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Mother is overcome by her lusty desires.

" She hung up the phone and had a smile on her face. Sabrina came around in front of me and faced Jill. They looked at me then at each other and started kissing. Their tounges were exploring each others mouths as their hands rubbed each others cheeks. The doorbell rang breaking their kiss. Jill went to the door and opened it. In walked another woman who was at the party earlier.

"Thanks for coming over Sheila. The camera is in the closet all ready to go." Sheila opened the closet and got the video camera out. Jill and Sabrina backed away from me and Sheila started filming.

Jill came over to me and held my head up by my chin. "So Justin you think you can just waltz in here and get laid anytime you want? Well I got news for you. Its not your turn for that tonight. We are going to do things to you that you have never imagined possible." Sabrina came over now. "Oh Sabrina look what we have."

"Shall we begin?" said Sabrina.

"Oh yes lets do." Replied Jill.

With that said Sabrina began to unbutton my shirt exposing my hairy chest. With a little help from Jill they removed my shirt. The both loosened my belt and pulled my pants and underwear off. My cock was half erect at this point. Once I was naked they sat back a moment. There I was naked in a room with 3 women. I could feel myself going and I passed out.

When I woke I was tied to Jills' bed spread eagle. Sitting beside the bed in 2 chairs was Sabrina and Jill. "About time you woke up." Said Jill.

"What the fuck is this all about?" I asked.

"Don't use that tone with us Justin." You are ours and we are going to use you as we see fit."

"Fucking untie me now." I said as I looked down and saw they had shaved my chest and crotch. I was hairless and looked like a little boy.

Sabrina stood up and walked to my head. She looked down at me then slapped my face hard. "Don't you utter another word till we say so." Sabrina backed away and Jill leaned over to me.

"Justin you are going to experience things most men only dream about. Open your mind and it will be better for you. Or we can open it for you and you will not like it." Said Jill. Sheila was at the foot of the bed now filming away. Sabrina grabbed my cock and stroked it as Jill pinched and rubbed my nipples.

"OWW!" I blurted out.

"Seems someone can't keep his mouth shut. Can't have that now can we?" Said Jill. She stood up and removed her thong. She crawled over my head and straddled my face. I was staring directly at her big ass now. As she lowered her ass to my mouth she said, "This should keep his mouth occupied for a while. Eat my ass NOW!" She lowered her ass to my face and I had to open my mouth to breath. While she started rubbing her asshole on my mouth she said, "Get that fucking tounge going NOW!" She reached down and squeezed my balls and I began to lick her puckered little asshole.

Sabrina on my thighs. She took my cock in her hands and began stroking it again.

"Think Justin can cum fast for me Jill?"

"Oh I think so Sabrina." Jill leaned forward and whispered something to Sabrina. Sabrina jerked my cock hard and fast as I continued to work on Jills' ass. It didn't ake long and I knew I was going to cum. Sabrina unknown to me had a wine glass in one hand now. "Cum for Jill now Justin. Come on baby you know you want to. CUM MOTHER FUCKER!" It was a combination of her voice and Sabrinas' hand but I started cumming. Sabrina held the glass near my cock head and I came into the glass. She milked my cock and got every last drop out wiping the last drops on the rim of the glass. I thought it might be alright from here on out. She set the glass down on the nightstand.

"I think its time to show Justin his surprise Sabrina." Said Jill. She lifted her ass from my face and switched places with Sabrina. Sabrina sat down on my chest.

"Go on Sabrina show him the surprise." Jilled said. Sabrina looked me in the eyes as she lifted her skirt. I glanced down and about died. Sabrina had a cock it was hard and bigger than mine. It was pointing straight at me.

"What the fu

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