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Getting caught.

A gentle current of pleasure, at first barely perceptible beneath the surface of our senses, stirred within us.

Then she held me still once more and, drawing me down to her, her lips nipped at my face as though they were kissing the points of a sundial. First one way, then the other. Gentle, airy kisses - as tender as butterflies' wings - lighting on my damp skin.

I released myself from her embrace and raised myself on my hands. As I did so, my cock pressed more firmly within her.

'Mmmmmmm.' Her long, deep sigh declared her approval.

'Tell me again that you love me,' she murmured. I thrust into her a little, but only a little, more forcefully. She smiled and brushed back a lock of hair from my forehead.

'I love you,' I said and, despite all that I shall tell you, at that moment I really meant it.

'Good,' she whispered. 'I love you.'

'I know,' I said and though I knew that her love had its uses, I believed her.

Thu stretched her arms out beyond her head and grasped the struts of the headboard. She drew her legs up around my waist.

'Fuck me, darling,' she murmured.

I smoothly pulled out of her a little and then re-entered her. Thu's eyes closed and her dark, beautiful face radiated with a broad smile.

After a while of slow, easy fucking, first pressing against one side of her and then the other, occasionally thrusting hard so that I could hear again her startled yelps of surprise, I pulled myself up onto my knees and drew her up onto me so that her ass was cushioned in my lap. Then I began to fuck her more purposefully. Not fast, but harder. Thu's response was immediate. Her grip on the headboard tightened. She bit on her lower lip, she threw her head to one side, then the other. I looked down and watched her small breasts heaving with each entry. I squeezed her nipples between my fingers. She stared at me as I continued to explore the depths of her.

'Is that good?' I challenged her. 'Tell me how it feels.'

'So good .... Don't stop.'

I was past stopping.

'Tell me how it feels,' I demanded breathlessly.

'Ohh, you're so tight in me ... My cunt feels .... Ohhhh ....'

I slid my forearm beneath the small of her back, pulling her cunt onto me even more tightly. My cock was striking against her pelvis.

'Tell me!' I commanded.

'Heaven .... God ..... Heaven ....'

Now her hands were around my neck, gripping my hair. Her eyes were shut tight. Her hair tossed back and forth like a storm-stricken sea. I swept it from her face. Her thighs dug into my waist.

'Come for me, Thu,' I urged her.

'Mmmmm,' she mewed, sucking in her lips. With her legs she levered herself against me. Only her shoulders were now on the bed. Still I pressed into her. Not fast, but unceasingly. Out, and then back into her. Out and in. Out and in. Hard and steady. Emptying her, and then cramming her again with my flesh.

'Coming .... coming .... coming ....' she pleaded, almost willing herself to her climax. And then her arrival .... Her mouth opened in a long, wordless yawn.

I fucked her through her orgasm and soon she was coming again.

'You're beautiful,' I said as she gently uncoiled herself from around my body.

Thu always comes for me - and when she doesn't, she feigns her orgasm so convincingly that I almost believe her. But this was the real thing. This was the blissful, cauterising fulfilment of all that we feel for one another and all that we will ever feel.


I rose from the bed and sluiced my face in a bucket of tepid water. Then I uncapped a bottle of beer and brought it back to the bed. First Thu, then I, drank deeply from it.

Lying beside me on the warm, soaked sheets, she turned to me.

'What are you smiling at?' she asked. Her fingertips were lightly smoothing the furrows from my brow.

'Nothing,' I answered. 'Only Keble and Vaughan.'

'Oh, them,' she sighed, and smiled too. I could smell the beer on her breath.

Keble and Vaughan are our private joke.

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