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Elna and myself enjoy each other along with Sally.


"But..." "Now, now, this is a done deal, sugar bun. And here's the thing. You have to do everything Marion wants you to do. I won the bet and that's an order."


"Ah, ah!" she said, holding up a manicured finger.

"Aw, man," my shoulders slumped.

"That's better, dear." She patted my cheek.

"So what are you going to do?"

"You kidding? I'm gonna ride that filly hard and put her up wet!"

"Ugh." I looked Lilla in the eyes and said, "You sure you want this, Lilla?"

"I'm positive, you'll see."

"Okay. What room."

"Goody," Lilla said and clapped her hands.

At the door Lilla kissed me tenderly, being careful to not muss my lipstick, and said, "Relax, love, it's all good. I love you and only you and I know you love me and only me. Think of this as my gift to you. So you can more fully experience being a woman."

"How's that supposed to work?"

"You know what it's like with me. By being a woman and opening yourself up that way with someone else you'll have a far different feminine experience. And I want that for your, hon. You'll realize you want it for you, too."

"I doubt it."

"You'll see. You have a good time, sweety, and I'll see you in the morning."

I felt beautiful and glamorous walking to Marion's. And very, very nervous. Lilla had certainly taken the bar up a few notches on the betting. I figured I'd have to give it some serious thought for when I won one.

I rode the elevator to Marion's floor and was acutely aware of the clothes on my body, the tinkle of jewelry and my breasts and hair and earrings and high heels. My heart was pounding by the time I reached Marion's room. I knocked. Marion opened the door with a warm, accepting smile and swept her arm, inviting me in. I didn't see Joanna and figured he must have taken a different route to Lilla.

"Hello, Liz." She pulled me farther into the room. "You are absolutely breathtaking. Both you and Joanna just knock me out. She offered me a glass of wine and we sat and chatted about nothing and I relaxed some.

When we finished our drinks she said, "Let's get this dress off of you, baby, lovely as it is." We stood and I let her pull it over my head.

She took in a sharp breath. "Simply stunning," she said softly. She circled me touching me here and there, her fingertips searing my skin. She stood in front of me and held her arms slightly way from her body, inviting me. I undid the belt knot on her cobalt colored silk robe, pushed it off her shoulders and she let it flutter to the floor, revealing a slender, firm body in black panties, matching bra, a black garter and stockings, and five inch high heels.

Behind me now, close to my ear, softly, "Fantastic. Who would have thought two grown men would turn out to be such pretty girls. Do you like being a girl, Liz? You must. I mean, here you are. In my room. Dressed in lingerie."

"I lost a bet," I quietly said.

"I lost a bet. Hmmm." Marion reached under my half lip and peeled down my thong and I stepped out of them. "My, but aren't these pretty." She held it to my face and said, "But try as you might, you'll never get these wet, will you, baby." She moved back around to my front, her wild raven hair framing her lovely face. She stepped close, reached around me and I felt wetness and a pressure at my rear. Marion looked into my eyes and pressed and I felt my rings spread then release and then close around the base of the plug and I moaned.

"That's right. Girls like you and Joanna crave that sweet pressure, don't you." She reached under my sexy black half slip and cradled my hard cock in her hand.

"Mmm, what do we have here? All dolled up and rock hard. Can't tell me you don't like being a woman, baby."

"You sound like Lilla." My voice was husky. "Of course I'm hard. I'm half naked in front of a beautiful woman."

"Well, I can only guess she'd say, but you guys can't fool us.

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