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The end of the first saga.

I smiled back at her, settling back down on to my towel.

"I want you to do only what you are comfortable doing, my plan wasn't to pressure you into anything I promise" I replied.

I delved into my bag and pulled out some sunscreen. I started spreading the lotion over my chest, my legs and my cock and balls. Suddenly she was beside me and it was her hand rubbing the lotion into me, cupping my balls, sliding up and down a shaft that was starting to harden at her touch.

I groaned, enjoying her marvellous touch, my hips thrusting to meet her hand.

"What we are doing now is frowned on at a beach like this" I told her, "The nudists are here to enjoy the sun, not make love"

"More fool them" she laughed before taking her hand away, "Roll over and I will do your back"

I rolled over, and she straddled my back. She squirted some suncream on my back and rubbed it lovingly into my back. Her gentle soft hands sliding from my sides, up my shoulder blades, and then back down my spine. I groaned again and started to drift into a doze as she continued my mini massage. I loved the feeling of her thighs on my bare back side, sliding back and forth as she worked on my back.

With a quick slap on my bum, she clambered off, exclaiming "My turn, my turn!"

She lay on her belly, and I was quickly straddling her gorgeous pert bum, my now semi hard cock nestling along the cleft of her cheeks. I started working sun cream into her body, my hands gliding up her sides. Her bikini top was in the way, so I undid the bow at her neck and back.

"Hey did I say you could do that?" she questioned, a smile clearly in evident in her voice.

I continued my massage, now unhindered by the strings of the bikini. I worked her back firm and strong, just like I knew she liked it. She groaned softly, and I felt her hips gently pushing back against my erection. When I was sure her back was well covered, I moved off her and sat beside her, running more cream up and down her legs.

Leaning over and whispering into her ear "Ok you, time to turn over".

Without a moment's hesitation she was lying on her back, smiling with her beautiful grin at me, and her gorgeous perky breasts exposed for all the world to see. I sat between her thighs, her legs over mine, and I started to massage my cream into her body. Hands first swirling over her belly and shoulders, then her sides, before gently massaging those beautiful breasts. Her nipples hardened at the attention, and her breath was coming in shallow gasps now. My cock was nestled against her bikini clad pussy, and my massaging motion meant it was sliding back and forth, a glorious feeling indeed.

I looked around us and made sure we were still "alone" on the beach. I undid the ties on the sides of her bikini bottoms and slid them off her. She gasped, but showed no sign of stopping me. My hardness immediately pressed against her glorious smooth wetness, and it was definitely very wet. We both groaned and rocked gently against one another, savouring the amazing feeling. I rubbed some more sunscreen into her bare mound, before leaning forward and taking her beautiful pointed nipples into my mouth, sucking them into beautiful hard points and then with a flurry was lying back down on the towel, hard cock pointed to the sun.

"Not so fast Mister" she laughed and before I knew it she was kneeling between my thighs. With one firm grip on the base of my hard cock, her mouth was suddenly upon me, licking and sucking, lips gently rolling back and forth over the sensitive head of my hard on. It felt delicious and then she made it even better, with that hand firmly gripping me and stroking me hard up and down. Her enthusiasm built and built, little moans escaping from her mouth as she sucked me harder, driving me more and more crazy.

I couldn't lie there doing nothing for a moment more, and with some gentle wrestling was able to persuade her gorgeous lithe legs to straddle my face.

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