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Kathy wins Sheila & discovers teachers.

The palms circled his buttocks, kneading and squeezing, then pulling the globes apart. Cool air rushed down his ass crack, followed by a thick finger that smoothed the soft, blond hair at the top and chased the slight hirsute trail to his asshole.

Jacob moaned, unconsciously wiggling and widening his legs, still deep in sleep. The finger circled his pucker again, teasing the receptive skin and lightly pressing inward after each loop. On the sixth loop, the thick fingertip slid inward and Jacob's cock hardened to steel, juice leaking from its spongy tip. Another finger joined and soon, he was being stretched and fucked by the fingers, his body unconsciously responding. Finally, a third breached his hole, accompanied with a cold, wet sensation that made him shiver into wakefulness.


He didn't have a chance to struggle. The warm body pinned him with tensile strength, the fingers replaced by the velvety steel of a stiff cock that traversed the slickness of his ass.

"Hey! Get the fuck off me!"

"Fight me." The voice whispered hotly in his ear, the fat mushroom head still teasing his asshole and making him squirm. "Fight me, Jacob. Show me you're a man."

"I don't have to show you anything!" The desperation in his voice caused it to thin and break. Jacob was not a small man at 6'1" and 220 pounds but the way he was pinned and the power involved left him helpless. "Get the fuck off of me!"

"Make me!"

The seductive nature of the voice and the hot breath on his ear made Jacob shuddered, along with the lubed cock that continuously tormented him. He wanted to give in and lift his hips. He wanted to feel the fullness of a fat cock in his hole. "Please." The quiver in his voice betrayed his feelings. "Don't do this."

"You want this, Jacob."


"You've been fighting with me all day, rubbing up against me in the kitchen, giving me those sly smiles ... I know you were flirting." One of Jacob's hands was released and a questing hand wormed under their sandwiched bodies, finding Jacob's cock, rigid and dribbling. "Do I lie?"

"No, please." The hand recaptured his and muscled knees spread his legs apart. "Not like this."

"Fight me, Jacob, because I don't intend to get off of you." The cock teased his flexing hole again, slower this time and a thick tongue set off a series of tremors as it traveled around the shell of Jacob's ear. "I intend to get off in you."

Before Jacob could protest further, the body leaned into him, the cock's head pressing past his sphincter muscle. He cried out, partly from the pain and partly from a renewed effort to wage war with this person. The pillow absorbed his grunts and something on the nightstand went crashing to the floor.

"Yes." The voice hissed. The motion from the struggling made the head fully pop in and Jacob growled in anger, pain and pleasure radiating through him. He redoubled his efforts, gasping and trembling as the cock continued its assault on his asshole. He knew that his actions were causing further penetration but he didn't care. He thrashed, he bucked, he pushed, he battled. Winded and seemingly defeated, Jacob sunk to the mattress, his body shuddering as the rasp of springy pubes against his ass skin signaled bottom.

"God, yes." Jacob breathed as the slow attack began, sliding slowly out of his stretched hole, then back inside with an intimacy that stole Jacob's breath. Arms covered his and fingers intertwined, lips nibbled his neck and caressed his ear and toes stroked his calves. His skin felt electrified, tingling from forehead to toenail and he couldn't stop trembling. "Oh, God, yes!"

"You feel so good." The voice said seductively. "So slick and tight."

"So do you. Oh, so fucking hard ... "

"I've been thinking about doing this all night.