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What really goes on upstairs at Jack's Place?

He smirked at her feeble efforts, pulled at her waist and pushed his body against her at the same time. She felt his erection hard against her and before she could stop herself, she moaned. She wasn't even really surprised to realize that she was wet. That even though her mind was resisting, this was exactly what her body wanted.

He smirked as if reading what was on her mind and said, "You can't."

And Lisa thought to herself, 'I can't…'


A while back, the school had arranged for a road trip for the seniors. It was on the night ride on the way back that the bus broke down. Right in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but trees and forest on either side and with no sign of any civilisation as far as the eye could see.

The bus driver however assured the accompanying teacher that this was one of the prominent highways and that they will soon see someone come along with the tools that the driver needed to get the bus running again.

'A minor repair' he called it.

The students sat inside the bus and waited. There was nothing else to do but sit around and wait for another vehicle to pass by. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes right?

An hour later, there was still no sign of another vehicle passing through the woods. The teacher let everyone out of the bus, with strict instructions to not go wandering around far from the bus. Many students started exploring the surrounding forest area.

Lisa broke off from her group, and went into the woods on her own; she told Jeremy she really needed to find a private spot to pee. Kelly offered to come with her when she said no to Jeremy's offer, but Lisa still declined. Both of them laughed at her for being weirdly shy about these things, but Lisa was glad to be alone.

'Some things are just NOT group activities.' She thought, smarting inwardly at their teasing, walking into the woods.

When Lisa had walked in so deep into the forest that the gaggle of the students sounded muffled and far off, smothered by the silence of the forest, when she thought she heard a moan.

Her heart stopped as fear surged through her for a moment but as she turned to run she realized that someone could be hurt, in pain and in need of help.

She stilled her heart and cautiously walked a few steps towards the direction the sound was coming from and lifted a branch that was blocking her view.

She was able to make out Jack's profile from the faint moon rays falling on him, filtered through the trees above.

She heard him moan again and realized with a shock that it was not in pain. Heat rushed to her face as she saw that he was not standing there alone.

A breeze flew overhead and rifling through the branches, spilling more moonlight on Jack and she could see better now. Him and the girl kneeling in front of him, her head moving against him in a rhythm.

As the scene in front of her became clearer, she could make out sounds of slurping, sucking and even moans from the girl.

Lisa didn't want to stand and watch this, but her legs were rooted to the spot. She looked at Jack's face, eyes half closed, transported in ecstasy, and felt a strange ache inside her. Why did this guy have this effect on her?

Then as if he heard her thoughts, Jack turned and looked directly at where Lisa was standing.

The shock of that returned all feelings to her legs. She scrambled to get away as fast as she could from there. It was dark, where she was standing, but she couldn't be sure he hadn't seen her. He knew of course someone was watching, but did he know it was her?

Damn, damn, she thought to herself as she almost flew from there, why did she always get into such situations around him?

An hour later, Lisa was talking to Kelly when she saw him climb into the bus, and he didn't look at her.

Lisa knew she could never tell Jeremy about him.