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Be a Man

It was acts like this which had cost the woman her 2 year marriage recently.

"Sandy, if you want to sleep with me, just say so! If not, stop this goddamned teasing and leave me alone!" he furiously declared.

"Julian, I want to sleep with you," she shocked everyone by saying in front of everyone in the kitchen.

"See, what was that SO hard? Well, answer me!" Vaughan demanded.

"Yes, it was intimidating. Julian, I am horny and just want some guy to pound the shit out of me! I don't care about love. In fact, I don't expect to find love again for a long time. I just have needs, thank you. I want your attention. It always worked with other men," Sandy suddenly admitted to him as the whole office listened.

"Very well. Meet me after work at exactly 6 pm. Don't be a second late. Prove that you're interested by going home with me and letting me fuck you out of your mind. Until you show me that you mean business, don't bother me at all during work for anything not job-related," Julian instructed her.

Oddly, Sandy did EXACTLY as Vaughan ordered her. She still teased other guys, but NOT him. However, she had a look on her face that showed her fear and admiration of Julian. Clearly, she knew that with him she would have to "put up or shut up". He wasn't the kind of man who liked having blue balls.

When he left work that evening, Sandy was waiting at his car. She evidently intended to obey his wishes. She also seemed resigned to servicing him. For some bizarre reason, she was unable to defy him at all.

After they got to his place, Julian commanded her to sit on the sofa until further notice. He HAD to figure out just how he had mysteriously mesmerized her into absolute obedience to him. They were COLLEAGUES, but she was automatically doing whatever he told her, without even thinking about it.

Vaughan also wanted to decide what to do with her. He could leave her alone and instruct her to do the same, but that lacked the satisfaction that he would get from dominating her life. After all of the frustration she had caused him, he deserved some fun at her expense. What better pleasure than to make her focus on HIS needs for a change, ahead of her own desires and feelings? Slavery seemed the right penalty for her treatment of him and the other men at the office.

The great thing was that she would NOT make any sexual harassment claims if he forbade her to file them. (Of course, her actions made "sexual harassment" seem a silly charge anyway.) He was all for freedom and equal rights, but something or SOMEONE had other plans for him. He had the power to overrule the decisions of others. Only an imbecile would fail to use that power.

"Stand up and bend over, Sandy," Julian finally told her.

She promptly did as he said, but she privately feared what he might do to her. All day long, she kicked herself for not being able to resist him. She was only having some fun and making sure that the men at the paper knew that she was available. She never intended to irritate any of them. Flirting had always been her way of getting the men to appreciate her.

"Drop your pants and spread your cheeks," Vaughan ordered the woman.

This really terrified the lady, who had never engaged in anal sex before. THAT sort of thing wasn't to be done by any woman with self-respect. That was for gay men; women had something better, so why would they need to take it up the ass? Even so, she had no choice but to submit to his will.

Not hesitating, Julian simply unzipped his pants and rammed his cock into Sandy's virgin butt. She gasped and grunted as he plundered her tush, ravaging her sphincter. He felt a little guilty about hurting her cute ass, but she had provoked him to use his new ability for this purpose. It was one thing to show interest in a man, but she never did anything lately but SHOW it. There was no action to back her suggestions up.

Vaughan had no mercy on Sandy, sodomizing the tease for several minutes, which definitely excited him.

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