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Grand Duchess Anyia's naked journey of repentance.

Looking down, I saw my big, firm boobs spilling out while the tacky chemise came into full view.

On first impulse, I reached up to cover my big ole funbags with my arms, but D-Rod's stern look stopped me. Letting my arms hang down my sites, I let the three college boys get a full view of the tawdry, campy lace-and-leopard chemise. Fuck! I felt so embarrassed.

"Please sir, this is so wrong!" I started begging. "I'm your boss!"

"I'm boss of all you guys! You mustn't see me like this!" I addressed the rest of the interns in the room, whimpering pathetically.

"Too late for that, huh?" D-Rod simply replied. "My bros know you're just a flossy office tramp."

"Look at those fake, poppy French nails 'n all that bling-bling." He pointed out my freshly manicured nails, tacky chola-style hoop earrings, and flashy silver bangles. "You're practically screaming for my bros' attention, don't deny it."

"You won't believe it, bros, she's a real attention whore." He told his fellow interns. "She was so happy 'bout my homies fucking her that she got a tramp stamp just for them."

"Show them!" He ordered when focusing back on me.

My head turned crimson and my lower lip trembled in embarrassment. I couldn't show these college boys my tan tattoos! They would lose the last ounces of respect for me. Despite my aversion, though, I obeyed D-Rod's order without further prompting. Pulling the black leather skirt down a few inches, I revealed the 'LGZ' sign on my crotch.

Seeing the disbelief in the boys' eyes, made me tremble even more. My slutty self-presentation wasn't over, though. With my face burning in shame, I turned around and presented my backside to my interns. They whistled in awe when they saw the large pale bow all over my lower back.


"Who knew?" Justin blurted out. "Our boss turns outta be a helluva glamour doll!"

"Duh! Always knew she was a slut!" Matt countered.

"But damn, she molded herself into a fucking luxury toy!" Taylor finally spoke up for the first time.

Their comments flooded over me like ridicule, making me shut my eyes. With the saucy outfit, tacky accessories, and slutty tattoos, they could only think of me as a dolled-up office tramp. They didn't see me as their boss anymore but only as a piece of meat they wanted to get their hands on. A realization that gave my pussy another surge.

"Now, get on your knees, fuckdoll. Say sorry to these fine young men!" D-Rod pushed on.

At first, I looked around hesitantly. I knew that he wanted me to grovel for his amusement. We were still in the office building, though. Work was going on at full speed upstairs!

On the other hand, there was no better place in the office. None of my colleagues ever set a foot into the basement. It was unlikely that anyone would notice us down here. It was definitely safer in the chill-out room than in my office.

A lump remained in my throat, however, when I completely stripped off the white vest and let it fall to the floor. Hiking the tight black leather skirt up to my hips, I revealed the leopard print stocking tops and garters. I felt like such a tawdry skank when I presented the animal print lingerie in all its tacky glory.

D-Rod reached out and pinched my nipples through the lace fabric. A moan escaped my lips. My nipples were hard and erect for everyone to see. My pent-up arousal was close to boiling over and my body shamelessly reacted to any kind of touch. It was so crushing to act like a wanton slut in front of these young boys. I wanted to scream in desperation.

"Please stop it!" I whispered. "Please leave me some dignity for pity's sake!"

"Hehehe!" D-Rod laughed at me. "A fuckdoll ain't got no dignity!"

"Now, get your ass down! Show them your assets!" He instructed me, knowing exactly how degrading it would be.

I suppressed a sob but didn't argue.

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