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He has weekend with sisters.

My arms wrapped around his neck and he held my hips as they swapped to the beat. His gaze dipped to my chest every time my breasts pressed against him and when I ran my fingers through his hair, he closed his eyes. They opened to pure heat. Lust dripped from his stare and I knew with that innocent caress, I unleashed a beast. And that beast advanced to capture.

He met my lips with his in a kiss that curled my toes in my boots. He tasted like the sweet drink we had and I took a deep breath of contentment as I sank into his kiss.

He smelled so good. I will never be able to figure out what that smell was exactly. It was a subtle combination of his fabric softener and his cologne that he used. But it was so sweet and soothing. It smelled like something you would sprinkle on your pillow at nite before going to bed to soothe your nites sleep.

Letting out my breath, I deepened the kiss, dipping my tongue inside his mouth and tasted all the passion he had. His arms were wrapped around my body and his hands pressed me closer to him from my back. If the music wasn't so loud, he would hear my groan of delight but the thump of bass pulsed through us almost as loud as my heartbeat. When I felt how bad he wanted me press against my leg. I needed a quiet secluded place to be alone with him. Otherwise everyone here would get a free show.

Harvey pulled free from the kiss and pressed his forehead to mine just as the band ended their song. He took my hands and pulled me through the crowd, out to the backyard where a few drunken couples were fumbling blindly in the dark and some people were out have quiet conversations on their cell phones. He stopped at a tree hidden in the dark and pushed me against the rough bark, leaning into me to take my lips once more. This kiss was slower, and his hand cradling my face was something unexpected. The tenderness was spicy on his tongue that tangled with mine. The deep sigh that escaped his body coursed through me and made me smile through the kiss.

I wanted him with a fierce desire that was completely foreign to me. I didn't know him, and I didn't really care. All I knew was I needed him inside my body.

I dug my fingertips into his hips, pressing my lower body into him, and his cock was so hard against me, I gasped. He laughed and asked me to come home with him.

He looked at me and smiled. He wanted me to come home with him. I told him if he was going to regret it in the morning, I didn't want to.

"Why would I regret it?"

Because guys like him regret taking home girls like me. I'm the girl that is good enough to take home, but I'm not the one that he will feel good about the next day. So think about it before you ask me to come back to your place.

He looked down in a little boy way. If his arms weren't around me, this hands would be shoved in his pockets and he would be kicking invisible dirt with his foot. With his cocky half smirk and warm stare he asked again.

"Wanna come back to my place?"

Yes. Yes I did.

We drove separate, so I followed him out of the party. On the entire 15 min drive, my mind was racing. I try to stay away from situations like this, but if you put a new tasty candy in front of me, I am going to have to try it.

He drove to a quiet neighborhood not too far away, and as I pulled my car in behind his on the street, I became nervous. The buzz from my drinks was almost out of my system, and now I was standing in front of my car waiting for him to take my hand. When he came to my side, and laced my fingers in his, I calmed down.

We walked into his apartment through his kitchen and he led me up a flight of stairs to the living area. Boxes were strewn about as if he was still unpacking, which was exactly what he said. He moved in a month or so ago.

As I looked around the dim living room, he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him. I closed my eyes when his teeth grazed the delicate skin beneath my ear and he whispered to me to follow him to his bedroom.

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