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She made him a cuckold for the night.

Ami hadn't gone further than some drunken makeout sessions with their ex-drummer, while Jenny confessed only to some backroom groping with a hot butch they'd met at a club a few months ago. Jenny dropped to her hands and knees and began to playfully stalk across the room towards Ami, keeping her gaze locked the whole time. Upon reaching her, Jenny placed her hands on Ami's knees and brought herself to eye level, hovering inches before her face for a few moments.

"Are...are you cool with this," Ami asked in a whisper, almost taken aback by Jenny's display of enthusiasm. Instead of responding, Jenny leaned in and kissed her passionately, her lips pulling at Ami's with vigor and passion. After a moment, she broke their kiss and moved to the side, kissing along Ami's jawline until she could nibble at her earlobe.

"I've always wanted to taste you," Jenny purred into her ear, eliciting a soft gasp of anticipation before she bit the side of Ami's neck. Ami grabbed her and held her close, her back arching as Jenny nibbled her way down. The bites turned to kisses as Jenny descended further, and Ami's eyes fluttered shut as Jenny's lips traced a path up her left breast. When Jenny found her way to the nipple, she fastened her lips around it with sudden vigor, causing Ami to buck and moan loudly. She peeked through almost-lidded eyes and saw Kurt stroking himself through his boxers, and luxuriated in the thought of him pleasuring himself to the sight of his girlfriend playing with Ami's nipple.

Ami couldn't remember when she'd spread her legs for Jenny, but it must've happened on its own accord, for she could feel Jenny's hand tracing its way up her thigh towards her exposed slit. She gasped as Jenny's hand slipped by, teasingly, then again. Finally, Jenny's fingers found their target, rubbing gently along her pussy lips, causing her to throw her head back and moan loudly. Each gentle caress brought a new wave of pleasure, a new gasp or shudder or whimper from Ami's throat. She could feel herself getting wetter with each movement, each deft stroke of Jenny's fingers, and dimly wondered if Jenny really was as inexperienced as she'd claimed.

Before she could ponder that thought too long, she felt Jenny's lips release her nipple and her petting slow. She looked down to see Jenny watching her face with hungry interest, studying her reaction and waiting in anticipation of something new. As their eyes met, Jenny gracefully slide two fingers into Ami's pussy up to her knuckles, their passage eased by her copious juices. Ami held her friend's gaze as she cried out loudly in pleasure, grabbing the arms of the chair to anchor her against the tidal wave of pleasure.

As Jenny worker her fingers in and out of her, Ami wondered who was really in charge here. Sure, she had won the bet, and she was the one receiving pleasure, but she was also the one splayed out in her chair for all to see, trembling with pleasure at every motion of Jenny's hand, utterly at her mercy. If Jenny had asked her to beg for her orgasm, she would have begged like a shameless whore. Across the room, Kurt and Hipster Douche had a clear view of her eager snatch, watching her cunt contract around Jenny's fingers, watching Jenny explore her body. But as each pleasurable motion sent her higher and higher, she couldn't find it in herself to care about her new exhibitionism, nor about Jenny's mastery of her body; let them watch as she spread herself for Jenny's tongue, let them watch as Jenny wrung moan after moan from her body, let them watch when Jenny finally drove her helplessly to a quaking orgasm. In the moment, none of it mattered, nothing but the feel of Jenny's fingers within her.

And then, all of a sudden, they were gone.

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