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Camping with party favors, I tease and get a surprise...

Sometimes I even find myself wanting to submit to her for real. I've had weird random dreams of being locked up in a dungeon and being forced to pleasure her pussy on demand. And every time I wake up out of that dream it takes about two quick rubs of my clit to send me over the edge."

Lisa nearly exploded, "Are you serious?! I've been having those kinds of thoughts too! Except I already know for sure that I want to... oh god this is embarrassing..." She took a deep breath and said it. "I want to worship my own daughter's pussy. There." She sighed and didn't make eye contact with any of us.

Mom was unphased. "Lease, that's a totally okay desire and I'm really pleased you've allowed yourself to accept it and also be brave enough to say right it in front of us. We can all see how very submissive you are and it's no worse or no better than the opposite end of the spectrum. Amy's apparently been acting really dominant lately and you're naturally responding to her new behavior. You're comfortable in letting her have that power because you completely trust that she will never take advantage of you or mistreat you. It's the same reason you're responding so strongly to Danny."

Lisa said, "Thank you for saying that Dee. It's so comforting. I have to say that you sound an awful lot like Sandi."

Mom waved her hand dismissively and said, "Oh, that slut gets all her best material from me anyway." Everyone laughed.

There was a lull in the conversation until Mom said, "Anyone up for a shower? My ass feels all leaky and goopy, but in a nice way."

We all laughed again and slowly dragged ourselves off the floor and went upstairs with Mom and me in the hall bathroom and Amy and Lisa in the master bath. I made sure to grab the dildo and Lisa's plug so I could wash them while we were up there.

Once the water was on Mom hugged me tightly and said, "I'm so glad I didn't have to wait all the way to Saturday to see you."

"Me too. I always love being with you. And inside you."

She giggled and we began kissing for a few minutes but not too long to run all the hot water out since both showers were running. We washed ourselves clean and got out and headed into Lisa's room and climbed on the big bed and waited for Lisa and Amy to get done. When we heard Lisa moaning loudly we knew it would be a while.

Mom reached over and rubbed the tip of my cock between her fingers and when it jumped, she said, "Oh, I like the looks of that. Come here to mommy, baby. Let's make love."

I didn't need to be told twice as I slowly pressed my hardness deep inside her. I pulled her up into our special position to be sure she would cum and we nearly came together, with her starting her orgasm as I had almost finished emptying a fresh load of cum inside her pussy.

Mom was still impaled on what was left of my erection when Lisa and Amy emerged from the bathroom. Lisa said appreciatively, "Oh my god that's beautiful."

Mom looked up at them and said simply, "We heard you and got inspired."

I eased Mom back down on the bed and Lisa said, "Happy to be of service." She giggled at her own joke.

Amy and Lisa joined us on the bed for about an hour and we just cuddled and Lisa drifted to sleep.

Eventually Amy sat up and caught my eye and said, "We should probably get going. We're gonna hit traffic again and we're supposed to go by Kayla's."

Mom asked, "Oh, Sandi mentioned her. The amazing ass woman, right?"

I smiled and said, "That's the one. Did you see the pics of her ass?" Mom quickly replied, "Nah, how amazing could it possibly be?"

I gasped out loud laughing, "Ohoho well mother dear, you just stay right there."

I jumped up and ran downstairs and found my phone and saw that I had a bunch of texts waiting. I found the album of pictures we had taken of Kayla and pulled it up.

I got to the best pic of Kayla's naked ass and turned it around right in front of Mom's face.

Her mouth opened widely and her reaction was almost immediate.

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