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Wife enjoys compression garments and anal play.

I told her no and reminded her I had just gotten out of the shower. She again laughed and got up and walked back to me with a small bottle. She said it was an after sun cream and it would help.

Instead of handing it to me she walked behind me and poured some into her palm, reached over me and set the bottle down on the table. When she did this she pushed her tits into my back. It was a great feeling. She spread the lotion on both hands then started applying it to my shoulders. It felt amazing and the more she rubbed I felt my cock starting to twitch. She kept rubbing and my cock started growing. After a few minutes she stopped and I thought I might get out of this without embarrassing myself again. I was wrong.

Annie stepped to the side and reached for the bottle. She must have looked down and saw my cock and as she poured more lotion in her hand she said ok now it looks hard like yesterday and started laughing. I know I must have blushed because she said relax it's ok, I'm just having fun with you. I don't get to do that a lot. I laughed and said well since we're having fun it's not hard now and it wasn't yesterday. I was only about half hard. She stopped and said come on, really? I laughed and said keep that up and you'll find out and she laughed too. She said maybe I should stop, you're wife might come back soon. I laughed and said she doesn't come back for hours and then pointed to the table and said she doesn't even have her room key. She always forgets them. With that said Annie started rubbing bigger areas of my shoulder and upper chest.

She paused for a moment and I took the opportunity to push back from the table a little. She started rubbing again and I leaned back in the chair a little. This had two effects. I could look up and see her face and she had an unobstructed view of my cock. I reached down and adjusted myself and when doing so I gave my cock a couple slow strokes. I know she was watching me and when I let my cock go it was almost fully erect and I heard her take in a deep breath. I am not huge, my cock is a little over seven inches fully erect but I am very thick. My cock looks like a taller than normal beer can with a nice upward curve and a big head.

I asked if anyone ever gave her a shoulder rub and she didn't say anything at first. I said is everything ok and she kind of responded quickly and said no I don't get shoulder rubs. I asked why and she said she works too much to have a boyfriend. I said you don't have a boyfriend and she quickly said no. I asked if she would like a shoulder rub and she kind of laughed a little and said can I ask you something and I laughed and said I think we can pretty much say anything at this point. She paused for a minute and I said you can ask me anything. She quickly blurted out is it hard yet? I laughed and said pretty much but there's a little left to grow. I stood up quickly and she immediately looked down to my cock.

I told her to have a seat. She just moved without saying anything. I said how about that shoulder rub and she said wait a minute. I looked down at her and she was staring at my cock and looked up at me and slowly lifted her arm and brought her hand up to my cock and took ahold of it. She again drew in an audible breath and slowly began stroking my cock. I looked down and said that feels fantastic. She looked up at me and said its so thick. It feels amazing in my hand. She started playing with the head which was purple and leaking pre cum already. She rubbed the precut around and looked up and asked if it was hard now and I laughed and said if it gets any harder it's going to burst. She laughed and said I'm pretty sure it's going to burst soon anyway.

She kept stroking it and I pushed my luck and asked since she had it nice and hard how did she feel about sucking it.

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