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Sister Theresa leaves convent.

"MMMMM Yes, my sweet slave, you did prepare yourself just right. And you are already so wet and ready for me too." He then held her skirt open in the direction of the steward. She jumped and tried to pull it back down with her hand. "Don't hide yourself, slave. Remember what your being here means, you are mine, to do with as I wish." She dropped her hand, and felt her whole body blushing at this point. She did not want to disappoint him. The steward studied her intently from his table then winked at Master. He dropped her skirt, and offered her a chair.

They ate dinner, then dessert, and then he said it was time to go back to her room. He had something on his mind that he wanted to share with her. As they walked past the steward he said, "What a lovely rose you have there Tony. Maybe some night you will be kind enough to let me take a whiff." "Oh yes, I am sure of it" Master replied.

When they arrived at her room, he got the most curious smile across his face. She opened the door and saw a tray with a bottle of citron vodka, champagne, lemon juice and a bowl of sugar. "I thought you could fix us a drink" he said "Those Stockholm martini's you talked about sounded pretty good, and like your favorite so I ordered all the ingredients for you." She hugged him and went to work. He walked over to the roses in the vase and pulled them all out, inspecting the stem of each one. He selected three, and then put the rest back in the vase. He then went and sat in the chair in her room.

She brought his drink over to him. "Kneel in front of me please." She did as requested, sipping her own drink. "Tonight I am going to test your strength and your willingness to please me. Do you remember what we talked about before? About the rose stems?" She could feel her face go pale in front of him and slowly and cautiously answered, "Yes, Master".

"Good. Do you remember the word to use if things get too much for you to handle?"

"Yes, Master."

"Are you sure you want to do this, you are sounding a little unsure of yourself, slave." He questioned.

"Yes, Master, I am positive I want this." She answered assuredly.

"Then its time to begin. Get down on your hands now." She did as he requested. He went behind her, ran his hands over her backside and down her thighs. "So nice and smooth." Then his fingers went to her sex again. Just running back and forth over her slit. "Yes, you are a wanton slut aren't you? Already wet." He slipped his finger in between the lips. Then he ran it over her clitoris, which made her collapse in pleasure. "I didn't say you could lay down, get back up" She got up and he did it again. She let out a loud moan and her body started to curl. "Straighten up slave." Again he ran his finger over her clit and again she collapsed down. "You like that a little too much, don't you my slave?" She just nodded embarrassed that she couldn't stand still when he did that. "Straighten up slave."

He got up and went to the drawer by the nightstand. He pulled out a red silk scarf and tied it around her eyes. She stayed straightened up and stiff still on her hands and knees. She could feel the air as he waved a hand in front of her face, making sure she could see nothing.

Then she felt something velvety soft touch the skin on the back of her neck.

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