Funny The story of Lynn & Ali's paramour, Sami-girl. Porn Pics

Matt gives Jordan gift she will not soon forget.

When I say perfect, I mean perfect in its imperfection. She had little dimples on both sides of her cheeks and little pock marks of cellulite under her bottom curve. It was the body of a real woman. Sexy on so many levels.

If I wasn't horny before (not that I wasn't) there would be no saving me now. My cock twitched with excitement at the display I had just witnessed. She must have known what she was doing; she didn't even try to hide it. That or she's just that comfortable and not threatened by my sexual appetite, that she didn't care that I was there. Either way right now, I didn't care, I had just witnessed one of the most thrilling moments of my life so far. I could help but jump into my room and wack off to the fantasy of doing more than just looking at it.

It hadn't taken long for me to bust a nut in my dirty pair of socks that were handy, nor was it long before I heard her calling me to the bathroom. I grabbed a spare towel from the linen closet and made it to the bathroom as I opened the door the steam came billowing out. The shower was still running but mom was just drying her hair in a towel, thankfully for me she was wearing another one. I don't know how I'd cope if she wasn't.

"All yours sweety," she said ruffling her hair.

"Thanks," I said walking over to the shower. She hadn't left though and just continued to fluff her hair. I thought what the hey, she had just shown me her butt, what do I care if she gets an eyeful of mine. I hung my towel, dropped my jocks and stepped into the shower. It was a glass shower and was almost completely see through besides a mild frosting. So she likely see my behind through the door. I grabbed the soap and began to lather my body. I turned slightly to see her ducking out the door but she was half turned as she was looking me over. I didn't have time to double check as she was already out of the room before I could. So had I imagined it or had she been looking at me? I had no idea at the time but in the back of my head I had a case building to point me towards the fact that some of the things that had happened were no mere coincidence. Maybe there was more to what had been going on that I was giving credit to. I decided not to worry about it though and enjoyed the rest of the hot water until I jumped out and got dressed.

Once clothed, I went out to the kitchen to see what she was doing. I knew she'd been making something because I could smell butter melting on the way to my bedroom. As I got closer the smell became more distinct, pancakes.

"Oh my god you are the best," I said turning around the corner.

"Just in time," she said placing the first one on a plate and sliding it across the table. She had already prepared the toppings and they were waiting for me in importance of my favourites to least.

"You know me well," I said grabbing the butter, lathering up the golden pancake in front of me.

"What kind of mother would I be if I didn't," she replied grinning at me. As I polished off the first two more appeared.

"You sure you don't want one?" I asked, licking my lips.

"No you go first, this won't take me long and you have less time than I do," she said turning back to the stove.

Shit she was right, I eyed the clock that hung over the stove and I had about ten minutes before I had to be out the door. We had waited til her alarm this morning which was another fifteen minutes after mine but I must have had a long shower also.

"Means I'll have to eat and run, sorry. I'll clean the dishes when I get home," I said with a mouth full of pancake.

"Thanks sweety," she said flipping the pancakes in the pan. I proceeded to wolf it down and jumped up just as she put her plate on the table.

"I gotta make lunch," I said lunging towards the cupboard.

"Well at least you are sort of having breakfast with me," she replied sitting. I slapped lunch together from a bunch of leftovers an easy packeted stuff.

"Well I'm off," I said hands full.

"Have a good day sweety," she said pointing to her cheek.