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Task 1.

She removes heels, and stockings. Her hands encircle me and unzip my skirt. It falls to the ground. She pulls my thong down with it. She slips her hands under my blouse and lifts it over my head. Now we're both standing there naked. She takes my hand and leads me to the shower. At first, I try to guide her to the large tub, but she tells me that we are going to have a traditional Japanese bath. That's where you clean first, then soak in the tub. Before she turns, I reach up to unlock and remove her collar. I want her to know that she is not bound as an employee to do this. I want her to do this with me of her own free will. With this, I follow her into the shower. She adjusts the water to a warm stream.

She pulls a stool up and sets it down near the warm stream. She wants me to sit, but I insist that she goes first. I familiar with the tradition of the most honored one going first. I kneel and take a cloth and wet it under the warm spray. I gently wet her skin. I use one of Rachel's scented shower gels, and squeeze some into the cloth. I rub her short legs, from the foot to her thigh, massaging as I go. Then I move to her back, and continue to clean her. I use small circling strokes, and gently wash the day's sheen from her body. I lean in and kiss her lightly on her shoulder. She moans softly. This is the first sound that she utters. I take the cloth and reapply the gel, and take her arms, one by one and clean them. I take my time. I want her to feel that I am here to serve her for a change. I reach around her body, and use the soapy cloth to wash her belly, and up to her breasts. My hand brushes her nipples and I find them hard as diamonds. I abraid them with the cloth. My hands cup her mounds and I squeeze them through the lathered cloth. Her head falls back to my shoulders. I lean in and kiss her softly on her neck. Moving up, my lips trace behind her ear. I can feel her body quiver in my arms. Her hands come over her head to hold mine, against hers. I run my tongue over her ear.

I break our embrace after a few minutes. Then rinse the cloth and apply some more gel. I reach down between her legs and wash her swollen labia. I can feel that her lips have flowered with need, and her clit is peeking out from it's protective hood. I wash her gently, letting the soapy cloth, run across her sex. Another moan escapes her lips. The cloth goes further, reaching her tight rim and my cleaning is done. I hold her again, letting the cloth fall cloth to the ground. My breasts are pressed into her back. My hands wander over her body. I've wanted to touch her like this since I first saw her in the kitchen that first morning.

She is the first to break the embrace. She rinses in the warm stream, then turns and motions me to sit on the small stool. Then she kneels before me and repeats the same ritual with me. My body is replete with need, as her soft hands play me like a instrument. She cleans every inch of my body with care and the utmost fidelity. The way her hands touch my skin, relaxes me. After such a busy and stressful week, it's exactly what I needed most. The nervousness that I felt in the beginning, has melted away like the walls of a discarded sandcastle. She wraps her arms around me, pulling me close to her. Our wet bodies become one. She kneels up and pulls me into the warm stream, and we rinse the soapy film from our bodies. While I am squeezing the water from my hair, she is off drawing water for a bath. I know that this is the traditional finale to bathing. A Japanese bath is meant for soaking and relaxing.

We both enter together.