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Wife volunteers to be a part of a church auction.


He lifted up and as he undressed I told him, "So when we got into his room Simon, Jeff undressed me taking off my small bikini and laid me down on the bed."

Simon lay back into my arms and I held him in our bed as I reached for his cock again. Lucky moved up and sucked on my breasts after I took off my top completely off for him. I always liked his dark mouth on my pink nipples and his tongue licking and making love to them. Simon had a great mouth! I began to slowly stroke his 4-inch cock trying to make it 5 inches. He sighed and said, "That feels so nice Diana. Then what happened?"

I said, "This part will hurt Simon. Are you sure you want to hear about it? I can just tell you quickly and get it over with, if that would be better for you."

He said, "No. I want to hear about it. At least now I do. If it hurts too badly I'll ask you to stop. OK?"

I said, "Sure, baby! Anyway you want my to tell you about yesterday I will gladly tell you. I just don't want to hurt you that's all."

I was working Simon's little dick faster now and I knew he was really enjoying it and sucking on my nipples too. I began telling him, Well we undressed each other and I took his cock back into my hand. Simon, it was 10 inches long and thicker than any cock I have ever seen before. I was told to kneel on the floor and I did. He instructed me to suck him Simon and I did! I couldn't stop! I sucked and licked him until he blew his entire load into my throat and mouth! I sucked him clean just like I do with you baby. But he was harder to clean because he was so long and thicker. I managed to take him down my throat a little way but he was just to big."

I saw the pain in Lucky's eyes and so I shortened the story about me blowing Jeff somewhat. I moved on to where he licked and sucked on my pussy. I told Simon that he was much better at eating pussy that Jeff was. But that was a little white lie. Jeff was as good or better than Simon but I didn't want to hurt Simon any more that I had too.

Simon asked me, "What did he do when he fucked you Diana?"

I said, "Simon are you sure you want to hear about that part babe? I mean he's so big and you're so......sma.....average."

Simon said, " I'm small right? Am I too small to keep you Diana? Please tell me the truth!"

I said, Well I won't lie to you Simon. Jeff is much bigger and much better that you Simon in the cock department. But he's good at fucking and only fucking. He doesn't hold me or kiss me or love me like you do."

I was bringing Simon to the point of cumming as I squeezed his cock and continued to jerk him off. I kissed him deeply shoving my tongue into his mouth as I pumped his little black cock. He arched his back a few times but didn't cum. I was surprised. He said, "and then what happened?"

I told him, "Well Simon, Jeff did fuck me better but that's because he's twice as big as you are baby. You can't complete with that! It's like playing golf with half your clubs."

Simon's little cock was throbbing hard in my hand and as I continued to stroke faster he was moving his hand around my bikini bottoms. It was then I realized I hadn't cleaned the cum from Jeff out of my body. Simon had his hand over the top of my bikini rubbing and stroking my pussy. He said, "So how can I make up the difference in cock size Diana? How do I keep you as my wife then? I mean, if we are going to stay together you're certainly going to want more of his cock. I know that! So how do I complete, with my mouth maybe, my fingers, both? Would you like me to eat your pussy more often? Would you like me to eat you now?"

I said, "Well certainly Simon, you are so very good at it baby. I could let you eat my pussy anytime day or night! I love the way you eat my pussy it drives me wild. Just like Jeff's cock."

He said, "So how many times did you fuck him?"

I felt him undo the strings on the sides of my bikini and opening it.

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