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She knew her boy's wife wasn't good enough for him

"Of course you can honey, just take it slow" speaks George softly as his hand glides under her straw blonde hair and rests on the back of her neck.

She inches her mouth slowly towards Tom's firm erection, her husband's hand guiding her, and spreads her mouth wide before gently sucking his head. My mouth waters as I watch her lips glide up and down his shiny purple head. I see her tongue roll under his slit and lap at a drop of precum, she sighs in pleasure as she tastes it. "Oh George his cock tastes so good!" she moans deeply.

"Good honey good, now let me see you taste it all" mutters George like an excited child. His eyes grow with wonder as her bright red lips begin their slow decline down his shaft, as half of him disappears into her she gags slightly, but holds her position. I see her wrinkled skin on her knuckles tighten as she grips his bum cheeks, using her hands to pull herself forward, forcing his cock into her. I slide out of my jeans and I lightly circle my own hole, feeling my own wetness, as she takes Tom's cock into her mouth.

As another inch of him slides into her she begins to gag heavily and splutter, she tries to move her head back but George's hand holds her firmly in place.

"Sorry Hun" comes his firm voice, "But I really want to see this" and forces her head down onto him. Her massacre darkens with her watering eyes as Tom's cock fills her throat, her body lurches as she gags and splutters around his cock. She starts trying to pull away from Tom fiercely but George's hand stays firm. I finger myself with quick shallow thrusts as I watch her throat clench around Tom's manhood. Tears whole down her cheeks staining them with her make up and then George suddenly releases his hold and Samantha's head flies backwards.

She pants deeply as a thick line of salvia hangs off her bottom lip, joining under Tom's shaft. I insert my fingers deep into myself and slowly curl my fingers as his spit covered cock shines brilliantly in the light, being bathed in her breath. George gently strokes the back of her head as her body draws in large gulps of air.

"God I love you," he whispers.

"I know," she pants and then enthusiastically declares, "My god, I can't believe I took it all!" She rests for a moment before kissing George passionately, "Now" she gasps, "I want to ride him."

Tom lies down on the bed, his hard cock encased in a condom. The sight of the sinhy plastic causes me to gently run my fingers over my clit; it turns me on knowing he is about to fuck somebody else. She clambers on top of him, her big hanging tits rubbing against his body as she positions herself. She reaches back to hold his cock in place as she lowers herself onto it. George watches intently as her vagina stretches around Tom, her lips clinging onto his cock as she slowly sits on it. Her chest heaves as she lowers herself, her body stretching around Tom's thick cock. She bites her lip as her hairy vagina presses against his body, his shaft fully in her as I push 2 fingers deep into myself, curling and uncurling my fingers.

"Oh honey it looks so beautiful seeing you stretch around him!" grunts George as he fumbles with is zip, pulling his clothing down. His penis is average in length but a bit thin, he strokes it gently as Samantha begins to slowly ride Tom.

She turns to look at George and smiles seductively, "You like watching fuck nice big young cock don't you?"

"Yes!" answers George sharply.

"Want me to cum all over this nice big cock you've gave me honey, do you?"

George nods eagerly as Samantha speeds up, her giant drooping tits bouncing and slapping together as she bounces on Tom, her pussy lips clinging onto his cock as she rides. I squeeze my right breast as I stop teasing myself and begin to properly masturbate.

"Oh god, Oh god.