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She who loves a man who is her woman (light BDSM).

Greg saw and laughed at me.

"You do love actresses don't you!" He said laughing.

"No Greg, they just can't get enough of me." I joked as we got back to work. We continued to have a very productive day and i felt very good at days end. I had forgotten how much fun it was to work with a group. I wrote the first season of MADD DOGG by myself which was very liberating; but nothing beats working with people you can bounce great ideas off of. I went over to the set where they were still shooting. I really enjoyed this part of the process. So many things had to go right and be timed perfectly. Most people don't know how hard it is to get a scene just right. Candice came up behind me; she had finished for the day and had changed in a great tight green dress that went to her thighs. She gave me her incredible smile once more and asked me if i was ready to go. Our arms intertwined as we walk towards the car.


We got to the gallery and took our time going from piece to piece. I liked art but I didn't understand any of the modern sculptures. Thankfully Candice was pretty knowledgeable and was able to give me great insight. She was really into the new exhibition by Geoffrey Farmer. He was a Vancouver native and he had a style of his own.

"He uses so many different styles, and elements. It's amazing how well all of it fits into a perfect puzzle." Candice said about a particular sculpture that had me scratching my head. It did look pretty cool i had to admit. But i was distracted but how great Candice looked. "Did i lose you?" Candice asked as she wrapped her arms around my waist pulling me close to her great body.

"Huh no not at all. I was only admiring a different piece of art." I answered her. She gave me that big megawatt smile again.

"Really which one?" She asked coily.

"We'll have to find a mirror for you to be able to properly appreciate the beauty of it all." She smiled and brought her mouth close to mine placing a soft kiss on my lips. The softness and fullness of hers was noticeable the moment they came into contact with mine. She pulled away quickly and held my hand as she directed us through the remainder of the exhibit. Stopping and spending more time on the ones she liked the most. Her phone rang and she answered. She went to a more private location to take the call as i continued to peruse the collection. She came back with her hand covering the speaker of the phone.

"That was Emily, she is asking if I can come have dinner with the rest of the crew. I told her i was with you and she said i should bring you along. What do you think?"

"Sure why not. Would be nice to meet the rest of the team." She seemed relieved and told Emily we'd be there after the gallery. "Emily is that Felicity from Arrow?"

"Yeah." She said as she grabbed my hand once again. "We're all pretty close and spend most of our off days together. Emily and I became fast friends, she's really cool." We continued to walk through the rest of the small gallery really enjoying the artwork. I was really enjoying Candice. She was so lively and fun to be around. She was really a ball of energy. And her beauty only made the whole package that much more interesting. We were in a pretty secluded part of the gallery, we were still holding hands so i drew against me and kissed her. This time it wasn't a quick peck like the last one. It was deep and passionate and remarkable. Her lips were overwhelmingly full. I pulled her tighter against me feeling her tits against my chest and her hardening nipples from the wonderful kiss. Our tongues met and i groaned as my cock hardened and rose to attention. Candice pulled away from the kiss and smiled up at me.

"Hmm someone's a very good kisser." She said kissing me once more.

"I was just thinking the same thing." I responded.

"You think i'm a good kisser?" She asked as she brought her face inches away from mine.

"Oh i was talking about myself." She laughed. "But you're pretty good too."

"Well i guess i'll

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