Funny The plot thickens... as do the cocks. Porn Pics

Brie get's double dicked by guess who

It is beautiful here." I look up at his face and see a smile form on those lips.

" Your right," he said, " but not as beautiful as the woman sitting beside me."

I blushed even more at that. His voice was sexy, deep, very arousing. I surprised myself by thinking about taking this man right here and now. A man I didn't even know at all. I wanted to feel those hands on me. He was just so damn sexy and the way he looked at me...

" May I?" He gestured toward the ground beside me and I nodded.

He sat so close to me our shoulders touch and heat ran through my body. I shivered slightly and he put his arm around me. He must have thought I was cold but it had nothing to do with it.

We sat in silence watching the waves. I looked over and stared at his attractive face. He caught my eyes and he smiled at me slightly. He reached up and brushed away a lock of my brown hair that had blown on my face. Oh my, his touch was electrifying. Before I knew what was happening, he leaned in and placed his mouth fully on my own. He kissed me deeply and passionately. His tongue invaded my mouth and I met it with my own. He cupped my head with his hands and then ran his fingers through my soft tresses.

We continued in this embrace for quite sometime. He pushed me down till we were both lying on the white sand. He covered my neck with soft kisses while letting his hand travel from my neck to the side of my breast then down to my stomach. He started kissing me more urgently, more forcefully; his hand came up to fully come my full breast in his hand. His thumb teased my hard nipple through the thin material of my white summer dress. I let out a moan and arched my back. I brought my hand up to cup his head and brought his mouth to mine. He continued to torture my nipple through my dress.

He rose up and took of his shirt revealing a nice chest. He took his hands and messaged the calf of one leg and moved up to my inner thigh. He then did the same with the other leg only this time he reached my panties. His fingers lightly brushed me and I let out a moan and arched my back.

" I know what you want," he said.

He bent down and kissed my breasts through my dress and then took one nipple into his mouth. He bit down gently before going to the other breast for the same treatment. He then trailed kisses down my stomach. He pushed my dress up revealing my silk panties, past my breasts, and over my head. I was exposed to his view with only my panties covering me. He cupped my breasts again and gently planted kisses on them before letting his tongue run down my belly. He kissed my inner thighs. He gently rubbed his nose on my panties. By then I was so wet and my clit was hard begging to be touched. He pulled off my panties to expose my shaven pussy. I sat up to unbuckle his belt and pull off his shorts. To my surprise he wasn't wearing boxers. His cock was hard and big and I wanted it in my mouth, in my pussy, wherever he could stick it. He pushed me down again and I felt his fingers on my wet pussy. He rubbed my clit with his thumb then he started licking me there. I moaned and pushed my pussy farther into his face. He grabbed my ass and brought me closer. His tongue licked my swollen clit. He kissed and sucked my pussy lips then licked my clit faster while he fucked my tight pussy with both fingers. I grabbed my own breast and pinch my nipples hard.

" Hmm, come for me. You taste so good. Your pussy is so fucking wet. Come in my mouth."

Hearing him say those words brought me over the edge and I came against his mouth. He sucked up my juices and ran his tongue up and down the crack of my ass.

He rose up and I grabbed for him.