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Getting off on the way to the airport.

Whispering "Pee in me or I'm going to be get in trouble." She brought me out of my daydeam.

I spread the walls of her waiting pussy as she clamped down on my throbbing tool. Having shot my load in her ass, I prepared to give her the watering she was begging for. It seemed like pissing inside a woman is an act easier imagined than performed. Like a slingshot that you've pulled all the way back, but are unable to release, the tension builds and builds straining until at last one warm drop finally entered her canal. Pull the slingshot back and the tension only increases, yet a second drop of my urine splashed deep inside her pussy as my helmet pushed again against her bladder. I can't believe I am pissing in this woman, even that she's asked to be pissed in. I caught my bladder distracted and the full rushing stream of urine raced from my hard cock into Amber's waiting cunt. The entire bone of her pelvis twist downward to accept my piss as my penis was tugged by its base forward. The full gush of my bladder entered her tightly and although I had to go, just as quickly as it had started it stopped. My bladder, momentarily shy, stopped midstream. Perhaps only enough to half fill your coffee cup. Though my urine now lubricated us together, I withdrew in increasingly longer and deeper thrusts. Our two pools of urine in her bladder mixed together. Her pussy hair was wet as if just exiting the shower dangled int eh sun. I wanted to taste the small mix of hair and fluid in my mouth to dry her pussy off. I withdrew my cock expecting a waterfall of unplugged urine to fall from her womb splashing onto my face.

"Don't stop! There's no way I can fail this test, so please give me as much pee as you can!"

"What are you talking.."

"It's about my job. I don't mean to be..."

"You're a prostitute?" I said half joking.

"NO!" as she punched my chest, " The pee test is about my job. I'm going to get fired if you don't piss an awful lot right away."

My sore penis caught the light through the back window of the truck glistening cleanly, unexpectedly let loose a blasting stream of hot piss splashing across her back and into her jet black hair. She quickly turned her head mouth open to catch my piss directly drenching her face and into her waiting mouth as she squealed with delight. She slammed down on my cock with all her strength allowing the full stream of my water to explode into her ass. While we kissed the entire contents of my bladder drained. I rammed her ass harder than before. As tears collected in her green eyes, she shuddered violently and in waves came a second time. A hot puddle of amber liquid drained in the small of her back, as I pulled out and lowered my head to wipe her pussy and ass dry with my tongue. A few more drops of piss and cum collected on the lips of her teenage vagina.

Her intense orgasms passed but her thighs twitched on for a few mintuer more. "That was incredible, I have to dry off and go." Amber began to collect herself and made ready a hasty exit.

"Ok, sorry. I don't want you to lose your job, just fooling around. Return the favor and piss in my mouth before you go, let me taste us."

"Just a little though, I have to save you for my test." I positioned myself squarely as she squirted a few well aimed arrows of piss and juice straight into my open mouth. It splashed over my tongue onto the roof of mouth, before continuing to my throat. I closed my eyes and swallowed a bit as it mixed with the fresh taste of my own jism. She reach her head back signaling, waiting for a kiss and the chance to once again share our combined fluids passing between our lips. Pouring from my mouth into hers, splashing backward into her mouth, she swallowed. A few final drops followed the curve from her back down her ass, the fold of her pussy, to hair, to air, to ground, and splash into the carpet.

She paused in aftertaste long enough for me to push her on her belly and straddle her back. Some urine collected on my chin mixing with my sweat and the taste of her ass and my cum.

"One more gam

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