I couldn't look her in the eye as I was speaking. When I finally did look up, her pale white skin was beet red and her eyes wide. I shut up and waited for her to speak.

"You want another man to put his dick in my mouth?"

Shame. "Yes."

"Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"More than anything" I said. "It would turn me on so much."

"And you'll still love me after?" She asks, hesitating.

"Even more than I already do."


I was so relieved that I made love to her right there on the couch, and came too quickly in that lovely, familiar pussy of hers.

After our session, we started talking about how to do it. The photographs were no problem - we take a ton of sexy photos, both together and solo. No, the tricky part was the star of this shoot.

"We should get someone we don't know" I say, not wanting awkward encounters.

"I like that idea, but how do we know if a guy has, you know, a big one?" she counters. "I cant just go up to random strangers and ask to see their dicks."

The woman raises a good point. I stay silent as I think.

"Well, I do know one guy with a really big one."

I about choked as I said angrily "How exactly would you know a guy with a big one??"

"Don't be mad. My friend Raquel is always telling me how big her husband is. I bet he would do it."

Now, we've known Raquel and Cliff for probably 20 years. This is not what I had in mind... but she had a good point. A stranger just wouldn't do.

" I guess that might work." I resolved myself to it.

"Ok. I'll invite him over tomorrow" my beautiful wife said.

I half choke, not realizing it would happen so fast, but I manage to nod and smile.

Tomorrow evening comes around, and I'm terrified. I'm having second thoughts. Third thoughts. But I've had a hard-on most of the day just thinking about it. I don't know what she said to convince him to participate, but he showed up with a big, shit-eating grin on his face. He knows that in a few minutes, my beautiful wife's lips will be wrapped tight around his cock. Now, as much as we love Raquel, she's no match for my wife. Raquel is tall (5'10") but she's also a rather large woman... she was probably around 230 lbs or so. She's the exact opposite of my perfect little wife.

Cliff didn't stop smiling as I directed him to the couch where DW sat in a red miniskirt and skin-tight white tank top. It was like a second skin, the hard nipples on her tiny breasts clearly poking through. I go over the ground rules one more time - there is to be no sex, no blowjob, he can't even touch her. This is just a photoshoot. He nods in understanding.

I'm red-faced and shamed, but I go man the camera, set up on a tripod a few feet from the couch. DW looks at me, and I nod. She's nearly as red as I am, as she tells Cliff to disrobe. His shirt comes off quickly, and in one quick motion, he slides down his pants & boxer shorts. Both my wife (and I, to my dismay) gasp.

DW said Cliff was large, but we had no idea. His entirely flaccid cock dwarfed mine when fully erect. It had to be 7 inches long and very thick as it hung there menacingly, just a few inches from my DW's beautiful lips.

I can see her breath quicken as she's shocked by it. She looks at me once more, and I nod again, this time barely. She wraps her tiny hand around his monster cock (she can't hope to close her hand around it), leans forward, and brings it up to her mouth, her hand trembling.

I begin snapping pictures furiously, but something isn't right.

Losing some of my modesty I say "Cliff can't you get it hard?"

"The camera has me a bit nervous, and I do better with a woman's help."

Once more, my wife's eyes request permission. I feel myself nod slightly, seemingly against my will.

My beautiful, loving, tiny dear wife begins to give expert head to this monster of a dick.

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