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! I'm attracted to Joshua!

My real problem started Monday night. I couldn't believe I was talking to Josh about my true feelings. I really wanted to tell him everything, right there. I think the bonding with him, playing basketball, was really brining me even closer to Josh. Then, my sister came up and messed the whole thing up. Then to make matters worse Carrie comes home to tell me that Josh and she are now a couple!

Well I didn't sleep much that night. A big part of me was very jealous of Carrie. I still don't understand the feelings I have for Josh. I made a decision the next morning that I would make a conscious effort to forget about my feelings for Josh. I couldn't let anything come between me and my sister, and I didn't want to resent Josh either. So with my determination set, I went down for breakfast. I don't think anyone was the wiser.

The big thing, I think, that saved my sanity that day, was to find out about the football tryouts. Most of my thoughts then went to football. Thank God for sports! I was also happy that Josh would be trying out too. I love football, it's my favorite sport, and I was supposed to be on the team this year anyway.

That afternoon I was amazed at how much better Josh was. He was in the right spots, his form was better on his throws, and he was making baskets much easier. After only a couple of games I thought about the upcoming tryouts and thought we should run some to get us ready for Monday. It was about two miles, and I could tell Josh has been working out. He barely broke a sweat.

I was very glad to not have Josh on the brain that day. I was able to focus on things much better. I even aced an American history test and I had a full night sleep.

The next day, I thought we should play some catch with the football. Josh seemed to like the idea. Again, I was amazed with Joshua. He started out kind of clumsy, but the more he played the more he looked seasoned. In fact, the more I saw his moves the more it reminded me of my own. He went from looking like a rank armature to a pro in the space of an hour. I must be a really good teacher.

Josh was back on my mind that night. Probably, because that is all Carrie could talk about at dinner. I was kind of excited to be going to the game Friday night. Just the three of us hanging out all night, I couldn't wait. In fact I thought about him so much, I had a dream about him that night.

We were in his room, just talking. I don't remember what we were talking about. He grabbed my arm and turned me around so I was facing him. Then, he practically raped my mouth with his tongue. Josh then ripped my clothes off, turned me around, and threw me face first on the bed. I was really turned on by his aggression. It felt as though we both knew what the other wanted, because at that moment I wanted to be absolutely dominated. I'm not really sure where that feeling came from though. I've never really thought I'd be into domination, but this was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life.

Then he spit on my ass a few times, and slammed his rod into me in one swift thrust. The pain was almost unbearable, but it was mixed with intense pleasure. I couldn't believe it! I was enjoying the pain! The pain was making the pleasure I was feeling, even more intense. He was pulling almost all the way out, then slamming it back in. After a few seconds it was all pleasure. I loved the feeling of his nuts slapping mine, and sound of his hips slapping my ass.

He reached around as he was riding my ass doggie style, and began feeling up my chest. I loved his hands all over me. I turned my head, and we started kissing. It was the most erotic dream I've ever had! He was serving my ass like he owned it! At that moment he did! The dream seemed to really last, after what seemed like at half hour or more, I started cuming! I could not believe it. I was cuming and I hadn't even touched myself.

I awoke just as the feeling of him cuming in my ass began.

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