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My fingers reach down to run through your hair. I'm not pulling you towards me, I'm not holding you in place. My fingers are simply in your hair. You slyly look up at me to meet my gaze. I can feel your hot breath on my skin. I feel the tip of your tongue licking my lips ever so softly, driving me even more crazy.

Your hand continues to hold my thong over as the other rests right above that one, flattening on my stomach. You pause and give a deep growl before your tongue attacks my clit. I gasp.

You flicker your tongue until you decide that I need your dick inside of me. You quickly slide up against me, hovering over me as I slightly open my eyes to meet your gaze and softly smile.

Your leaning on an elbow as your other hand reaches between us to grab your thick hard dick and tease my lips with it, while attempting to keep my thong out of the way. You glare down into my eyes and demand that I beg for you.

My throat is dry. I ache to find a voice to beg you with.

A tiny 'please' escapes my lips as I softly and (making up a word here) beggingly look into your eyes. 'Please Bae-please!' Almost a whisper.

You demand me to say it louder. I attemp to vocalize myself a bit more, but only a little.

'Please Babe,' I beg breathlessly, 'Please fuck me...'

A slight grin spreads across your lips as I feel your head at my vaginal opening. 'Please...' I feel your legs spreading mine a bit wider as you ever so slowly enter inside me.

My eyes immediately shut.

My breathing becomes moaning.

Your hand goes to the other side of my head as you hover over me. Your lips meet mine as you grind deeply inside of me. My body shudders and presses against yours, begging for more.

Your lips leave mine.

Your hips slowly pull back and a moan escapes my lips.

You lick your lips.

I slightly open my eyes to look up at you watching me. You feel satisfaction knowing that I'm about to give you more and more moaning. More signs of pleasure. More reaction.

You start a series of thrusts, but ever so slow ones.

My eyelids flutter as my mouth parts and my head tilts back as if I can't take it any longer. As if I'm on edge. Your lips embrace mine over and over and over. You grind deep inside of me once more before demanding again that I beg for pleasure.

I'm again trying to find my voice. It's hard to work up to saying anything so my responses are half assed and breathless. My words only coming out as sighs. 'Ple...ohmygo....Bae....plea...." I desperately look up at you. 'Please baby!'

You slowly pull out. Your head rubbing my g-spot on the way out, sending my body a quick convulsion.

You kiss me again.

You slide back down as your hand pulls my thong over. You demand me to beg again. I plea. Your tongue attacks me and sends my body into a lip biting fit.

After a while you stop and come up to me again. This time you go straight into me without asking anything. Your thrusts are slow. Slow because it seems to be getting the most reaction out of me. In. Out. In. Out. My moans filling your ears. Pleasure filled music.

My head tosses from side to side. My lips attempting to form words. My body meeting your tempo, thus driving me crazy.

I slyly smile and just barely open my eyes. 'I bet I can come before you,' I tease.

'We'll see about that,' you reply as you pull out and resume licking my clit.

My body is nearly vibrating.

You keep pausing and demandingly ask me if I'm close. My breathless responses 'I'm so close' 'I'm right there' 'Oh Babe...' over and over each time you ask me.

Finally you go all out. Your tongue is nearly vibrating against my clit. I can't hold out anymore. My body lifts up a few inches and you see my face concentrating. My legs stiff and tensed as they try to milk enough oxygen out so when I come I'll have a rush.

My breathing intensifies. You feel my muscles throughout my body quivering. Your tongue goes on. Finally, I slightly give away as my muscles lose a little tension and my breathing becomes whole.

Moans trapped inside leash out.

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