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Jessica is taken into the Dungeon by Adrian.

ou have anything to drink?"

"I only drink beer," I replied, "but if you want a beer..?"

"OK," they chorused. "Please."

I got three beers and glasses, poured them and gave the girls their drinks. Jess was still standing in the kitchen part of the room, leaning against the sink. For the first time, I had a chance to see what she was wearing. A very pretty short dress, with a tight top that accentuated her small but obviously firm boobs. And the way she was standing was rather provocative. She smiled as she watched me look her over.

"You know, Dave, on Kate's 18th birthday, I want to give her a present."

"That's normally what friends do," I smiled.

"But this is such a special day that I'd thought of something extra special," Jess continued. "You!"

Taken aback, I probably looked amazed - I certainly felt it. Here was an 18-year-old girl who I liked but with whom I had never had any physical or intimate contact, suggesting something naughty for her friend, who had just turned 18.

"And you know I'm 18 tomorrow?" asked Jess.

"Uh huh," I replied, beginning to think that this was leading into highly charged sexual territory.

The two girls had celebrated their almost joint birthdays last year in another hotel by having a silly drunken party which I had to break up before anyone got hurt.

"OK, Kate. You can start now. I'm sure Dave will be only too happy to help."

Kate stood up and to my utter surprise, began to undress. Not that she was wearing much, just a little dress, similar to Jess'. While she was pulling the dress slowly over her head, I saw a little pair of panties at her waist, but nothing else. She dropped her dress to the floor and stood there, almost covering her little boobs with her hands.

"Let him look at you, Kate!" ordered Jess, gently.

Kate dropped her arms and stood so innocently almost naked in front of me.

"You are very beautiful, Kate," I said softly, my cock already solidly erect inside my clothes.

"Come on, Kate, take off the rest!" commanded her friend.

"You don't have to," I said, warning her with my eyes.

"But I want to," Kate murmured, "For you!"

Slowly she moved her hands to her hips and pushed down her panties. The gusset clung to her pussy briefly, such a beautiful shaven teen pussy, and a sure sign she was already wet and aroused. My cock throbbed at this gorgeous sight.

"Get your cock out!" ordered Jess, in a firm voice.

I couldn't believe that such a young girl thought she had control of me, but I was so horny now that I was willing to play along.

"Kate's not seen a hard one yet," giggled Jess, looking down at the large bulge in my trousers.

With both girls looking at me so intently, I slowly unzipped and then unfastened my trousers. I carefully pushed them down my legs until they piled on the floor at my feet. The gasps from both girls told me they'd seen the big bulge of my hard cock inside my briefs.

"He's big," cried Jess, with a big grin. "Go on, Dave. show us!"

I slowly lifted the waistband of my briefs and pulled it up and away from my throbbing cock. I finally pushed my briefs down and Kate almost squealed with pleasure as my big cock came into view.

"It's gorgeous," cooed Jess, moving involuntarily towards me. But she stopped herself.

"Go on, Kate," she urged. "Touch it!"

The now completely naked 18-year-old moved the two steps towards me and gingerly reached out her hand. I made my cock twitch by pulling up my muscles and her hand missed on the first attempt. As she moved back again, my cock literally fell into her small hand as I couldn't hold my muscles taut any longer. I think she was so surprised that her fingers unconsciously closed around my shaft. I was now feeling like I was in heaven - a delicious teen holding onto my hard and throbbing cock - mmmmmmmmmmmm.

"What do I do now?" pleaded Kate to her friend.

"I expect Dave would love it if you would suck his cock for him..." Jess looked at me with a smirk.

"Uh huh," I replied to the unanswered question.

"I've not done that before," protested Kate, her hand still grasping my cock shaft.


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