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A sweet little revenge story.

As he often did nowadays, he thought of his old life, back in Sioux Falls. He dreamed of before, back when he was still human, the dead stayed dead instead of munching on the living, and the world was a much simpler place...

In Owen's dreams, he saw his parents, Jaffer Stephenson and Lily Cagney-Stephenson, aged but happy. The last time he saw them, he'd gone out to get groceries when they saw the news on television, the disturbing news about people coming back from the dead and eating other people. That was the last time he saw his folks, at least, while they were still breathing. When he came back, they were simply gone, and he never learned what happened to them.

Owen thought of his younger days, of his college years, and of Kia Dwyer, the beautiful young Afro-Caribbean woman whom he met during his freshman seminar class. Kia Dwyer, the six-foot-tall, chocolate-hued, curvy and dreadlocked cutie from Panama who simply enchanted him with her smile. From the first time Owen laid eyes on Kia Dwyer, he knew that not only was she special, but they had a destiny together.

"She looks like an angel," Owen whispered to himself, as he watched Kia in class. There were twenty seven students in class, and they were the only non-whites there. An exotically beautiful gal like Kia definitely stood out, and she got a lot of stares, but didn't seem to care. Owen approached her after their first class, and amazingly, he got her number. The two of them began hanging out, and then shortly after that, they began dating. Kia was Owen's first love, and he dreamed of becoming her husband. He never got the chance to propose to her, because of the Zombie apocalypse...

"Welcome to my nightmare," Owen whispered to himself as he tried to sleep, yet even the sun's rays, bathing the landscape outside, couldn't shut his eyes. Memories of Kia Dwyer haunted him, and not the least due to the fact that he never learned what became of her either. A smile slowly creased Owen's face and he rolled onto his back, not the least bit uncomfortable in the rafters, as he thought of Kia as he'd last seen her, in all of her glory...

"I'll see you in a few weeks, don't worry," Kia said to Owen as they stood inside the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, awaiting her flight. From there, she'd fly to Miami, Florida, and then to Panama. Owen held Kia in his arms, marveling at the beautiful young black woman who looked and smelled so enticing. Clad in a black vest over a white blouse, black silk pants and high heels, Kia looked more like a model than an international student about to begin a long flight.

"I can't wait," Owen replied, and he took Kia's face into his hands and kissed. The night before, they'd made passionate love in Kia's off-campus apartment, located on Kiwanis Avenue, not far from the Augustana University campus. Owen sat on the couch, watching a rerun of Smallville on television when he heard Kia clear her throat loudly, and turned to look at her.

"Hey handsome," Kia said, and she stood there, looking so hot with water from the shower cascading down her gorgeously dark skin, a coy smile on her lovely face. The bodacious, chocolate-hued Amazon 'accidentally' dropped her bright pink towel, revealing a curvy body that models and female athletes would envy. Owen's eyes roamed all over Kia's sinfully sexy form, taking note of her big round breasts, her thick and sexy legs, and those curves that wouldn't quit. Without realizing it, Owen held his breath...

"Oh my, Nagla, you're so beautiful," Owen replied, and he got up and went to her, and Kia threw her arms around him and kissed him. They embraced passionately, and didn't even make it to the bedroom. Indeed, they had to make do with the ( fortunately ) carpeted floor. Owen kissed Kia from her head to her toes, and then proceeded to pleasure her. Caressing her firm breasts, he rubbed those big round nipples of hers, and Kia grinned, loving what he was doing to her.

"Go on," Kia said, and she smiled as Owen buried his face between her thick dark

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