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David wakes up, Gwen joins the team, and a character arrives.

"Go knock 'em dead, kiddo!" she called out after the receding couple, acutely aware of the damp patch that had developed in her panties.

Our story actually began some two weeks earlier...

November 3rd, 8:57 pm, The Rooftops of Gotham City, USA

Batgirl silently padded over to the edge of the high-rise apartment block and peered over the low parapet, at the brightly-lit city streets below. It was early evening, approaching 9:00 pm, so there were still plenty of citizens about, this close to the center of one of the largest metropolises on the Eastern seaboard. She had been alerted by the multiple wails of police patrol car sirens, whilst still a few blocks away and had hurried over, using her pneumatic pistol to project a steel grappling hook and line from building to building, before fearlessly swinging over the intervening spaces on the thin, high strength nylon cable, all that prevented her from plunging to an almost certain death. The Dynamic Daredoll flew through the cool night air, with the graceful ease of a professional trapeze artist.

A lot of police activity seemed to be going on directly below the Caped Cutie, and an ambulance had just screeched to a halt at the entrance to the narrow back alley. A metal fire-escape, conveniently led down into the gloom, but she decided to ignore it and take the shorter, quicker route to street level. Pulling a nylon cord from a special compartment on her utility belt, she clipped the attached aluminum karabiner to the top rail then, without a moment's hesitation, leapt into the void. As she plunged downward, the thin cable snapped taught, and her friction device took over, quickly arresting and controlling her rate of decent.

The Dark Angel landed in a crouch, her powerful muscular thighs absorbing the shock of impact. She swiftly unclipped the cable from her utility belt, with a smooth, well-practiced motion. In the darkness, she looked both a frightening and erotic sight. She was wearing the latest sexy variation of her much talked about Bat-costume. The clinging, purple stretch material was so sheer, you could just make out the nipples and dark surrounding areolas of her otherwise naked breasts, together with the black thong clinging to her hips, her only item of underwear. On her head, was a close-fitting combination Bat-cowl and mask and a short Batcape hung down from her shoulders. Electronic enhanced hearing was incorporated into the two pointed bat-like ears that rose up from the black cowl.

She slowly rose to her full five-feet nine-inches, excluding heels, placed both hands on her hips, thrust out her chest, and strode forward, toward the noise emanating from the small gathering of people, some twenty yards further along the alley. Behind her, she heard the sound of running feet, as the paramedics hurried to the scene, from the entrance to this narrow side street.

The Dark Angel strode up to a uniformed policeman, who had his back to her, and tapped him on the shoulder. The officer spun around, his right hand moving to the butt of his holstered service revolver.

"Batgirl!" he gasped, instantly recognizing the city's most famous heroine. "You scared the shi... er, the life out of me."

The Dynamic Daredoll gave him a sexy, reassuring smile. "Sorry about that, Officer, I didn't mean to startle you." She nodded toward the small crowd that had gathered. "What appears to be the trouble here?"

The young cop managed to stop staring at her impressive jugs and looked up at her masked face, a little flustered. "Oh, er, they've found the dead body of a young woman," he explained. "Looks like she was murdered."

The two paramedics arrived and the officer turned to address the new arrivals. "Hey, you guys, don't go touching the body until the forensic squad has had a chance to take a look at it!" he warned. "This is a major crime scene."

He received a nod of confirmation from the senior paramedic, before they pushed their

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