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Lovely ebony lady is drawn to blonde woman.

Gently, I sucked on her clit, giving it head like a little penis. As she began to writhe in pleasure, I took two fingers and rubbed them firmly against the walls of her cunt. Chrissy pressed her hips towards my mouth in pleasure, and just as I could feel her going over the edge, she pushed me off of her, and onto my back. She quickly pulled off my pants to reveal my fully erect 8 inches. She then turned her back to me and lowered herself down my pole. The feeling was exquisite, her tight little pussy milking my cock for all I had. Because of the head start I gave her, Chrissy orgasmed first, but her contractions quickly sent me over the edge as well. She collapsed backwards onto my chest, and we lay there, panting for some time.

A few minutes later, Chrissy told me to be quiet. Silently lying there we could hear the squeaking bed and erotic moans of Jill and William. "Let's go spy." was all I heard as Chrissy leapt to her feet and pulled me up the stairs following. We got to Jill's bedroom door, slowly opened it, and leaned thru to look. All I could see was Jill's bare back, as she bobbed up and down. I could hear the moans and expressions that both of them made as they took each other to ecstasy. The sounds, sights, and even smell of sex caused me to become a little aroused, which due to the fact that I was leaning behind her, was immediately known to Chrissy. Without warning, Chrissy grabbed my hand, pulled me into Jill's room, and threw me onto Jill's bed. Then like a cat, Chrissy was on top of me again, her back facing me. I was lying right next to William, both of us getting the rides of our lives.

I couldn't believe what was happening as I watched Jill's tits bounce from the number she and William were doing on each other. Meanwhile, Chrissy and I were in the midst of a pretty spirited second round ourselves. Then, Chrissy leaned over and began to make out with Jill. My rock hard erection got even harder. I found myself pumping faster and deeper than I ever had. William had the same reaction. We were so excited and were pumping so hard, it became difficult for the girls to stay in place long enough to make out. The ladies repositioned themselves so that they were lying face to face, with William behind Jill, and me behind Chrissy. As William and I fucked them from behind, they kissed, licked and groped each other. Soon I couldn't take it anymore; I reached out and began to fondle one of Jill's breasts. Before long, William had contorted himself to kiss Chrissy. Jill then reached down and tickled my balls while I fucked Chrissy.

The four of us went at it for hours, in one form or another. If one of us needed a break, they would get up, leaving a threesome behind. The action was so hot, no one stayed away for too long. I would get up for a drink of water and to recharge, and within a couple of minutes, I'd have my cock in my hand from watching what Jill and Chrissy were doing to William. Finally we all collapsed in exhaustion. William and I on the outside, with the girls face to face between us.

When we woke, it was just three of us, Chrissy had hurried home to change and get to an aerobics class.

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