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When platonic roommate's away, boys start to play.

Oh shit I was thinking.

He stepped over me and cut two more cords. He grabbed an ankle and slipped the loop over it. Now it was time to panic. I started to kick and scream but he wrapped the other end of the cord around the second row of bins and my housecoat and robe fell open. He turned and slapped me across the face so hard I thought my teeth would come out.

"Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you!". He said this so violently I knew he really meant it.

He tied my other leg and now I was totally exposed from the waist down. "Look here boys, she was on her way to get some." He said and they rudely laughed.

"Well don't want to disappoint her, huh boys?"

Oh my God how could this be happening? Please let something, or someone intervene.

"Please don't, please. I'm a happily married woman, I have to go get my kids please just let me go" and I started to cry.

"Cry me a river bitch, it ain't working on me. Happily married women my ass. Happily married women don't go whoring about with their cunts in the breeze!" He spat. Ok I hit a sore spot on him, I'm in deep trouble.

"Go, drive." He said to the fat man behind the wheel.

"Hey man the car. We can't just leave it there." He said back.

"Ok good thinking. Kid go follow us up to the ravine and we'll dump it there. Don't forget to get her purse!" he shot back.

"Uh, I don't know, what...." The boy stammered.

"Just fucking do it" he shouted back.

The kid jumped out of the truck and the fat man started it up and started to drive.

"All right, it's about five minutes up to there and I'll be deep into your pussy by then." He said.

"Please don't, just take my purse, just let me leave please." I pleaded.

He grabbed my face and I fully expected another slap but instead felt duct tape put over my mouth.

"I won't abide much talk when I'm busy fucking." And both men laughed or more correctly sneered.

It was at this point I had resigned myself to my fate. Just let it happen and let it be over with. He circled around and very roughly put his whole hand over my crotch area. When he tried to shove his finger in me, still being dry, I jerked up with a start.

"I know you want it, you'll get it soon enough slut." He growled.

I hated that he thought that. He forced his rough finger in and I just lay there as he slipped it in and out. He removed his hand spit on it and went back in, this time poking another finger at my bottom hole. Oh please not there. I was saving that for my husband's birthday. He had wanted to but it never quite fit so I had slowly worked it open with my vibe and was going to give it up to him next week.

"Whoa slut, your asshole is biggern' your cunt." He taunted. "time to get busy."

He put his head between my legs and alternately licked and spit on my pussy. I closed my eyes but heard him unzip his trousers and heard his pants hit the truck floor. I could hear the fat man chuckling.

"She gonna like that big old fat hog, boss." He said.

"Damn right she is. Hey take a look at the cock that's gonna fill you right up." the boss man said.

I tried not to look but he straddled my chest, turned my head and started to slap my face with it. Oh my god that was easily the largest penis I had ever seen.

"Hey how about a titty fuck for a warm up?" he said pulling open my robe but I'm very small on top and all he did was rub his penis over them. "Oh there ain't nothing here to fuck." He said and roughly slide between my legs and smashed down on my hips. I could feel him rubbing the head of his penis up and down, I guess trying to find the opening and the instant he did I tried to shove it all in at once. I had never felt so full, so stretched or a penis that far back inside me, I almost gagged. The sound of that made him laugh and he started to thrust deeply into me, hard, mean thrusts.

The truck had by now rolled to a stop and the kid had come in the side door.

"Check it out kid. Boss man's fucking her good. You'z next.." the fat man laughed.

With that the boss man started pumping in and out in such a

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